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  1. There are a lot of gnomes on the mountain road, they seem to be migrating over the mountain. I've counted 7 so far.
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    I had a lovely coffee in Bar Logo in Ramsey yesterday. It was £2.50 for a large cafetiere, more than enough for 2 people. Would definitely recommend it.
  3. Went to the above mentioned for lunch today with the bf and have to say, the food was absolutely brilliant. I hadn't been since it had changed hands but was more than pleasantly surprised with the food. The service was good, the food arrived very hot and gravy was brought out separately, rather than slopped all over the meal. The only downside I had was that the portions were huge. I definitely think I will be going back.
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    Have you tried the Mooragh Park cafe Miss Roo? I have been a few times and have found it to be consistantly pleasant.
  5. Oh god, don't even go there! I totally missed that one! A bloody marvellous quip from you and it went sailing over my head, seemingly about 15,000 feet above it.
  6. Not at all Lonan3, it is just that I have read a fair few journals with regards to animal testing, and how they disguise it in the name of medical research but it end up getting used for the beauty industry. I understand the importance of testing for life saving drugs, pain relief drugs and life prolonging drugs but tend to get a little, hmm, shall we say, bloody annoyed when it is done for the sake of vanity. I got off my high horse so that I could have a rational conversation, and listen to other people's point of view. It was done tongue in cheek because I genuinely do appreciate what others have to say, and wanted to convey that wasn't a total loon!
  7. Point taken Slim, and I did read that part of the article, but maybe it is the cynic in me that their reasearch is only going to be used for the 'side effect' and not for the muscle spasms etc. There are a phenomenal amount of drugs on the market that can combat the majority of people who suffer from those symptoms. /gets down off high horse quietly.
  8. Good god almighty - all that for vain people who want to look 10 years younger? The thought processes behind it fail me. Although not entirely comfortable with it, I do appreciate that there is animal testing for drugs, but for anti wrinkle cream? Come on, where the hell does it stop? I think I can live with my fairly deep set wrinkles on my forehead rather than use something that has been tested like that. I think I will stick with my Lush moisturiser and grow old gracefully.
  9. I think your best bet is to go to Phones 4 U as they stock all the different network pre pay mobile broadband dongles. It might be an idea to do a bit of research online to see if where you are going is covered network wise. I am in hospital in Liverpool and am on a 3 network payg mobile broadband dongle and these are the speeds I am getting:- They aren't great, but more than good enough for MSN, browsing, YouTube etc. You will pay about £20 for the actual dongle which comes with said dongle, the sim card, what can only be described as an extension lead and the software. This includes 1GB of data. I topped up with another 3 GB and it brought the total to £35 (ie, £15 for the 3GB top up). If you are going away after 23rd of October, drop me a PM and you can have a loan of my dongle as it will save you £20. As Uni said, I tried the dongle when I was home the other weekend to no avail, but works fine over here in Liverpool.
  10. I thought that it was absolutely brilliant. I think that there weren't many there who didn't join the rollercoaster ride of emotions. It had been many years since I had heard a lot of what he had written, but it was still as fresh and pertinant to today's state of affairs too. The one thing that did floor me was the poem his father had written in memory of him. To say it was beautiful was an understatement, it was powerful too.
  11. I think you are very close to hitting the nail on the head CJW. In my experiences, the most difficult and frustrating situations are where a person with dementia requires what can best be described as "crossover" care. Without wishing to sound flippant, it is the best description I could come up with where the physical needs of my father prioritised his mental wellbeing. Nobles is NOT set up to deal with this kind of care, and to be honest, I have no idea of anywhere that is. To treat a severe fracture correctly (I use this example as it is the one I have experience of) requires care on a certain dedicated ward. Unfortunately these wards' staff to patient ratios do not factor in the admission of someone that requires such a high level of care. I genuinely don't know what the answer is here. Would it be practicable to have highly skilled floating carers that could be called on for such times or would that be too much of a drain on the budget? Like I said, I certainly don't have the answer. Something I would welcome would be a coherent, transparent and most importantly accessible policy as to how dementia sufferers are to be treated, and how their health needs are prioritised. Unfortunately with there being so many kinds of dementia, so much misdiagnosis and general misunderstanding of the illness on so many levels in the health care profession I can see this being a long time coming.
  12. It really is one of the biggest (and I make no excuse for the phrase I am going to use) head fucks I have ever had, having a parent with dementia. My father always said if he ever ended up in that situation we were to "pull the plug". It is very different when you are actually put in that situation though. The problem with dementia is that every once in a while the person may have a lucid moment, and that really is the most difficult thing to deal with. One bit of advice I can give is that if someone isn't satisfied with the standard of care a relative is receiving, then demand a second, hell, a third opinion. I have spoken to people who have a misguided sense that their relative may be singled out for worse care but this isn't the case. Something that goes against the grain of everything I believe in, but can yield the best results is to get a private consultation. Beg, borrow (but don't steal!), but get that private consultation if you can. I know it isn't much but if anyone wants to contact me for any advice, a bit of moral support or even just to offload, I won't object in the least. I know how isolating it can be, but also know how angry and frustrating it can be too.
