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  1. The Grove Museum in Ramsey? I am getting married this year and it is having a Victorian theme. Somewhere like that would be lovely for a small wedding.
  2. Well, Kindle replacement update if anyone is interested. My original Kindle broke on Tuesday night, I called customer service as I mentioned above that night. Got an email yesterday saying it had been dispatched and, to my amazement, one brand new Kindle arrived by post this morning. I was even more surprised that it was already registered with my Amazon details. I had got the original from Tesco and did that myself, but when I turned the new one on today, it was already done for me. I think I am going to go and give the 'Last good book you read' thread a going through now, definitely need some new books! And to delete about 20 Kindle versions of The Guardian that I haven't got round to reading.
  3. They do, they have both versions. I went for the 3G one as I travel across a few times a year. IIRC, the 3G one is £153 and the ordinary one is £111. I was very glad that I registered it at Amazon as as I mentioned above, replacement is on its way. That will serve me right for losing the bloody till receipt from Tesco!
  4. I feel slightly envious, but would couldn't possibly feel hard done to by their help. Fingers crossed it will be here for Saturday.
  5. I am just looking forwards to getting my replacement, I am having withdrawal symptoms already. I was quite surprised at how quickly it was dispatched. I called at 8.30pm last night and by 2.30pm today, the email had been sent saying that it was on its way. Looking on the net, it does seem to be a fairly common problem, but I am willing to give this one another go. I was pleasantly surprised that when I send the faulty one back, I will get the postage refunded. Definitely not complaining!
  6. I must admit, it is the first time I have had to contact their customer service. I think if I am going to buy electricals in the future, Amazon will be my first port of call.
  7. Not quite in the spirit of the thread here, but it is Kindle related. I got given a Kindle 3G as a gift a few months ago and I have to say, it is one of the best things I have ever had. Went to turn it on yesterday and the screen was buggered for want of a better word. Full of horizontal lines, unable to reboot it and definitely not able to read any of the books on there. Bearing in mind I bought it from Tesco, I gave Amazon's customer service a call. One thing I will say is thank god I registered it when I got it. To cut a long story short, they are sending me a brand new replacement one which should be here by Saturday. All I have to do is send the damaged one back within 30 days of receiving the replacement. Absolutely can't fault their customer service and am more than surprised with what they have done. I was expecting to have to send the broken one back and take it from there. Definite thumbs up for Amazon.
  8. I am looking to buy the following items if anyone has them for sale - A double headboard in cream, brown or black, A double bathroom cabinet, A light coloured coffee table (such as beech or ash). Cash waiting, and would appreciate pictures if possible. Please contact via PM or email at valexon@yahoo.co.uk
  9. Many thanks wrighty, was a pleasure doing business with you. Fridge now full, children very happy and (sorry to rub your nose in it), ice cubes made!
  10. Truthfully, I have only ready 32 of the ones on the list, but my Kindle is getting a hammering as we speak - has given me lots to get my teeth into!
  11. For me it would have to be Queens Of The Stone Age - The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret, The Smiths - What She Said Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros - Home Good Charlotte - The River
  12. Absolutely what you said Merkin. I think that all social housing should be means tested. I live in a council (well, Commissioners as it is Ramsey) house and for the privilege of doing so (and I do see it as a privilege, not a right) I would be more than happy to submit quarterly bank statements or whatever.
  13. I am looking for a reasonably cheap (ok, will be honest, the cheaper the better) under worktop fridge. My trusty fridge freezer has packed in and I have a chest freezer so am just looking for something to tide me over as I will be moving soon. I genuinely don't mind if the outside is tatty, just as long as it keeps stuff cold and my children quiet. Cash waiting, please drop me a PM on here or call Fiona on 355269. Thank you.
  14. Spook, thank you for giving me something to think about, it is appreciated. I have identified as an agnostic for a very long time but was raised catholic. I like to think that although agnostic, the majority of my actions are christian in their nature. It really is quite a eye opener to read your point of view on my circumstances and I appreciate the time you took to reply to me. Just make sure you keep that profane language under wraps, I will use it for you!
