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  1. What a facile observation. The monorail is a fundamentally important asset within the transport infrastructure to the Felt Museum. Are you mad?
  2. Uhtred

    TT 2021 ??

    There is no elite. Which is why you’re right.
  3. Clearly it's the person who is the proprietor of the Little Shop of Doom at Tynwald Mills.
  4. What mad person allows him access to technology?!
  5. Dodgy prostates and artificial hips in that gathering numbering well in the upper double figures. Mobile phone and laptop ownership... 4.
  6. My contacts in our nation's former capital tell me that the angry butcher tends to be angry about pretty well everything. Cregeen is simply ploughing the fields of his granny farm.
  7. The capricious nature of judicial decisions on the Isle of Man outstrips anywhere else on earth I’d say.
  8. The reality of COVID 19 in the UK - perhaps I should really say England - is driven by two factors (other than the nasty virus itself). (1) Far too many idiotic and irresponsible people living in a jurisdiction having (2) the most incompetent government in living memory - and probably of all time. That’s COVID 19 in a nutshell.
  9. Uhtred

    TT 2021 ??

    I agree. The TT won't happen next year but will survive in one form or another.
  10. Quayle has spent the past 5 years promoting and publicizing his idiotic political posturing during all these ‘vital’ meetings in London presenting the IOM’s case. And to what end. Precisely nothing. The officials and politicians he meets in the UK doubtless have the same view of him as most of us do. His attempts to suggest that he has some sort of clout across the water indicates that he clearly believes we’re all even more stupid than he is. The guilty men of LegCo - and the half-wits in Keys, but particularly the former - who imposed this vacuous buffoon upon us as CM need to be hunted down and dealt with.
  11. Uhtred

    Jumping ship

    He is awful...but I don’t like him.
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