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  1. Republic Of Loose - Break Madonna - La Roux -
  2. Well, Mr Pointy was unavailable!!
  3. Firefly, if you are thinking about getting a tat, then you should take 6 months out and if you still feel the same go for it. I have had mine done by Phil and then Simon (love all of them, but comes down to personal taste). If I had had the first tat I wanted I would have bugs bunny with top hat and tails somewhere on my body - thank fuck I don't.
  4. I have no idea which kind, but I have always seen loads out Blue Point (brilliant place to teach my son hill starts).
  5. Does it count if you have already changed your name by deed poll? If I was to do it again, it would be Miss Kitty Fantastico (very obscure Buffy reference there).
  6. Foxtrotlima


    The problem is getting the non flashing kind, epilepsy and flashing lights does not a merry Christmas make!
  7. I am not about to explain my financial circumstances to you, and nor am I a moron. I can understand where you are coming from, but the way it was arranged suited us fine. My son passed in under 30 lessons and I was only speaking as I found. I think we can leave it at that.
  8. Just a quick hijack, but congratulations cassettiespagetie
  9. Any help? Link If you enter the website, and go to contacts, there are a couple of ways of getting in contact.
  10. I can't speak highly enough of Craig at MSM. He got my son through his test last Tuesday and was fantastically patient. What really impressed me was the fact that to start with my son had been having two lessons a week. He then told me that he only needed one a week as he was progressing well. Not often you hear of a company telling you you need less of a product. MSM link
  11. I like the point you bring up AT. I recently had the *pleasure* of staying at Walton Neuro for a month and the cafe there would have put Nobles to shame. Large coffee £1.10, slice of toast 30p, sandwich (made in front of you) £1.00 - £1.20 depending on filling. That was on top of a large hot menu. From what I could gather, the staff were employed by the hospital and all had the relevant checks and hygiene certificates, and the cafe was run purely to pay their wages and offer an incredible service to the patients. Would be nice if Nobles could offer the same.
  12. The Pogues were originally called "Póg mo thóin", which was Anglicised as "Pogue Mahone". I guess they both still had the same meaning.
  13. Ohh, don't say that Miss Roo! I hope that we all have a great 2010!
  14. I hope nobody minds me butting in this thread but I have an iPhone related question. I bought the 8GB 3G one for my son for his birthday a few weeks ago. I wasn't going to pay the extortionate prices over here (his contract wasn't due up for another 9 months so bought it outright). I paid £450 for it, including getting it unlocked. I am a BlackBerry fan so know very little about iPhones so would it be worth me jailbreaking his phone or will a simple unlock be ok? He doesn't use many of the apps, and isn't too bothered about buying any. He is just happy with the iPod bit of it in all honesty! The only thing we are having problems with is getting his email sorted. I have googled how to do it, but haven't had much luck so far.
  15. Sounds like a great time was had by all Lao. I was very impressed at Jon's sportsmanship, I sincerely hope that it made Floyd's win all that more memorable. Well done to both him and Liam.
  16. 2009 has been a mixed bag for me too this year. My father passed away, I was in hospital in Liverpool for a month having grotty treatment and somebody who I thought was a friend stole money off me. On the upside, I got a boyfriend and have made up with a friend whose friendship I thought I had lost. Not much compared to others, but all in all it evens out.
  17. I see that more than three months has past and he's still alive... Must be that new non-terminal terminal cancer. Just like the tories and Pinochet! A cure for dementia anybody?
  18. I absolutely side with ans on this one. I used to work in the Co-Op in Ramsey (small one), and a lot of it is down to staffing issues. Very often there would only be one person on the tills whilst the other people were out the back stock taking, and sorting out stock rotation. Cigarettes, alcohol, razor blades, mobile top up cards, batteries etc are very high value goods, and given the amount of times the little Co-Op has been broken into, I can't blame them for keeping those goods behind the counter. All the outlets on the Island that sell alcohol have a "Banned Book", those who are in it are banned by court order from purchasing alcohol. What I would like to see is shops co-operating with those who are trying to stop drinking. Here we go with another alcoholic father story from me, but when Dad was at his worst, I went to every single place that sold alcohol in Ramsey begging them not to sell it to him as it was killing him. Out of 14 at the time only 2 agreed to. Shops are more interested in the money in a person's hand, not the long term effects of drinking.
  19. Believe you and me Pierrot Lunaire, it wouldn't matter where the alcohol was, people would still buy it. I think it is a crass judgement on your behalf to assume it was for her. For all you know it could have been a present, and she was deciding whether or not she could afford it. If you can pick up " the shame, anger and the acknowledgement of failure and self hate " that you saw in her face then I suggest you get a job with DAT. Try living with an alcoholic for twenty odd years. What you perceived was jack shit.
  20. I am with you on this one kevster, if it wasn't for my kids this is what I would do. Tree up Christmas eve, and down again Boxing Day.
  21. 8. Cars with black number plates with white letters. I was told 5 years ago to change mine to reflective ones to be legal yet have seen more than 10 cars over the last few days obviously less than 25 years old utilising these plates!! I believe it's Feb 89 is the cut off point, so a 20 yr old car is fine.
  22. I don't believe it, are you sure they weren't fakirs?
  23. I am with Slim on this one, I was at a festival last year and Calvin Harris headlined the dance stage, with other act such as The Japanese Popstars and Does It Offend You, Yeah?. The year before he was sharing a stage with the likes of Jamie T, Klaxons and Dizzee Rascal. Though not my personal taste in music, that would be a feasible line up, and a good one too. There are some brilliant bands out there that wouldn't cost the earth to bring over, and I really hope that there is a stage or tent for home grown talent as there are some brilliant bands on the Island. Ninja edit: Ida Maria? Count me in for that one, she is phenomenal live!
  24. I have to admit, I spent last night doing my time honoured tradition of hiding indoors for the fireworks. They scare the living daylights out of me. I am all for organised displays (a bit biased here, but Ramsey's is always good), but I do have a real problem with people setting them off in their back gardens. Someone along my row decided it would be a superb idea about 11.30pm last night - I was not impressed in the least.
  25. Calvin Harris does a blinding live set, but that alone isn't going to make me run to get a ticket. I have a 13 year old daughter who is a huge fan of X Factor and BGT, but even she doesn't want to go. I really hope that they are able to pull a decent headliner off for the Saturday night, otherwise I can see tickets floating round right up to the start.
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