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  1. Took a vote among the Uhtred household as to what is the best answer to the OPs question. ‘Where did this start to go wrong for Howard Quayle?’ Winning response: ‘When he opened his mouth’. Hard to dispute that.
  2. One of my favourite Enid Blyton stories: ‘Five Go Mad With Longbows’.
  3. It’s actually ‘you’ English. As in ‘You English can shut up now thanks’.
  4. That’s unfunny and unkind. Dilli hasn’t masturbated with tights on his head for upwards of a year now.
  5. And besides, who wants to look exactly like Jason Moorhouse.
  6. And the argument that politicians can’t be criticised without the critic themselves being required to stand for Keys is facile, tired and needs to be binned.
  7. Calm down Howard; take the rough with the smooth and all that. Tell your kids that a ‘keyboard warrior’ on Facebook wants you to receive a knighthood. That’ll cheer you up.
  8. Wilko Johnson was replaced by John Mayo if I recall correctly, but that guitarist is someone else again I think.
  9. I’ll give you this Stu...you’re no quitter!
  10. Very possibly - and to some extent he’s entitled to expect that they can write sense. But...if I’m making ‘my’ public statement, I’d be 100% certain that I knew how to pronounce any word with which I was unfamiliar, and that the same was true of any references/metaphors/similes etc. deployed in the speech. Because when those words are spoken by me, they’re mine. (Of course, this begs the question would Quayle seek advice and admit to not knowing something. If one of his speech writers included ‘How fortunate the Island was that Alexander the Great defeated the Waffen SS in the Battle of Baldwin in 1800 only days before writing Hamlet’ would he ever query it).
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