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  1. Uhtred

    TT 2018

    What on earth does that mean Albert?
  2. Uhtred

    TT 2018

    Probably like being invited to join COMIN.
  3. I'd say not...wait and see. Although they made a catastrophic decision to select Quayle in preference to Cannan.
  4. September 2021; as many as possible; as few as possible. (Actually, Allinson will stay as he will be the next CM).
  5. He's in Douglas and the knot on his tie is in Braddan.
  6. Yes Howard, that’s a terribly clever post and we’re all mightily impressed. Now drink your Horlicks, snuggle up with your latest grant cheque and have a nice sleep.
  7. The water has been over CTs head for a very long time already.
  8. Probably a wise precaution if flying on a 737 Max.
  9. Whilst that is indisputably true Neil, Quayle is a very particular illustration of the narcissistic, ego-driven, self-regarding, yet ultimately effing useless knacker that habitually pollutes the House of Keys. That he was appointed Chief Minister (essentially by a LegCo cabal, aided by Rodent and sufficient idiots in Keys) is a testament to the barrel-scraping awfulness of our lack of quality political performers. (Choose any one of a hundred interviews with the vacuous fool to refresh your memory). And it’s not just off-Island commentators who share that view, as reported by Amadeus. As I think I identified on these pages at the time, I was astonished at the unrestrained demolition of Lard-Lad publicly voiced by a very high-profile figure from our business community at a social event I attended well over a year ago. No-one with a shred of awareness has any time whatsoever for Quayle and I for one won’t forget the performance of those responsible for foisting the clown on us as CM.
  10. Are the voters of Onchan thick enough to fall for all this flim-flam..? Er...hang on...don’t answer that!
  11. He’s fine...no number plate on his Amish buggy.
  12. Abject, Clueless, Underperforming.
  13. Cheers - and that (above) is why I won’t be listening! Awful woman.
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