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  1. I went to KWC and we had a brilliant English teacher called Mr Hoy - he was the only person I have ever been taught by who made English interesting. There was also a chemistry teacher called Mr Wharton who seemed to enjoy whacking the lads with a slipper.
  2. For sale - mint condition scooter Peugot L00X0R 100cc Scooter, black 2004, 500 miles, taxed till December £1000 ono please PM me for further details if interested.
  3. Has your friend rung the dog warden? My labrador was let out by some equally "funny" person in TT and the warden was really helpful.
  4. American Pie 2 Scary Movie All of the "Porkies" movies Not very inspired, but some of my favourites
  5. Hey Survivor Just want to wish you all the very best for your return home. Good luck for you in the future, and look after your new tattoo! FL
  6. I actually know this man. He was in a pub, knowing that he was going to prison the next day and was quite drunk. A seagull was hit by a car, and was staggering around, walking into the pub ( The Plough in Parliament Street, Ramsey). This is the seagull that he kicked. I do not agree with what he did, but he was trying to put the injured animal out of it's misery. I think that the press have reported this in a very sensationalist way, and I would just like to give the full story. Edited for spelling
  7. Not bought many albums this year but for me it has to be Kaiser Chiefs - Employment James Blunt - Back To Bedlam Foo Fighters - In Your Honour
  8. For me it would have to be The Cowboy Junkies Misguided Angel. At the time I was one of those irritating teenagers ( in the 80's I hasten to add) who hung round the lido bedecked in full black garb with the attitude to match! The song I have metioned was definitely not the sort of thing that I was listening to at the time, but it just hit a raw nerve with me, if you haven't heard it I would recommend a listen. ( It can be found on their Trinity Sessions album)
  9. Hi girl89 The best thing for getting hair dye marks off your skin is to rub a little more of the colour that you have left over onto your skin and wipe it off when it is still wet ( according to my friend who is a hairdresser she says that wet colour removes dried in colour on the skin) Hope that this is of some help FL
  10. Going to show myself up as a total newbie here but here is a link to the paranormal database online. Has a little bit of info on the Isle Of Man Paranormal Database Just hope that it works! FL
  11. There is a fairly informative book by Jenny Randles called Supernatural Isle Of Man - this may give you a fairly good piont of referance to start on. Hope that this is of some use to you FL
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