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  1. I understood that Quayle or Ashford, and perhaps both, had given an undertaking to publish, during last week, government’s ‘roadmap’ defining the sequence and methodology for eventually relaxing border controls. I don’t believe that’s happened. Am I mistaken in my understanding of when publication would occur and, if so, has a particular timescale been given for said publication?
  2. A few years ago a friend of mine, accompanied by her husband, was staying in a fairly upmarket hotel in Sao Paolo. My friends were amused by the female origin moans and cries of vigorous lovemaking coming from the adjacent room, which ultimately reached porn movie levels of ecstasy and suddenly ceased. It was only at breakfast the next day that they learned from the waiter that in fact they had heard a man attempting to stab to death a sex-worker who had been on the way out of the room with the punter’s credit cards.
  3. Yes it is, and yes it should. If accurate, and Dudley Butt is unlikely to peddle nonsense, this could escalate to resignation level.
  4. Great plan - they can’t afford online services or newspapers so they’ll never learn about it.
  5. There’s an odd and potentially sinister hook up between government and Gef. It smells unpleasant.
  6. I don’t know where to start in my critique of that post, so I’ll simply settle for this; in describing Quayle as a ‘statesman’ you either have a comedy dictionary or you trolled us to an Olympic standard. Which is it Howard?
  7. Too busy - new Peppa Pig colouring book.
  8. Indeed yes. Piles of crap.
  9. Fair comment - but Starmer wouldn’t have made policies designed to satisfy a vocal, unrepresentative minority of nut jobs on his back benches, which is what Johnson has done consistently.
  10. I agree with you entirely that control here should have been far, far simpler than elsewhere. The fact that this control has now failed is what underpinned my comment that our leaders haven’t been smart to date, they’ve been fortunate. However, the performance of the English government was nonetheless a national disgrace. They have presided over the highest ever loss of life in peacetime and spent billions to zero effect.
  11. The ultimate irony. Piers would have a larrrf.
  12. Because many leisure/social bikers choose not to ride in the winter months.
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