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  1. If anyone was previously unsure of the meaning of ‘condescending’...
  2. I thought ‘Like a Virgin’ was crap but ‘Material Girl’ was ok.
  3. Yes, I too was concerned at the speed of assimilation into the Borg.
  4. I admire your pluck but it’s impossible to parody the Daily Mail. These stories will appear.
  5. Uhtred


    A guy meets a very hot girl in a bar, weaves his magic and takes her back to his place. After another few drinks they head to the bedroom and as they’re undressing a voice says ‘I hope it isn’t that really fat bitch from last week!’. ’Who the hell was that?’ asks the startled lady. ’Oh don’t worry’ responds Casanova, ‘It’s just that fucking memory foam mattress’.
  6. 1 day in a hundred years. Much like sensible comment from Jason Moorhouse.
  7. Well all I can say is that David Ashford’s mum writes more fluently than he himself does.
  8. Stinky is, however, Buster Gonad, as others have just beaten me to identifying!,
  9. They’re making it happen with our taxes so I’m congratulating us.
  10. It was intended more as an ironic reflection that two wrongs don’t make a right, rather than expressly humorous. Although there has always been, and always will be, a place in this world for tasteless humour.
  11. I’m the least reactionary mentalist right-wing headbanger on this forum (or so I like to think) but if this individual was dragged out of bed at 3:00 a.m. carted off to Stoney Mountain Quarry and despatched by three or four well placed 9mm rounds would the world be a poorer place? I think not to be honest. And on that immoral note, I bid you all goodnight.
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