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  1. Too busy writing that toe-curlingly puerile blog.
  2. Over a period of decades we’ve become a society that expects the state to address every matter in our lives, however trivial. This broadens out to encompass a lack of risk taking (when did you last see kids climbing trees or making huts) or general exploration of life, with the consequent loss of basic life skills. How many 16 year olds could wire a plug, dress a cut or a burn, or change a wheel on a car? When anything whatsoever happens to most people these days they immediately have two questions: ‘ Whose fault was that’? (because of course it’s never theirs) and ‘Who’s going to put this right’? (because of course it’s never them). And in the IOM the political community is particularly culpable in encouraging exactly that mind set. Cretney has made a lifetime career of it.
  3. Good question. I’d say almost certainly yes.
  4. Well indeed yes - but Anderson left well over 5 years ago so whatever mess he left behind (which in retrospect was probably less of a mess than his successors appear to have created) could/should have been cleared by those who’ve come after. I think the real ‘modern’ culprit is Quayle - not least his appointment of Harley-Davidson Charters who seems to have really created lasting chaos.
  5. The past three Health Ministers have been Quayle, Beecroft and Ashford. Enough said.
  6. I’m never harsh Neil; just brutal in a particularly unforgiving medieval way.
  7. Roger, is that a polite way of saying that RC is a cock?
  8. Billy Duggan’s Loaghtyn pies Big Bridie Quilleash massage parlour and pickled herring emporium Stan Crebbin embalming services ‘Mad Dog’ Corkill childrens’ entertainer Braddan International airport The Glenfaba buttock grazing and foreskin-moulding cabaret show I have of course fabricated these. I simply wish they existed.
  9. This is unsurprising, not least from the perspective that he’s Quayle’s protege. Anyone selected by Quayle as a ‘likely lad’ was inevitably destined to turn out as hopeless. Quayle has zero judgment and zero perception. Charters anyone? What this also illustrates is the utterly supine and spineless Tynwald we’re saddled with. Not so long ago this level of awfulness at the top of the Island’s most vital department would have lead to a ceaseless and deafening chorus of “What are your going to do about this mess Minister?” But now, silence. The level of ineptitude from this government is a disgrace. People should be angry, not apathetic. Seriously, have you seen the marvellous way that ordinary people in the street are, perfectly politely, but very vigorously, challenging Johnson when he ventures into public? People here should do the same - see Quayle, Ashford, Harmer etc. in the supermarket/pub/restaurant/barbers? Challenge them. They’re getting away with it.
  10. It wasn’t just Alfa - the wife of a neighbour bought a white 1275 MG Midget from Mylchreests in 1972, drove it from their place on Westmoreland Road to Hill Street, parked it for about 10 minutes, and when she returned it wouldn’t start!
  11. Definitely. Derby Square came later. I also remember Island Garages outlet on the junction of Desmesne Road and Westmoreland Road - Rootes dealership - Hillman, Singer and Humber. Later they sold Simca and Lancia.
  12. Max, wasn’t it John Scott, not Stott? There was a John Scott with a BMC dealership in Victoria Road, early 60s; in the premises later occupied by Padgett’s Suzuki.
  13. Santon motors were the Citroen agents late 60s/early 70s.
  14. He was a high-profile senior Consultant for many years and, as you say, effectively vanished overnight. Something happened; I’ve no idea what, but something happened.
  15. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/period-of-turbulance-in-healthcare-says-dhsc-minister/ Gosh! A Minister of the Isle of Man government mouthing platitudes, failing to address questions adequately and glossing over the fact that after ‘a period of turbulence’ that appears to have lasted a lot longer than simply since Couch left, there’s now no organisational leadership at all. Who’d have thought it?!
  16. Another company supplies the aircraft itself, the crew, insures and maintains the aircraft. A wet lease is typically used for shortish periods of time. A dry lease is just the aircraft and the company which is taking out the lease must include it on their Air Operators Certificate.
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