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  1. Within a matter of hours I’ll be on my way from Howard Quayle’s micro disaster zone to Boris Johnson’s macro equivalent, for what looks to be an extended stay. I shan’t miss the hustings/bollocks/disappointment and inevitably blackly comic new CoMin of the next couple of months. I’ve never been so utterly unmoved and disinterested in an impending election and its consequences.
  2. A very poor starting point for electing a national politician but no doubt the approach of many when in the polling booth. Especially in that god forsaken constituency.
  3. As I was told by a southside friend lately, ‘People will vote for useless to avoid voting for dangerous’.
  4. Indeed he isn’t - Ramsay’s analysis of the local political scene is consistently the best on offer and accurate 95% of the time. As this particular article shows.
  5. He must’ve been a housemaster in Slytherin.
  6. I was tempted to rebut that, but…this is Manx politics so….
  7. Indeed they are which is why they tread a very fine line between the right to free speech and being dumped off this forum for the promulgation of genuinely dangerous propaganda. The mods take a more liberal line than I would.
  8. I could out argue you whilst I was asleep sunshine; I simply choose not to bother because you’re a fatuous waste of time.
  9. No-one despairs that much.
  10. I love it when these deranged flat earthers/vaccine deniers/lizard people/5G wankers put in an appearance; it’s bloody good fun reading the shit they devour and laughing out loud that they fall for this baseless hokum. Being a fairly unpleasant sod with zero empathy I enjoy a decent chance to mock these witless fucks and here we have another one. Bring it on.
  11. Very comprehensive reportage there but with one key omission… …polish your shoes with my tongue…
  12. Totally correct. One of the principal fault lines running deeply through Manx politics (and ‘democracy’) summed up neatly Glad.
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