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  1. This is the first time they’ve departed from the old printers’ standard of ‘Lorem ipsum’. They presumably think they’re terribly clever and funny sending the same ‘message’ in several foreign languages.
  2. Well done John - having just read the French element I was about to post as you have done. I assume their remarks include the limited intellect creatures who post comments in response to their own tedious ‘news’ items. Perhaps we might also suggest that people who produce ‘newspapers’ should learn basic grammar, spelling and punctuation or shouldn’t be allowed to write.
  3. All very plausible and likely accurate but he must have been pretty challenging (perhaps entirely justifiably) if they shoved him out of the door after just 8 weeks.
  4. In which case the guy is the biggest bullshitting purveyor of mendacity this side of Trump, or so deluded as to be dangerous.
  5. I can’t see EasyJet operating to Liverpool and Manchester. And would they have an available aircraft to operate the Manchester rotation.
  6. Yes, it’s old Billy Corkill the cleaner. But he can multi-task. He waters the plants too. Joking apart, Ashford said that it’ll be done from within existing Cabinet Office resources. Like you, I’d love to know how that can now be done when in October they needed an essential NHS guru.
  7. What the actual fuck??? This appointment was trumpeted from the highest turrets of government when Spicer was recruited, as the very essence of the great health transformation, and that his great skills honed in the furnace of the UK NHS were exactly what we needed. And now, suddenly, it’s a post that’s not required after all. The Cabinet Office can cope. So why couldn’t they cope in October when you appointed Spicer? What’s changed? Christ on a bike, what are these morons doing? And whereas, once upon a time, two cigarette ends dropped in the Nobles car park was enough for an urgent debate of public importance, this shitshow will pass without comment from the zombies in Tynwald. This government is taking the fucking piss.
  8. Correct. A UFO nicked his chips.
  9. They won’t tell you anything because of...it. And...the...thing.
  10. Our expectations of political inertia were thus well founded in the decision-free environment of Quayle’s infinite ‘transformation’.
  11. The whole timetable is designed to make the difficult and unpopular stuff occur after next year's general election. Then it's a problem for that administration. Oldest trick in the book.
  12. I’m not sure it is nonsense to be honest.
  13. Correct - this ATR built 1996 (previously registered in France), Saab built 1998 (from recollection).
  14. Alright then...crazed reactionary!
  15. A downloadable audio file from the internet.
  16. There’s something wrong with you pal. Why offer such stupid suggestions alongside the perfectly logical and long-overdue Monorail and Felt Museum Act. Jeeeez.
  17. This is what jumped out at me. What ‘underlying causes’? Why have DHSC ‘felt themselves unable to address’ them and why has this inability to do anything dragged on for 9 months? Answers/explanation/solution please Minister Ashford. Is it just me or has absolutely everything touched by the Quayle administration turned to shit?
  18. Indeed. A shameful low point of modern Manx social history. The religious bigots are still out there of course but, pleasingly, have lost traction within Tynwald...not entirely though.
  19. I think his entire life is comic sans.
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