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  1. Some more listening figures: 2019 Quarter 2: 30,000 Quarter 3: 31,000 Quarter 4: 31,000 And today's release... 2020 Quarter 1: 30,000 Data source: RAJAR / Ipsos MORI / RSMB
  2. So Manx Radio received their latest listening figures yesterday morning. There’s not much to say, fairly static for the last quarter of 2019. So whilst there is little sign of growth, also not much in the way of decline either. Moving forwards, the figures are worth watching. They are still way way down from what they were a few years ago.
  3. It is fairly obvious that George has left 3FM. Which is incredible, as he had such a hand in setting it up then launching and running it. So Ron Berry will be going it alone. As for George at Manx Radio, he’ll fit right in. He is Manx Radio stalwart, and despite being competing with them for 15 years or so, he will always have a huge affection for the place. He’s covering for Chris Kinley at the moment, in the evenings, expect to hear him covering elsewhere too. I must admit, Manx Radio appear to be far more forgiving (towards George) than I would have expected.
  4. Odd though, as Moghrey Jedoonee translates as Sunday Morning.
  5. Indeed. A bit of an error in the new schedule. Yes, ‘Moghrey’ means morning/before noon - so if the show is now in the afternoon it should be renamed. All in all though, I think it sounds good. It needed a refresh, so that is what’s happened today. I like the ‘Update’ programme, able to hear it on the way home. One thing I did notice though, I don’t think that the ‘Mannin Line’ had any callers put to air (just read out messages/texts etc).
  6. When he first moved to afternoons, he was on 2 to 6pm - so not at long as it once was.
  7. Alex Brindley said the other day on Mandate that the station will be ‘live’ 5am-10pm. I take it Stu will not be ‘live’ at 10pm.
  8. I see from this new report that the Manx Radio people are asking for an increase to the subvention - of £95k. They are asking that the the subvention rises from £899,830 to £995,000 from April next year. http://www.tynwald.org.im/business/opqp/sittings/20182021/2019-GD-0045.pdf
  9. I like the idea of the 5:30pm ‘Update’. Mandate used to be on at 5:30pm, I could listen on the way home, but haven’t been able to since they moved it to 5pm some time back.
  10. The new schedule looks like it has a few new ideas actually.https://ibb.co/VY9Wdb4 Sad the Williams will be finishing so early, but it looks to me that the new 7:30-9:30 breakfast programme with Ben and Alex will be similar in style and feel to some BBC local radio morning shows. Interesting idea. Though I can’t see the MHKs being happy about the loss of the traditional ‘Mandate’ hour. The return on the ‘Mannin Line’ is interesting also, seemed popular back in the day, will be interesting to hear what it will sound like now. The station needs a bit of a work around as audi
  11. Is that why the modern aspect of the sales delivery has to be done by an external UK team? (the S2 Blue company based in Manchester).https://ibb.co/fxzfpLJ They fly over and do client sessions with local businesses, they call it the ‘Amplify’ sales programme. S2Blue is the company that make a lot of the adverts and also the “nation’s station” jingles. https://ibb.co/2dWW7XZ
  12. Their latest consultant is back and working hard, everything is coming together. The new look begins on October 14th.
  13. The latest listening figures have been released today, for 2019 Quarter 2. Manx Radio is still on 30,000 listeners each week. 3FM are on 27,000, increasing from 24,000 in the previous quarter.
  14. Yes, the figures have been falling for a couple of years: 2015 Quarter 2: 47,000 Quarter 3: 45,000 Quarter 4: 43,000 2016 Quarter 1: 42,000 Quarter 2: 36,000 Quarter 3: 35,000 Quarter 4: 37,000 2017 Quarter 1: 37,000 Quarter 2: 34,000 Quarter 3: 35,000 Quarter 4: 34,000 2018 Quarter 1: 32,000 Quarter 2: 32,000 Quarter 3: 32,000 Quarter 4: 29,000 2019 Quarter 1: 30,000 Data source: RAJAR / Ipsos MORI / RSMB
  15. Most of the jingles on the commercials are made in the UK, by a company called S2Blue. There’s also something internal called ‘Amplify’ that Manx Radio run, as part of it’s selling of advertising. S2Blue work with Manx Radio on this too. They visit every couple of months or so (February, April and were in today too). You might see them hanging out at The Empress, with John Marsom and Alex Brindley. S2Blue also make the sung station jingles too, so the Manx Radio brigade headed over to the UK to oversee the recent work earlier this month.
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