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  1. Agree with all that...just don’t bring back THOSE callers!
  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  3. Well if you outlaw commercial for-profit provision of care/residential/nursing homes you're left with two alternatives - bring it all within the state sector and have a taxpayer-funded NCS, or, rely on the charitable sector. The first is no doubt unaffordable, the second seems unrealistic. And while you're at it, why would care for older people differ from care for children? So should there equally be no for-profit child-minders or playgroups? There are no commercial care homes for children and young people on the Island (that I know of) but there are many in the UK, contracted to local authorities . Would you also outlaw them?
  4. ‘No-one exp...’ No, sorry, I won’t.
  5. Not today’s most surprising statement really.
  6. Big missed opportunity here - they could have brought in Farage, Widdicombe, Banks and Rees-Mogg as team leaders. They always had a lot to say about immigrant labour.
  7. One virus is quite enough thanks.
  8. You may be correct - Ardern is equally balanced and articulate. Perhaps there’s more focus on solutions and fewer willy-waving attempts to put one over on cabinet colleagues - Raab/Hancock.
  9. Probably not, but I’m not Greek and don’t live there.
  10. I didn't say she was infallible, and your analysis of the immigrant issue is overly simplistic. And I'd still take her as a decision maker in preference to Johnson and Trump any day of the week.
  11. It’s also clear from the excellent video of Angela Merkel explaining the nature of infection and the need for control, which is currently circulating, with subtitles, on Twitter, that Germany also benefits from political leadership that is more skilled and talented than that which is available in the U.K or the U.S. Perhaps having a former respected scientist in charge is preferable to dodgy journalists and shady property magnates.
  12. Why don’t Ministers and/or their advisers simply use accurate and clear words in the first place?
  13. Apologies...this is supposed to be in the UK Government thread...that’s what happens when you post before your second cup of tea...! I read today that the Nightingale hospital at Excel in east London, which has a maximum capacity of 4,000, has...19 patients. Errrr...did someone over-specify?
  14. With apologies for the conceit of quoting myself, I see that at the briefing last night Ashford had to hurriedly and completely back-track on the ultra confusing comment he made about social distancing controls applying until ‘at least’ 23rd April. Exactly the confusion I predicted occurred and the Boy Vampire huffed and puffed that what he was alluding to was the need to consider data gathered until that date to then inform a decision as to the future extent of controls. Well just say that then..don’t go mentioning meaningless dates by which controls will absolutely not be relaxed. Idiot. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/social-distancing-will-not-be-lifted-on-23-april/
  15. This reads like one of the very poorest lines from ‘Les Miserables’.
  16. Also...perfectly proper for Tynwald, embodied by Huff n’ Puff Rodent to pay tribute to the former police officer taken by Covid 19, as that gentleman was a Tynwald Day Usher, but as we’ve had only one other person succumbing, it should have been the case that Tynwald expressed condolences to that family too. Perhaps they did and it wasn’t reported, but if they didn’t, that’s disgraceful.
  17. Completely agree. Most unhelpful and confusing comment by Ashford. It could be implied that relaxation of the ‘insular’ controls are likely to be relaxed from that date. And yet his own Department’s projection suggests that the peak will not occur until a week beyond the 23rd. There’s enough scope for confusion around all sorts of Covid matters without the bloody government adding to it.
  18. I honestly don’t know how you pull back from it...I’m all for government transparency, particularly when you look at some of the clowns involved, but the machinery of the state seems to be drowned in process and paper, which have overtaken output and delivery as the purpose.
  19. Part of the change (I grant you it’s by no means the full story) is the modern Health and Safety/Corporate Governance type mentality (driven by an increasingly litigious society) where every fucking decision/grant/planning approval/homestay/benefit claim/hospital machine check/pupil assessment/old person mental health review/tax file... and it goes on and on and fucking on, has to be double checked, triple checked, audited, reviewed, sampled, assessed, independently assessed, benchmarked, subject to appeal, reviewed by committee, reported, and bloody assessed again... because if one line is missing from the file some clever arsed lawyer pulls it up, the whole thing is annulled and the entire bloody machine starts again. At some point someone should have/needs to say ‘Bollocks to these new Regulations...they’ll require 14 civil servants to administer them and they’re not bloody needed’. But it’s too late. Way too late.
  20. Actually Dilli it is quite droll...lightens the mood at a not very funny time.
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