  13. I have frequently spoken of my experiences with my father's dementia on these forums and his death 3 months ago. Although my father was treated with the utmost compassion in exceptionally difficult circumstances, I do empathize with the article. Unfortunately some of Mrs Beecroft's experiences echo my own. My father broke his neck of femur and was admitted on to ward 11. The staff were amazing, but the ward just wasn't set up to look after someone in the throes of dementia. In the end I used to go up and feed him twice a day. I felt as if I was failing him, but holding down a full time job, being a single mum and an only child meant I could only spread myself so far. I really do hope that there is a revision of policy as to how dementia sufferers are treated by all areas of the health services, and I just find it so sad that this elderly gentleman has had to suffer to highlight gaping holes in policy.
  14. You have hit the nail on the head LDV. I got a chain email (ffs, I don't know how rude I have to be to people to stop them sending them to me) about this a year last August - hardly breaking news. If you listen to all the gossip they are anywhere between New Zealand and here (do you see what I did there?)
  15. I am a bit of a sad bastard, I have different ringtones for different people. They currently are:- Son - Teenagers by My Chemical Romance (solely for the line "teenagers scare the living shit out of me") Daughter - Hey Mickey by Toni Basil Ex husband - I Think I'm Paranoid by Garbage Mum - I Will Wait For You by Connie Francis (it took her a good half hour to stop laughing after watching me blub at the end of the Futurama ep Jurassic Bark) Everyone else gets a random assortment of Trumpton Riots (Half Man Half Biscuit), The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret (QOTSA), Crackity Jones (Pixies) and for one very special friend, Too Drunk To Fuck (Dead Kennedys).
  16. Something from my childhood that still remains my favourite sandwich Ħobż biż-żejt
  17. I can appreciate your point of view LDV, but I think that the increased reporting on the Afghan conflict isn't lazy journalism. I think it could be a direct response to the amount of servicemen who have lost their lives. It has become disproportionate to previous recent conflicts with Operation Panther's Claw, and people who might not ordinarily have a view on the conflict are wanting to find out more. What is quite astonishing is the amount of the population who have no idea why UK troops are in Afghanistan, and even with seemingly blanket coverage, they still remain in the dark. I am not going to pretend to know enough if the recession has a direct effect on the amount of reporting from Afghanistan, but would be very interested to know.
  18. I bought a Smart car a few weeks ago and have absolutley fallen in love with it. Due to my eldest being 16 he has now comandeered the 206 that I had so I needed a little run around. I was initially a little dubious as the one I went to see was left hand drive and had a semi-automatic gear box but after some gentle persuasion from a friend, I took it for a test drive and have never looked back. £50 pa road tax, 65+ mpg and £120 pa fully comp insurance - I really can't complain about that.
  19. The criteria on the IOM is very similar, and though I am not sure of the UK, I know that on the IOM that a person's GP will be consulted as to the legitimacy of a claim for the need of a blue badge. When my Father was alive he had a badge even though he didn't drive (bloody good thing too, he had dementia!) but if either myself or my Mother took him out we were entitled to use it on his behalf, as long as the journey was with my Dad and for his benefit.
  20. I didn't for one minute thing you were taking issue Sebrof, and to some degree agree that children must be allowed to find their own boundaries. Both of my children swim in the sea, but not without the talk from their father! I just think that if the expertise to stay safe is readily available, then why not use it?
  21. I understand your point of view Sebrof, and I agree that the lifeboat is there to assist when things go wrong, but I was just pointing out that they are there to give advice as to how to stay safe and have fun at the same time. It is nothing at all to do with not letting anyone have any fun, it is more about equipping people with some common sense, and to give them a healthy respect for the sea. On the other hand, I can't understand how you would condone any parent allowing a child the 'freedom to find out for himself where the boundaries are' when it could so easily have ended in tragedy.
  22. All the RNLI stations have at least one member of staff on the premises during office hours. Not news in itself, but I wasn't sure if people know or not, but they will happily give advice to both children and adults as to how to stay safe at sea. IIRC, you can pretty much walk in and the advice they give can be invaluable. I most definitely agree with thebees, it is definitely the parent's responsibility, but perhaps a quick 'sea safety' chat at the local station could save an awful lot of trouble. I know the RNLI is a charity, but the amount of money spent on a call out is pretty steep. *Disclaimer - I am not talking out of my arse here, my ex husband is the full time member of staff at Ramsey RNLI. They are definitely more about prevention of accidents than picking up the pieces afterwards.
  23. One of my teachers managed that! Snap, but I am guessing that it is the same guy as we went to the same school didn't we? I am pretty sure that he took a walk into the sea with lead boots on too. One of my teachers was sectioned after going insane during a lesson. Several of my classmates were anorexic (it seemed to be fashionable at the time). A girl I went to primary school with is on TV pretty much every day, as is my cousin (nothing flash, on the shopping channel). One of the lads in my year is the manager of a well known sports chain. That is all I can think of for now.
  24. I have had a few friends stay at Thorncliffe Guest House in Ramsey ( link ) and all have said that it was really good value for money.
  25. I caught up with all 5 eps in a marathon the other morning, and I thought it was absolutely brilliant. I have been watching it from the start, and the only qualm I had was that I could have definitely managed another 5 episodes. I loved the much darker overtones of this series - I just hope that we definitely get another series. It has been said before, but I think from early on, it was very clear who the real monsters were in all this. I thought it was just a shame that Ianto never got the chance to use the "Risen Mitten". If there is another series, it will be a poorer show without him.
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