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  1. Uhtred

    Black Lives Matter

    He’s a very articulate and persuasive history commentator - and I like his easily approachable style for the non-historians among us. His ‘House Through Time’ series, of which there have now been three, are also very good. He writes a monthly column in the BBC History magazine too. Thanks
  2. Hell hath no fury like a Minister scorned. I’m really looking forward to Thomas making Quayle squirm. He’s well equipped to do so.
  3. Uhtred

    IOM camping

    ....and were throwing up cheap cider within two hours. Those were the days.
  4. I’m offended by you repressing me by being offended. Fascist.
  5. Pity about the god-bothering. He has the brains for admission to Cambridge, but falls for that clap-trap.
  6. This is probably an unfair question Wrighty, as it has more than a little ‘piece of string’ complexion to it but, on balance, in terms of infection rates, what do you think is the most likely outcome of this coming Saturday’s big relaxation in the UK? Let me help by giving you three options: negligible; disturbing but manageable; Armageddon.
  7. Fair question - if they do it’ll devastate a forest or two for the paper required.
  8. Thank you for that - very interesting and clear.
  9. Johnson was disembowelled by Starmer at PMQs today. A measure of just how miserable Johnson’s performance was, is that even his personal fanzine the Daily Telegraph pointed out that he was the subject of a ‘drubbing’. And oh boy, was he.
  10. Wrighty - what is your current thinking on the sequence, timing, management and monitoring of border opening/relaxation of controls?
  11. Uhtred

    Black Lives Matter

    On a visit to Agincourt some years ago I did apologise to the very nice lady in the local museum, as I’m very fond of France. I don’t know if Henry V’s Welsh archers had the odd Manxie lined up alongside them but you can’t be too careful.
  12. A riot of my own. Can’t wait.
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