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  1. Uhtred

    Fancy a pint?

    However, they’d got their retaliation in first by machine-gunning his grandfather. Probably.
  2. Or could he and the rest of the tribe simply produce some new cave paintings?
  3. This is not however illogical. Ministers do not employ civil servants - the Public Services Authority do.
  4. The big drawback being that Middle’s fattest lad is in the next seat.
  5. Yes it would be too much because Quayle is a useless knacker who believes that success involves having your ugly mug plastered on an ugly mug produced by the credulous juveniles at Gef the fucking Mongoose.
  6. Yes, it’s an astute move to remove yourself from a blazing building. Edge’s self-justifying bollocks about being usurped by Maska are a smokescreen. DoI is a basket case (I sense there’s little confidence in Baker also). I’d have more respect for her if she’d said, ‘It’s a basket case; now the Summerhill thing will piss off my constituents, I’m outta there’. Cheap, but truthful.
  7. Well, in the interest of a broader church of opinion...no, don’t do that. The old Cosy Nook (Nosy Cook in our house) is a conventional little old Manx cottage. There are any number of those, including in PE and environs. So do replace it with something radical. I like the proposed design. The grotty old boarding houses on the top promenade were all replaced by modern apartments, not by like-for-like, so do the same fir the Nosy Cook. Build the proposed design I say!
  8. Uhtred

    Fancy a pint?

    That would be advocates old son...
  9. Dead right. Portmanteau words are bloody irritating at the best of times but ’staycation’ is right up there in the annoyance stakes with ‘advertorial’ and ‘infotainment’, being my own particular bete noir.
  10. Of course it didn’t. Because every time they impose a hosepipe ban, twenty minutes later the heavens open and it remorselessly pisses down until fucking October. Just like now.
  11. True..it’s a bugger. I sold my house and car and now live in a lean-to hut made of bracken and twigs in Stony Mountain plantation. It’s the only way to escape them.
  12. No longer...kicked the bastard thing out of the window over an hour ago.
  13. Uhtred

    Gas Fires

    That was a cracking sit-com. I liked the theme tune too.
  14. As visitors (described in the Framework as ‘having no connection to the Isle of Man’) will not be admitted to the Island until the border controls have relaxed all the way to Level 1, I don’t think we’ll be welcoming them for a considerable time yet.
  15. Let me rephrase then...the standard of John Moss's bombastic, self-important, cringe-inducing broadcasting, is that which I would associate with someone who is likely to be a bellend.
  16. John Moss is an Olympic standard bellend. That is all.
  17. I doubt that such advice would modify his inflated opinion of himself.
  18. I agree absolutely that the Clerk should certainly be doing that. Whether Phillips did is another matter entirely.
  19. Uhtred

    Black Lives Matter

    I was even more surprised that the answer to 19 Down in last Thursday’s Times crossword was ‘Motherfucker’.
  20. Outstanding post Gladys.
  21. Thanks Roger - I was using the umbrella term Tynwald as the source of the rejection(s) as Phillips was acting in the name of Tynwald. It would however be deliciously amusing if Phillips had cocked it up and rejected them erroneously - though I doubt it. Cowin’s petitions every year have a genetic similarity; the desire to embarrass his former employer. Whereas that’s unlikely to be difficult, and Cowin is dogged in the way that an Ox doggedly pulls a plough, his clever-arsedness grates. I’d love to see him and Phillips knocking lumps off each other though. An unanswered question is why he pops up every year like hogweed to attack government/the civil service. It could be ego - ‘look how terribly clever I am’; rage - ‘those bastards are taking the piss’; or an attempt to redress some past perceived slight...most likely the famous Gubay incident, or being passed over for promotion, something like that. I sense a man who rates himself more highly than the rest of the world does.
  22. There are any amount of effing useless deadbeats given airtime here and in the UK. It’s because they ‘make news’. Or so some people believe.
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