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  1. Well, perhaps. Alternatively, he may simply have been a witless twat.
  2. Yeah me too...I’m spewing like a dog after only 5 minutes.
  3. Probably not even Mrs. Quayle.
  4. At least they’re not flown by Americans and will thus attack the correct target.
  5. Errr...that would be ‘travelling the flat’.
  6. Rhetorical on your part I suspect Roger, but let me answer anyway: Because he’s an Olympic standard twat.
  7. Until 1990 the Governor presided over Tynwald (and LegCo) so wielded more power than is the case these days and I guess therefore was in a position to steer things in a direction that suited HMG. Of course when the Governor was replaced in that capacity Tynwald went needlessly overboard and created the wholly unnecessary and overblown role of ‘President’ of Tynwald especially for Charlie Kerruish. His daughter, Clare Christian, subsequently exercised that office with a great deal more skill and judgement than either her father before her or the bumptious bag of wind Rodent who, regrettably, occupies the post now. I don’t think the Treasury has ever been accountable to HMG but of course the AG and the Deemsters have always been, and still are, Crown appointments. Of course, the conspiracy theorists (who may be on to something!) still see HMG exercising control over IOMG via the Chief Secretary who - in a Jekyll and Hyde existence - is principal advisor to both COMIN/CM and the Governor...thus running with the hare and the hounds (bizarrely).
  8. Well there is a bright spot today...that clown is (far too late in the day) political history.
  9. Indeed. And that vested interests don’t conspire to deflect her from her vital work.
  10. Well, if we’re cutting the little lad some slack, the whole Michaels drama was conceived initially by Cannan (it was all about DHSC failure to stay within budget) and the implementation lies in Cabinet Office, seemingly with Quayle as figurehead and delivery led by the Chief Secretary, so Ashford is outside the innermost loops it seems. (But don’t forget that, like the rest of Tynwald, he voted for Michaels to happen).
  11. Well Ashford assures us that seven (I think) strands of work are all on target - despite the fact that the Director post that was utterly essential last October is now completely unnecessary and Mabel the cleaner can do all that. After months of silence from the Transformation Black Hole all will be revealed in the forthcoming annual report. So that’s great. But remember...Ashford assurance = forthcoming disappointment.
  12. Whether ignored or not the implementation appears to be currently mired in chaos.
  13. Yes - I are and you is consistent Roger.
  14. Gutted that the Felt Museum/Monorail combo ignored again. What the fuck is wrong with Cannan? Who needs a bloody air ambulance??!
  15. Just as long as they leave the felt alone.
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