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  1. I didn’t know Tynwald ran the Channel Islands!
  2. It's really awkward that the cops have said not to travel. I need to leave the kitchen and head to the loo.
  3. That's one of my favourite answers to pretty well any question.
  4. I agree. It’s a shame isn’t it? All those lost Pulitzer prizes.
  5. Did Gelling’s Foundry also have the vacuum thing going on, or am I now just hypervacuumating?
  6. I’m sure you’re right - they’re aimed squarely at the elderly, indigenous, Manx gossips. Edited to add - some finessing of my previous comment is required. That refers to the Examiner. The Independent is aimed at sports addicted thickos. And the Courier is aimed st those who are too tight-fisted to buy toilet roll.
  7. Bonnag, spuds and herrin’ buffet and plenty of deedle-eedle-dydle-deedle music.
  8. All interesting and fair points Roger. The root of my comments about quality was principally aimed at the writing itself, which I think borders on lamentable most of the time. Having said that, a friend of mine who was a copywriter at a huge London advertising agency has just reminded me that journalism is largely aimed at the reader and is more of a reflection of them than of the writer. In which case I despair of the general readership of the IOMN titles if they are being served with what they want/can cope with. Or perhaps I'm simply old and cranky.
  9. Whilst they’re probably no worse that local papers serving a community of 80,000 in the U.K. I really can’t recall an occasion when the local ‘newspapers’ were quite so inveterately poor as they are today.
  10. I rather think you would!
  11. I remember both - but not the Co-oP Doc...at least I don’t think so.
  12. Thos. E. Cowin was a famous drapers and general household store in Duke Street, most notable for the mechanised device which sent containers, into which the sales assistants placed your cash payment, whizzing to the office. They then came whizzing back with your receipted sales invoice and your change. It was a Wonka-esque miracle of retailing. Once seen, never forgotten.
  13. In which case it’s all very stable door. The two parliamentary protagonists are gone...Bell and Teare...and the ‘expert witness’ is dead. I’d much rather an investigation into how much was lost during Beecroft’s catastrophic tenure at Health. (Notwithstanding that she had the misfortune to follow Quayle).
  14. I’d like to to help you understand the IOM with a few very brief and direct facts. 1. All publications from IOM ‘Newspapers’ are indeed written by (ill-educated) seven year olds. 2. All publications from IOM ‘Newspapers’ are written for (ill-educated) seven year olds. 3. ‘Large’ when used by IOM ‘Newspapers’ represents an infinite range of options all of which mean greater than three. 4. Howard Quayle is a witless clown who understands nothing of what he says. ‘Climate emergency’ from his lips actually means ‘Gubba plapa sufuvu ballappy’. Or might as well do. 5. Most local supporters of the green agenda have no friends and wear very old sandals. 6. If, at any future juncture, you are minded to pick up the Courier, ensure that your only purpose in doing so is to wipe your arse with it. You’re welcome.
  15. I think this reinforces what many have long suspected about the residents of that particular area.
  16. Or if you received news of a massive lottery win whilst there, you’d be in M&S on Easy Street.
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