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  1. You’ve alluded to the cataclysmically awful appointment of our Harley-mounted friend at DHSC so I’m delighted that the Quayle administration is confining their senior appointments to those of an interim nature only. Hopefully it is in itself an interim step to Quayle and his kindergarten chums taking the final step to actually making no decisions whatsoever and hence improving government at a stroke.
  2. Family member with a Manx issued NI number worked here for around 8 years, moved to London 2 years ago. Is in employment and still using IOM NI number. I doubt the veracity of what your daughter has been told.
  3. That’s what establishment figures always say.
  4. What The Fuck is the Capital Letters thing Man?
  5. Dead right. She often portrayed the aspidistra-loving, blue-rinser, curtain-twitching West Douglas Toryesque dame to perfection. Largely, I suspect, as it came naturally.
  6. She was a retired school teacher - and behaved like one 24/7 - MHK for West Douglas. Awful woman.
  7. Oh Stinky...c’mon...when is anything from Harmer’s Barmy Army beyond the bounds of sanity?
  8. Concerted action by Consultants for Consultants to protect their interests is certainly consistent with what my cardiac Consultant relative (by marriage) regularly reports in the context of large London teaching hospitals.
  9. Bang on description Mr. W. Not my favourite past Tynwald member.
  10. Correct Donald. This Tynwald is virtually inert - it’s no more than a rubber stamp for government. Quite appalling really.
  11. Because I’m too old and wouldn’t effectively contribute to turning Tynwald into a modern, forward looking 21st Century Parliament. And by trotting out the tired and irrelevant ‘Why don’t you stand then’ response you’re letting the current incumbents off the hook. They stood, declared they’d make effective public representatives, and it’s absolutely legitimate for the rest of us to hold them to account, whether we choose to stand or not.
  12. Well there’s personal preference at work Dilli because I think it’s superb.
  13. The fuss was generated primarily by Betty Hanson MHK who was (a) an idiot and (b) pissed off by being upstaged by that superb sculpture, as she ceaselessly told everyone that she was the brains behind Millennium Year. Having said that, I don’t think the artistic genius of Bryan Kneale is being replicated on North Barrule.
  14. Simply because he was well known in the district and the family had farmed there for years. You only have to look at the make up of the Keys down the years to see that we don’t elect on quality and ability!
  15. The Tynwald of today is a supine, spineless, featureless adjunct to government, devoid of passion, challenge or vibrancy. Perhaps this is unsurprising when one assesses just how many colourless and dull makeweights occupy the seats.
  16. Interesting. And when the transient CEO and the transient transformation lead have gone (even if successful) who heads up the organisation then? Will they be invested? And do we trust our politicians to (a) make the right appointments and (b) keep their noses out.
  17. Which will have been rendered more difficult by the fact that it would not have occurred to her to take crayons and fuzzy felt.
  18. A charity donated money to an elderly blind man from Braddan for his bucket list dream to go skydiving in a ‘buddy jump’. The media were interested and when he landed a Manx Radio reporter said to him ‘You must have really loved that, I could hear you whooping all the way down’. ’Oh that wasn’t me’ said old Billy, ‘The jump scared the fuck out of the Labrador’.
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