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  1. Much work left to do then.
  2. He didn’t get it did he?
  3. And on that quite excellent synoptic post - I salute you John - May I suggest the thread is locked.
  4. I’m surprised those clowns were actually pulling together.
  5. It’s astonishing isn’t it? When interviewed, or speaking in Tynwald, he sounds like someone endeavouring to recover from a brain injury.
  6. Well, helpfully I can keep the universe in perfect balance, because I most certainly don’t feel sorry for the waffling prat. I feel sorry for us.
  7. My Italian isn’t what it was back in the day, but I’m pretty sure that Gran Fondo translates as “Big Ride”. I’ve clearly misunderstood what this was all about.
  8. I’m sure that IOMG are now really chuffed they chose to partner with this individual.
  9. Well this is all lending weight to his campaign against the HPV vaccine...isn’t it?
  10. Yes, this could be predicted too. A crap-bot at work. I’m kicking myself... there I was insisting that guitars don’t exist (which of course they don’t) and all along it’s PGW “himself” that doesn’t exist! How could I have been so blind? He’s a deep-state crap-bot. In Washington, Pyongyang, Beijing or Moscow...it doesn’t matter where all these PGW posts are generated, they’re all the same fronts for the great conspiracy. PGW the crap-bot...cracked it!
  11. Yeah, right. Like that guy in the so-called “Beatles”..the one one with the Bass “guitar”.
  12. Yes, it always happens. When they get found out they resort to rudeness. It’s the one thing all their technology, video-faking, actors pretending to be “Eric Clapton” (real name Fred Smeggy) etc. can’t cover up. We’ve got ourselves a guitar conspiracist here folks.
  13. I see that you’re becoming very defensive now. That’s understandable, as your belief (or we could call it religion) in guitars (because you do claim to play guitar - it’s been discussed in past exchanges between you and Dilli) is now being challenged. Of course, what the rest of us don’t yet know (but we’re investigators of claims too, so we’ll find out) is whether your defensive use of terms like “walter” and “Wally” is because you are complicit in the guitar conspiracy, along with millions of others of the deep state conspirators, or whether you are shocked to learn that you’ve been caught out too. Have you seen the excellent YouTube video by Professor Ibanez-Rickenbacker which proves that Les Paul never existed. The same is true of the false claim that the Irishman Strat O’Caster made guitars too. Of course, you would have had to see those videos before the CIA took them down.
  14. I’m glad you agree that guitars don’t exist.
  15. Nothing coincidental about the deep state claiming that the earth is an oblate spheroid, when it’s really flat, about the deep state claiming that there were moon landings, when there weren’t and about the deep state claiming that guitars exist, when they don’t.
  16. Of course you haven’t played guitar - there are no such things! You’re exactly like that Buzz Aldrin - he claims he’s been to the moon... he hasn’t. You claim you’ve played guitar...you haven’t.
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