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  1. As Quayle was quoted last week, when answering a question concerning a ‘’possible loosening of border restrictions’, by saying such a thing was unlikely until ‘the distant future’, it would suggest that the government can keep the border closed even if there isn’t a declared State of Emergency - which doesn’t seem to be intended to extend into ‘the distant future’.
  2. This is very probably your best-ever post Roger. Every word hits the target. As I’ve found myself unable any longer to listen to Quayle ‘badly reciting badly-written PR guff’ I steeled myself for yesterday’s great ‘lockdown-lifter‘ speech. Dear god that man’s amateurish presentation is like fingernails on a blackboard. Every inflection, every cadence, every intonation delivered wrongly, haltingly and with self-evident lack of full understanding of the flow and intent of the communication. If I was actually present I’d find it impossible not to point out just how shockingly bad it is. But as you say, the great statesman doesn’t even need to subject himself to the indignity of being questioned. It’s all awful. Just awful.
  3. Uhtred

    Spewing Juan

    You would Alf.
  4. Uhtred

    Spewing Juan

    Well that’s one view Howard.
  5. Amen to all that brother. And god bless you for the reprieve you granted to the Felt Museum monorail. May your camels multiply.
  6. If you want a dog use a Kennel Club registered breeder, ideally from the 'Assured' scheme. And why not think about a rescue dog rather than a puppy.
  7. Uhtred

    Lord Sumption

    This is a topic well worth airing - it's such a pity that it's come from an unedifying individual in the form of Sumption - not a nice man - which will colour the debate. It's rather like the fact that the Chinese really do need to be taken to task over this, but rather than the voice that challenges them being reasoned, balanced, well-informed and intelligent (such as Obama) it'll be Trump...turning everyone off and allowing the Chinese to dodge the issue.
  8. Improper, obviously.
  9. Is the correct answer.
  10. Agree wholeheartedly, aside from the ‘very bright’. She is; if you’re a slug.
  11. At what point in that sad narrative did you scream ‘Shut the fuck up...!’ and smash your radio?
  12. Aye lad, tha's playin' f' Rovers f' luv of gaaaame….and a pie after th'bath.
  13. Beestain jumping on a passing bandwagon - I don't believe it!
  14. Bletchley Park have just been on...when decrypted, ‘Friendly Fire’ translates as ‘American Incompetence’.
  15. And that of course is exactly what the spy would have responded to confirm he’d received the transmission.
  16. Yeah, maybe drink less before posting.
  17. That sounds exactly like a message that would have been transmitted from Special Operations Executive on a dark night in November 1943 to a British spy hiding in an attic somewhere just north of Arras, France.
  18. You’d certainly want to miss her.
  19. If, as was claimed, there's a positive case in respect of a Noble's worker, even though they and colleagues may have been in full PPE, I can't see why those who work closely with the infected person wouldn't be tested...symptoms or not. Given that the testing is on-Island and it was stated that 200 per day could be addressed, what's the problem in testing co-workers as a precautionary measure?
  20. I fully agree with you - if they were in PPE; a point not, I think, made clear by the Facebook poster.
  21. Someone posted on Facebook (yeah, I know) that they worked at Noble's and even though their duties meant that they'd been in close proximity with a colleague who had tested positive, they themselves weren't tested as they had no symptoms. If true - big if perhaps - that seems extraordinary.
  22. Very bold statement by Raab this morning for people to use 'common sense' when it's totally clear that's a commodity in very short supply.
  23. Although Bozo’s message itself was a confusing mess of contradiction, the reason for that is crystal clear; he’s attempting to mollify the Tory hawks who want the lockdown lifted as fast and as far as possible, whilst at the same time covering his arse against accusations of/the potential for further needless deaths due to a failure of government. He has an eye on the inevitable future Public Enquiry already.
  24. Ah yes, but you see Britain is special! We defeated the dastardly Hun; can go it alone; don’t need European partners for acquiring ventilators and PPE; don’t need European partners at all in fact; benefit from a jolly, cheerful old Etonian PM, not like that dour old (yes, admittedly competent) woman in Berlin, or that fresh-faced maiden in New Zealand; we’ve got Farage bravely patrolling Dover to fight off those awful foreign types (don’t want any of those in the frontline of the NHS). Thank God Britain is so very, wonderfully, special and will emerge from all this nastiness with minimal deaths and its international reputation intact. Rule Britannia!
  25. Fair-ish comment as far as your first paragraph goes. The management of the virus itself has been pretty good really and superior to that of the UK. But some attendant matters, far from it. The Comis stalag and it’s inception was a mess and the Bank Holiday farce over the last couple of days teetered on the edge of fiasco. But really plumbing the depths (as you and others correctly identify) the comms have been utterly dreadful. This is both in terms of the messages themselves (or lack of them) and very poor quality delivery. Bumbling, hyper-bowl, apparently barely-literate Quayle is the worst, (the way he bridles at even the most mild of challenges is both embarrassing and unacceptable); Skelly scarcely any better;, Allinson flat and uninspiring, Alf too strident, with the best being Ashford. But even that is relative, he still reads poorly and in an oddly mechanical way, he sounds as if he’s on helium and he’s been caught out being economical with the truth today. They really need to manifestly improve communications in every sense.
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