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  1. We all know who ‘H’ is around these parts.
  2. Well, as that ‘letter’ (anonymous letters are all the rage, aren’t they?) includes the word ‘hyperbole’ we know the author isn’t Howard Quayle; he’s a stranger to that one. And that’s a shame, as confirmation that he’s been put off standing for public office would be delightful. As to its provenance, ‘newspaper’ editors pen fake letters to stimulate a response all the time and have done so for decades, so that may well be what’s happened. If it’s from a reader, the rather lecturing, holier than thou tone very much indeed suggests an aspirant politician. As we have enough of the ilk t
  3. ‘I’m Genomics…Genomics Galore’ ’I musht be dreaming’.
  4. It’s a pity Ms. Maltby doesn’t know the difference between ‘anyway’ and ‘any way’.
  5. Of course it wasn’t. Why? Because the Quayle administration hasn’t a strategic bone in its body. These are people keen to read anonymous letters and dodge inconvenient questions, not ask themselves ‘What are the potential long term, wider, implications of this decision? Why can’t they pose that question? Because they lack the competence and intelligence to do so, or to perform as a entity that links disparate components of the economy in a structured series of policies and decisions. They don’t comprehend those linkages or how to make them work in tandem. The single defining moment for me of t
  6. Uhtred

    Manx Care

    No bloody wonder the Chairman said they would have failed if they overspent…he knew they were about to fire in a request for millions! And if they’ve generated massive waiting lists because they’ve not be able to do stuff, what happened to the budget allocated for the stuff that wasn’t done?!
  7. Obviously Time magazine declined the offer to serialise ‘Moron’s Blog’ so he still needs his Keys income.
  8. HE is based in the Cabinet Office, the epicentre of Quayle’s operation; she’s not at arms length in Manx Care. That’s significant. She was also demonstrating far too much unwavering adherence to the party line in the press briefings, over the top deference to Quayle (in particular) and Ashford, and fulsomely embraced herself the Quayle intolerance and discourteous dismissal of challenging media questions. She’s operating as part of the machine, not as an independent, medically qualified voice. I consider her approach and pronouncements are best treated with circumspection.
  9. Shame! No way, you sylph-like vision of youth.
  10. With an impossible to discern, blurred, grainy photo captioned ‘Police would like to speak to this person, about an incident, somewhere, that occurred so long ago most of you weren’t born when it happened’.
  11. Uhtred

    Come on Arleen

    I suspect that the very last thing the government (any government) in Dublin wants is a united Ireland precisely because of the lunatics…of whatever stripe.
  12. Give me strength fella...
  13. I rather suspect that others performed both functions for him.
  14. We will not be delivered those things by Quayle specifically or by IOMG generally.
  15. Uhtred

    Come on Arleen

    Quayle versus Manx Labour Party - this reminds me of the old adage of two bald men fighting over a comb. Both are irrelevant; he’s an oaf and they are fools. Arlene meanwhile remains what she always has been; a homophobic, sectarian, religious fundamentalist. And as such can eff right off...taking her party of equally odious creatures with her, all being well.
  16. Well at least that’s only lice, not Covid.
  17. I agree with you. Let’s cull via lethal injection 50% of the under 5’s and any woman who has given birth within the past 3 years. That’ll free up a seat for you and keep the noise down.
  18. And given the lamentable government performance it’s self-evident why they’d want to. Quayle was embarrassing. Quayle is embarrassing. So let’s bang on about welding tracks. If ever the emasculated and clueless nature of the administration that has achieved nothing over the past 5 years had its essence captured and exposed to the light it was that PAC session today.
  19. Bearing in mind that DHSC is now undertaking about 10% of its former responsibilities, it was of course inevitable that it would need a raft of new managers to help it achieve that.
  20. It’s quite incredible really that Baker is actually more pitiful than was Harmer. Although, reflecting on the desert-like state of quality in Tynwald, perhaps I’m wrong to be shocked.
  21. In some cases there wouldn’t be enough room simply on a jacket - an entire wardrobe would be required.
  22. And besides has already been adopted as a catchphrase by 'President' and Mrs. Putin.
  23. On the basis that it could largely be hot air, may I suggest that it might be an inflated rebuttal.
  24. They aren’t; they’re extending the runway so they can vaccinate all the under 25s.
  25. ‘Taxagenomics’ is an anagram of ‘Mexican’s goat’ ‘coaxing meats’ and ‘maniac got sex’. This could all be very important. But probably isn’t.
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