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  1. I Just listened to the CEO of Quing Alan Graham Clucas, given hours of time to complain about every charity and govt dept involved with mental health and addiction on the Island, at one of these committees looking into mental health. Massive delusions of grandeur. They should really be checking out his background before recommending him to those that are the most vulnerable in our society. He's not all he claims to be!
  2. Its extravagant beyond belief, and whilst we are cutting back on meals on wheels and other essential services this is disgraceful conduct. I've just read the request. How many regulator conferences do they have to go to! If they need to go to that many then they are not fit to hold office. Have they not heard about the internet. And the chief exec seems to have a preference for residing in the 'king room.' I'm sure they wouldn't reveal the amount spent because that would blow down the whole 'house of cards.'
  3. last time i went into a H & B pub for a charity quiz night i was left traumatised. The carpet was like chewie, sticky as f, the toilet had a turd the size of giant yule log which just wouldn't flush!! and the other convenience was out of order so Christ knows what was lurking in there!! the glass for my beer was I'm sure the same glass i had in 1980 when i snook out of college for swiftie. ( I recognised the chip) Then some local cross eyed weirdo started stalking me around the joint. The staff looked downtrodden, if i worked in one of their pubs i would want danger money let alone the cr
  4. http://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-news/charity-saves-government-200k/ Why is it that the services on the frontline, like the workshop are the casualties of government cuts. Charities like these are easy targets for the government to make cuts, rather than looking at where they could make real savings in government. Shocking as this group are a hard working fabulous group of people who are already adversely affected in life and need a meaningful role to feel valued and included and not discriminated against!
  5. Mabel; sounds like a typical corpy housed pensioner. yeah and proud of it, you sound like the spawn of trump! Have some cottage pie. I hear corporation cottaging is appealing in some circles. Dont normally waste time on bigots off to the casi, see you fat boy
  6. Mabel; sounds like a typical corpy housed pensioner. yeah and proud of it, you sound like the spawn of trump!
  7. I for one would like to see exposed the crap they are serving as school meals. How else would we find out about these appalling cost saving decisions gone wrong. We don't have our own Jamie Oliver!! - Tynwald questions seems to be the only mechanism to expose government cock-ups. Carry on David, ask some questions, make the civil servants do some work!
  8. I'm really worried they will ditch the Lisvane recommendations and the MHK's who knew they were doomed and resigned prior to the election will end up as MLC's . the conspiracy theorist in me feels this talk of inexperience in the new politicians is probably being stirred up by some of the old brigade. The upper house of Tynwald is so un-democratic time to adopt the Lisvane report as one of the first jobs of the new Government.
  9. And we are supposed to be outsourcing to save money and reduce the size of government. You know for sure it will cost many thousands more for the government to run it. So how is this making savings. Quayle's empire is growing what with the hospital shop too. Lets just see if there is some transparency on how much it does actually cost Govt to manage these services compared to how much they wanted to outsource it for! Come on new politicians get this shambles in order.
  10. With recent events its seems that NOT being sober is a prerequisite to be in politics on this Island. However I admire Ms Turner for at least being honest about her issues unlike the others who stagger around in a state of denial. You just have to look at them to see that they've drank way over the recommended quota!
  11. speaking of religion I think i would quite like to see John Houghton in a burka, - then I wouldn't have to look at the insufferable man when he comes calling.
  12. Just watched his interview, still cringing! Ramsey may have its own Trump in the making. You know what they say about those that shout the loudest.
  13. The SP fan club will have a pop at me but i find him boring, he seems disinterested in his job, only gets animated when he is expressing his own opinion!! which is too often, i don't listen to talking heads anymore for that reason. They should add another presenter to the show to balance it out like the afternoon women today programme, they seems to have done their research!!
  14. just read the news. please god no!! i live in South Douglas and I will make sure every member of my family does NOT vote for him. The man is so lacking in every department - self obsessed, ill informed - the worst sort of politician, ambitious and stupid, a lethal combination.
  15. Something that needs to be made clear (I've just had it explained to me - very thoroughly) - there is no rivalry between DASH and DAT - either for funding or in the jobs they do. In fact, DASH will refer those who need - and are prepared to accept - help to DAT. The real problem comes with what used to be called the AAS and has now been renamed as 'motivat8 Addiction Services' (catchy, isn't it?). This offers assistance only to over-18s; there is no assistance or support offered to family members and there is no helpline. This is the one that is government funded (£300,000 per year - altho
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