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  1. Uhtred

    easy jet

    No, talking is permitted.
  2. Julie Edge is absolutely correct. Just as she would be if she said that an Undertaker is the liveliest person in the Chapel of Rest.
  3. Uhtred

    Fancy a pint?

    Don’t be disgusting. This is a family forum.
  4. You’re right...and by shite it’s infuriating.
  5. That’s an excellent and very helpful description. I consider it likely that the person concerned is called Steve Rodent and can be contacted via the Tynwald buildings.
  6. Yes, if you’re Chief Minister. To restore COMIN’s voting weight in Keys and Tynwald.
  7. Quayle doesn’t know what thought is.
  8. Good shout that. A new Minister won’t go to Policy and Reform. Anyway, Thomas was on thin ice voting against COMIN because, undemocratic as it is, those are the rules of club COMIN. Quayle will have enjoyed demonstrating that he’s the great almighty Wizard of Oz and Oxford PPE degree or not, Thomas was a waffling bag of wind. All that alleged intellect wasted on delivering exactly nothing other than a succession of convoluted vacuous speeches. So what does this all reveal? Well, nothing we didn’t know already. The political system here is a stranger to democratic principles and its practitioners, illustrated this time by Quayle and Thomas, are piss-poor. Who didn’t know either of those facts?
  9. Correct. The Chinese regime and Communist Party are big, big trouble in the years ahead.
  10. Leave Hong Kong alone President Xi.
  11. Uhtred

    Fancy a pint?

    Shush Shakey - I’ve been enjoying fantastic rural and coastal walks with not a soul around. I don’t want hordes of the little fuckers spoiling that by charging around bellowing ‘Look Miss... another Cyanistes Caeruleus nest in this Crataegus Monogyna!
  12. Uhtred

    Fancy a pint?

    Good point - I think the weather is contributing to many punters being happy with a pint at home in the garden/yard/balcony etc.
  13. So...just back from my third trip to the bluebell woods outside of Barnard Castle. What’ve I missed?
  14. Donald is right. Perhaps because of the German occupation, there’s a much greater affinity for the Union Flag in the Channel Islands than there is here. There’s nothing they love more than to see their Lieutenant Governor decked out in his finery with his big feather covered hat; they’re genuinely thrilled by that. If our lad did it other than on Tynwald day I suspect he’d be egged. I know (and have known) many Channel Islanders, including those in senior roles; there’s no resentment at the UK over matters pertaining to WW2. They are quite definitely very keen to embrace their relationship with the UK in a much deeper and more evident way that the Manx.
  15. Uhtred


    It was never completely ruled out by Covid, although the social distancing did inhibit some of the more fundamental elements.
  16. Uhtred


    Crack of (or perhaps Dawn Crackov, Russian (Rushen?) exotic dancer.
  17. It's a complex issue. There are no short cuts; they have to look after number one, anything else won't wash; although it's a bit dry, they have to get to the root of the issue and it has to be cut and dried.
  18. Uhtred


    Of Dawn and Doom apparently.
  19. Ah yes...but it depends which cheese. Cheddar is no good at all, Cheshire is mildly effective but ideally you need Emmentahl or Double Gloucester.
  20. Uhtred

    Future Mann

    A superb description - and bang on.
  21. For someone with verbal diarrhoea and a willingness to expound on two flies walking up a window, whether we want him to or not, Thomas’s absence is both surprising and a pleasure.
  22. I wasn’t suggesting he’s necessarily the worst, simply that he’s very, very, poor. We all deserve censure to a degree (some a lot more than others!) that someone of such profoundly limited ability generally, and truly miserable verbal communication skills specifically, ends up as CM. If that doesn’t illustrate that there’s a fault(s) in the system, I don’t know what does.
  23. As Quayle was quoted last week, when answering a question concerning a ‘’possible loosening of border restrictions’, by saying such a thing was unlikely until ‘the distant future’, it would suggest that the government can keep the border closed even if there isn’t a declared State of Emergency - which doesn’t seem to be intended to extend into ‘the distant future’.
  24. This is very probably your best-ever post Roger. Every word hits the target. As I’ve found myself unable any longer to listen to Quayle ‘badly reciting badly-written PR guff’ I steeled myself for yesterday’s great ‘lockdown-lifter‘ speech. Dear god that man’s amateurish presentation is like fingernails on a blackboard. Every inflection, every cadence, every intonation delivered wrongly, haltingly and with self-evident lack of full understanding of the flow and intent of the communication. If I was actually present I’d find it impossible not to point out just how shockingly bad it is. But as you say, the great statesman doesn’t even need to subject himself to the indignity of being questioned. It’s all awful. Just awful.
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