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    Child care

    Which MHK is on for those of us who can't be bothered Googling? None? http://www.stchris.org.uk/about-us/our-trustees Hazel Hannan is a former MHK. Indeed she is. And a particularly fucking useless one too.
  2. Uhtred

    Child care

    I did not spot any at the last election. Can you name any ? Kate Beecroft, Chris Thomas, Alf Cannan........ None out of three is bad.
  3. Uhtred

    Child care

    Much quoted lately when describing the activities of Putin's acolytes ripping off the natural resources of Mother Russia.
  4. Although if invited now to adapt his original the Bard might offer "...the duplicitous, venal, deceitful, bullying toe rag doth protest too much methinks".
  5. Kvetching simply means complaining.
  6. I believe it's a Yiddish slang term for a gossiping woman.
  7. sp it's ("it has" and "it is") sp rouble I'm glad it's not just me that becomes irked by wayward spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  8. Can't we just point out that it isn't actually the Fairy Bridge anyway. The real one isn't on a road and is rather more difficult to access. If the punters knew that perhaps the problem would solve itself.☺️
  9. yeah it is No, it certainly isn't. Most people today either lack belief in God or have a...'hangover spirituality', which has some Christian foundation, which doesn't constitute a religion. I mean, that they have come into regular contact with idea of the Christian God at school, from speaking with others, and from all sorts of sources and have been left with a lot of wishful thinking about a 'something' being out there and having a nice place to go to when they die, but it's really just a collection of ideas they have never given much critical thinking too. They're essentially atheists; they're not theists. Any statement of whether a country is Christian, Muslim, etc. really ought to be made based on what the beliefs are of those who live in it and whether the country is a democracy or not. In a democracy, if every person is not of that religion and the State is to be representative then it shouldn't be upholding any religion. And certainly no State operating under elements of Enlightenment thinking should have anything to do with religion. But if we look at the Isle of Man: a large minority of the population are Christian and the State has close affiliation with the Church of England. Firstly, no minority or majority should be pushing their religion (or delusional weirdness) onto others and no democracy should try and support a particular or any group of religions. You make interesting observations here. Do you happen to know the answer to these questions (I don't)....France is often quoted as the most secular country in Europe, separating the function of the state from any religious affiliations of whatever nature. Many (though not all) regard France as having largely accomplished this successfully. By that token, has France, for example, eliminated Christian prayers from parliamentary sittings - a point made by Censorship - has it removed any requirement to swear on a religious treatise when giving evidence in court; do French schools not celebrate religious festivals, perhaps most notably Christmas....I'm interested to understand just how (successfully) "non-religious" Europe's reputedly most secular country is.
  10. That's a bit vague. I have been to 3 meetings this year and there have been between 14 and over 40 people there. I acknowledge that you are genuinely in a better position to comment than I am because I've never attended a LV meeting, but from your information you're largely confirming my point for me!
  11. Well I'll be content if she can prove that...she can start whenever she likes!
  12. Yeah...that'll happen. Marvellous - Houghton as CM, Henderson as Treasury Minister and Beecroft as Policy and Reform Minister....then we'd really be heading in a brave new future of progress and opportunity. Why would you mix Kate in with those two? If it was a choice between that scenario and giving Kate all three jobs, I'd go with the latter and give her a couple of grand a year pay increase. Because "Kate" and her ridiculous pseudo political party have made a career of bandwagon jumping, sniping at (the admittedly inept) Bell administration as if that was an end in its own right and scattergun shooting at every and any populist headline-grabbing nonsense possible. She/they have offered nothing of substance on economic, social or external policy. Presumably others have noticed this too which is why Lib Van public open meetings attract a handful of people and a Jack Russell. They way she's sucking up to Howard Quayle of late puts her at risk of becoming a COMIN patsy in the Quirk league anyway. If you regard her as anywhere near genuinely capable then we'll have to agree to disagree on that point.
  13. Yeah...that'll happen. Marvellous - Houghton as CM, Henderson as Treasury Minister and Beecroft as Policy and Reform Minister....then we'd really be heading in a brave new future of progress and opportunity.
  14. Seriously SMUJ.....? Dear me, do please pay more attention. You were exceedingly wrong.
  15. No, the Nativity is about God's love for humanity and His choosing to become incarnated in the form of mortal in order to come here, live among us, teach us and then willingly lay down His life for us. I'm not saying I believe in that, but that is what it is about. It's a story about an underage girl being impregnated, and ultimately her son being tortured to death supposedly to 'save' humanity from what must be a vindictive god. That son was God Incarnate. And the text doesn't say her age. ....hang on....God sent Mary a text...? I thought it was an angel....?
  16. I never promised to tell anyone who was behind MET, Fact you got your facts wrong again. I have never been proven as a liar, once again Fact, you got your facts wrong. Have I been convicted of Fraud have I Fact. I cant wait for your direct answer, based on real fact of course you wouldnt once again to get your facts wrong, that would be worse now you on notice, than the Village Idiot? Assure me your not!! Jesus fucking Christ learn to spell and punctuate or fuck off, you ignoramus.
  17. Indeed so, but as referred to in my previous post is it not the case that Ministers have been questioned (not debate) on Personal Statements?
  18. Well either an agenda or great limitation in clear thinking and communication.
  19. So, unless I've lost more than the usual number of brain cells overnight (could be!) I discern that Houghton has simply reiterated to the House of Keys the same avalanche of incredible, blame-shifting, ill-presented, witless, imbecilic horseshit that he's treated the rest of us to for the past week. Well thanks John. Your reputation is restored...that of a mendacious, free-loading, vacuous, homophobe, bullying racist windbag. Enjoy your pension. Incidentally, when a Minister makes a statement they can be questioned about it by other Members, and usually are. Do Standing Orders of Keys allow statements made by "ordinary" Members to similarly be subject to questioning. Because if that can happen, how disappointing it didn't....or was he questioned...I didn't hear the broadcast.
  20. I'm pretty sure that you are correct. The reference to "pension income" will mean state retirement pension not occupational pension. So any civil servant (or any employed person for that matter) retiring because their post has been closed will not be eligible for state retirement pension, unless of course they are of state retirement pension age!
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