  15. Spook, you mentioned in you post on more than one occasion "illegitimate children" and I was just wondering where you stand on my circumstances. My children's father and I weren't married but had planned to do do until he beat me black and blue (my real name is no secret on here, you can search through the IOM newspapers for the delightful facts). So you think I should have carried on and got married in those circumstances to legitimise my children? I know you are going to say that I should have got married before I had them but no offence, it is 2011 and the stigma that was there up to 50 years ago is no longer there with being an unmarried mother. I have asked my children how they feel and they have absolutely no problem with it at all. Oh, and just to throw this one into the fire, their father's name isn't on their birth certificates either. And they don't have a problem with that. Men who batter women will use just about anything to control them, and this was one of his favourites. SacaJawea - you have my deepest sympathies. My father had dementia (he had Korsakoffs which was brought on by alcoholism). If you pop my name into the search box, it will bring up some threads where the lovely people of Manxforums have given me the most fantastic help and support, it might be worth reading through them. If you need someone to talk to, drop me a PM and we can take it from there
  16. That is exactly what I have now done The Terminator, they are fantastic aren't they? I went in looking to borrow a wheelchair, and came out with a proper high backed chair (which saved a trip to the Hospice Warehouse tomorrow to get one) and the most fantastic sort of zimmer frame. It has two sets of handles at different heights to help my Mum get herself out of a chair, off the loo etc. I really couldn't have found them more helpful at all. We were even offered a brand new wheelchair and although I said the other one would be fine, the lady insisted as it wasn't a problem and they were upgrading all their stock. I made a donation at the time but have a sneaking suspicion that there will be another one on its way when I return the items.
  17. Lonan3 - Thank you for that, muchly appreciated. Fortunately one of our family vehicles fits the description, but if she is having a bad day and wants to go out in the wheelchair, I shall most definitely keep that in mind. I think a lot of people forget it is not just the physical wellbeing that needs attention, it is the social wellbeing too. A trip out for lunch might be just the ticket to raise her spirits.
  18. Keith and Frances - thank you for your advice, and yes, I totally agree. Mum is approaching her 69th birthday and the operation was not straightforward as she has severe scoliosis of the spine, hence the need for the wheelchair. This came from her physiotherapist in the hospital she is in in England. I do genuinely appreciate you pointing this out to me though. andrew - that is where I got it from , along with a couple of other things that will help her. There is a lady up there called Melissa who went above and beyond what I could have asked for. Thanks all for your help.
  19. Thank you so much for that - I shall pop in this morning. £2.50 a day seems absolutely fantastic value for money. Your help is appreciated more that you will realise
  20. God, sometimes I feel that the only time I post on here is to beg for help or information, so why change the habit of a lifetime. Here goes. My Mum has had a hip replacement and is coming home on Monday and has now decided that she needs a wheelchair for said Monday. I am going to call the Red Cross when they open but am throwing myself at the collective knowledge and mercy of the forum to see if anyone has any other ideas. As she has paid for the op privately, OT is not an option. And, I can't afford to buy her one. We just need a borrow and are more than willing to pay for it. It does not need to be self propelled and to be quite honest, I don't care what state it is in as long as it does the job. If anyone can help, then I would be more than grateful. I can be contacted on here, via PM or (and god help me for doing this) on 355269 as I am going to be out and about sorting things out for her today.
  21. Brandywell open, Hairpin to Bungalow shut until about 10am
  22. Seriously late to this post but if you are a Johnny Marr fan you might like to give The Cribs a listen to as well. He left in April, but whilst he was there his influence was undeniable. Needless to say, when the tickets go on sale I will be there with bells on and my Meat Is Murder t shirt!
  23. Off the IOM Constabulary Media page on FB- "rtc snaefell mountain road at graham memorial. road blocked" 7.22am "rtc at brandywell" 7.23.am Not being ghoulish but put up just in case anyone is planning on heading over the mountain.
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