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  1. An appropriate Freudian slip that this article from the Nation’s Station about Beecroft has created the word “failth” https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/budgets-been-in-place-for-me-service-for-years-says-former-minister/
  2. Play School, not Jackanory. Appropriately.
  3. The Lisbon Lions. I remember Tommy Gemmell. A Scottish Team will never win the Champions League!
  4. It would be much easier if the Departments of the Isle of Man Government simply had personal names rather than ever-changing grandiose twaddle like “Department for Enterprise”. That department should be called “Dick”, the DHSC should be called “Harold” and the Treasury should be “Eberneezer”.
  5. But the cops were getting stick for silence and now you’re giving him stick for being open about issues he faces.
  6. All of which is very clear and capable of being understood. What myself and others contributing to this thread have difficulty with is that whether “opportunistic” or not, a 75 year old man deliberately got his cock out in front of a child. And he’s not now reclining in a cell in Jurby. That’s less capable of being understood.
  7. I don’t think that Mrs. Elsie Minge’s Academy for the Disturbed Sons of the Sad would make such a claim Kev.
  8. Indeed. A very clever man who was a law lecturer!
  9. Why is he flanked by two extras from “The Italian Job”.
  10. It’s also the anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth...and death.
  11. John Grisham fucking puts me to sleep!
  12. Based on that December ‘18 report it would appear that the charges of indecent assault on a child and possessing indecent images of children have disappeared. Or are yet to come to court. Although if that was so, you’d expect the current press report to identify that further action was pending.
  13. I suspect that there are a number of people who’d like to blacken his balls.
  14. Unlike our carbon emitting friends in China.
  15. Based on the interim report produced by Jonathan Michaels (January) these, including the governance Board, are the kind of topic he’ll be addressing in his final report, due next month. I suspect that his report may well be considered “radical” and that many of his recommendations will be at risk of falling prey to political cowardice.
  16. Good article on the website of the UK Independent newspaper in which a US journalist comments that “We don’t have a cunning criminal in the White House...we have a narcissistic imbecile...and that frightens me much more!”
  17. Aye...that’s Scottish Presbyterian rectitude for you. If only they were as conservative when it came to exporting their failed politicians.
  18. But no doubt there was a significant charge.
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