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  1. ‘Fraid not - I appear to have gone blind through overuse of my mobile phone, microwave and sat nav.
  2. I’m going to avoid this DIY divorce as it’s bound to reflect the rest of my DIY activity - one dodgy screw and the whole thing falls to bits.
  3. ...and besides all that, mobile masts really do shrink your trousers!
  4. Perhaps the gates were exercising a degree of discretion as kids are often a bloody nuisance on flights.
  5. My earlier post on the same topic and the response from snowman address this.
  6. I see that the ‘scanner boxes/gates’ are not being used (although they were) and we’re back to a person with hand-held bar code reader.
  7. I’ve always wanted to meet a ‘Carry On’ film scriptwriter.
  8. As homage to the delicious irony of this ageing but still magnificent event, I shall be vomiting on a bus on a date between 1st and 24th December. I’m not telling you which one, as it’ll be like the lottery...it could be you...you may have the thrill and excitement of witnessing it. What I can share with you is that when questioned about it I shall identify myself as Kate Beecroft, which as regular readers of this fine forum know, will soon be my name.
  9. Errrr, no....Eddie TOLD you he balanced the books.
  10. The accusers in this case are a union representing head teachers.
  11. There’s nothing independent about this - we don’t know who did it. That’s not independent, that’s secret!
  12. Another illustration of the Quayle administration’s lack of commitment to transparency. If the report contains genuinely personal information, then redact that and then publish. As for the refusal to identify who actually carried out this ‘independent’ investigation (as MR report) that is outrageous. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=52131&headline=Cregeen cleared of bullying&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2019
  13. You clearly do not read the Guardian. Whilst it is generally sympathetic to the Labour cause, it has no time whatsoever for Corbyn.
  14. And, coincidentally, on the same theme, this is a good read. And 100% accurate. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/nov/10/boris-johnson-versus-jeremy-corbyn-for-number-10-battle-of-unfittest
  15. With both Johnson and Corbyn being so wretched what a chance the LibDems had. And then they select Swinson. Dear oh dear oh dear. Edited to add: Actually, can anyone recall when the leadership of the 3 principal parties was as utterly abject as the trio of no marks currently incumbent? Not sure I can.
  16. There isn’t, and nor is there ever likely to be, serious journalistic scrutiny and challenge to the actions of government and its Ministers on this Island. MR is a PR machine for government and IOM ‘Newspapers’ are generally weak and too enmeshed via advertising revenue with government and its friends - developers for example. Then again, why should I criticise the media? Tynwald isn’t interested in scrutiny of and challenge to government, why then should the media bother their arse?
  17. For how long did you think before posing that question? I’m guessing it could be measured in seconds. At least, I very much hope so.
  18. I’d give them a free superfast broadside.
  19. ‘I could be arguing in my spare time’
  20. It wasn't a whinge - it was an observation. An accurate one.
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