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  1. These nutters have always been out there Dilli, it’s just that thanks to the Internet they can now distribute this bollocks widely instead of just sitting in their attic room with a copy of ‘Paranormal Times’ wishing they had a girlfriend.
  2. I’ve read that whole article...’teased a glimpse of her ample cleavage’. FFS; it’s 2019 - what a pile of shite the Mail Online is. Exactly reflecting its print stablemate.
  3. This is an odd one. Does Southend airport have lots of tasty connections? http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=51954&headline=Flybe's launch of new route to Southend airport&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2019
  4. Uhtred

    Treasure trove.

    An IOM Government policy.
  5. Like all threads Dilli it's evolved - no disrespect to the late Mr. W is intended by any contributor, I'm sure.
  6. Well you’re not far off...there’s plenty of shit in most Keys manifestos.
  7. Agreed - but they should. There are any number of heaps of shit driving around our roads - check out the vans and pick-ups of the average small building firms.
  8. Thanks for that - I wasn’t aware. Another misappropriation by the bad guys. i was equally ignorant of the festive elf’s cap of Liberty!
  9. You’re dead right that the Lough Ned Guy was C B (Brian) Hampton, and yes he certainly was a Keys candidate. I simply can’t recall if it was Roger W or Hampton who went all fasces, but through the murk of memory I recall that the background colour of the manifesto in question was (I think!) a mauve/purple shade.
  10. But imagine the reaction to his Japanese Admiral’s uniform if he had attended.
  11. Frankly, that’s a fucking brilliant idea.
  12. Any event that takes Quayle off the Island for as long as possible gets my vote. I keep emailing him about the environmental threats to the Great Barrier Reef.
  13. If your implication that the report into Cregeen is being suppressed because he’s an ‘insider’ whereas Houghton was not, despite membership of COMIN one would wonder what on Earth Cregeen has ever done to become an ‘insider’!
  14. The investigation into Houghton/the subsequent censure of him was conducted by a Tynwald committee chaired by Rodan, not by civil servants. And his behaviour that was objected to was directed at fellow MHKs and Tynwald staff, neither group being civil servants either. However, the single greatest contribution to the whole episode was his colossal ego preventing him from, at any time, accepting that he might have been a teeny tiny bit to blame.
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