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  1. Which will have been rendered more difficult by the fact that it would not have occurred to her to take crayons and fuzzy felt.
  2. A charity donated money to an elderly blind man from Braddan for his bucket list dream to go skydiving in a ‘buddy jump’. The media were interested and when he landed a Manx Radio reporter said to him ‘You must have really loved that, I could hear you whooping all the way down’. ’Oh that wasn’t me’ said old Billy, ‘The jump scared the fuck out of the Labrador’.
  3. Quip Quilp sounds like a particularly effective kitchen roll... ’Spilt milk..? Use Quip Quilp!’
  4. A shit promenade for starters.
  5. The pig broke free at the photo shoot and landed in a herd of cows in Kent. The designer of the idea (Aubrey Turner) was actually arrested on the day, as the pig flew into Heathrow approach airspace and they had to shut the airport.
  6. That indeed was my meaning. And it did fly away too.
  7. He’s not having a say. He’s posting meaningless visual pollution. And who is engaged in the time travel you mentioned?
  8. Wow - what incisive and powerful leadership. I’m positively underwhelmed.
  9. Berlin...Wall...’89...’90...joke..? Ok - forget it...Pigs might fly...
  10. The Berlin wall fell in ‘89 Dilli!
  11. She’s a cure for insomnia that’s for sure.
  12. No, it’s local in context - see the reference to ‘plus-sized model’.
  13. Pedantry alert John - it’s ‘fylfot’ not ‘flyfot’ and a swastika is a fylfot, not distinct from one. A three branched symbol (derived from a sun symbol) is a triskele, a four-branched symbol (ditto sun), swastika included, is a fylfot.
  14. Is that still visible? I haven’t seen it for years.
  15. Good grief Manxy...seek professional help...now!
  16. By all accounts a thoroughly unpleasant man.
  17. And those of us who actually ARE fundamentalist Manxies are only too well aware of that.
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