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  1. Indeed it was, but that also disappeared a number of years back.
  2. Something I noticed yesterday, it sounds like they no longer have the "keep all livestock safe" message on during the races!!! Not a major thing really, but these messages were always part of the TT experience.
  3. Indeed. It’s fairly bad, keeps dropping out. This is why this sort of service needs to go out to tender. Perhaps Rob Callister and the rest will realise that handing over £100k to an organisation that can’t deliver isn’t good!
  4. The blog also mentions him listening to a TT practice session on Manx Radio. If he heard Manx Radio cover the practice session, then they’re in breach of the DFE agreement for the new TT radio service. Presumably Rob is mistaken. Although he does mention in the blog something new called Isle of Man Radio TT, even though that isn’t what the new service is called. He perhaps needs to understand about branding and brand names before preaching to everybody else. The words ‘arse’ and ‘elbow’ come to mind, hopefully even he can tell the difference between which is which. I will commend him though for being able to listen a TT practice session, as there have been very few so far this year!
  5. Yep. There’s a lot more going on in the evening, more structure to the qualifying coverage than in previous years.
  6. I heard the new Chris Boyd ‘Attention Paddock’ show last night. Was actually a good talk/chat show, which will be good to catch on the way home for the rest of the week. After 6 it was the usual mix of chat and music, TT info and travel. Aside from it not being on first thing in the morning, it sounds just the same as usual. Great to have it back!
  7. But isn’t the government, in effect, actually paying the same dog that they’re already paying for? Seems odd. I suppose they call it progress. But the progress this year means no morning chat show, no police etc. I see Isle of Man Constabulary have already pointed out that it’s a shame they no longer have a morning slot to discuss police safety measures etc, something that they’d previously valued as a good way of communicating.
  8. Not Caroline North itself, but the regular Caroline can be found here: www.radiocaroline.co.uk
  9. Actually, it all looks to be very similar to the usual format. Typically the regular sort of presenter line-up (Chris Williams, Marc Tyley etc), news updates and commentary for race and practice sessions. More info here: https://www.iomttraces.com/news/business/new-isle-of-man-tt-radio-service-for-2019
  10. The monthly Radio Caroline North weekend is actually on Manx Radio’s 1368AM frequency right now!
  11. A little while I guess. It was Vauxhall Radio TT in 2015 and 2016.
  12. Probably with agreement from the Comms Commission, it can be called anything it wants to be. There was no mention of Manx Radio when it was badged up as Vauxhall Radio TT.
  13. So with this year’s TT radio service being broadcast in a different format, what do we expect? We know it’s not going to be called Manx Radio TT, but there is also some more detail online too: For its qualifying coverage, Manx Radio will provide the service beginning at 5.30pm, with pre-qualifying build up, at 6pm to 6.20pm the station will focus on the on-course build up, from which it will present coverage of the session until 9pm followed by 30 minutes of post event coverage. In total, it will need to provide six qualifying build up, coverage and post analysis shows, four race day coverages for the TT and for the Festival of Motorcycling with build up beginning at 9am and running until the end of the day’s racing and provide public service information when needed. Reading the above, does this mean it will be a much reduced service? Basically covering the practice sessions and race days only, without the usual daily themed programming eg. TT Chat Show and Bikers Breakfast? It looks like in practice week it doesn’t begin broadcasting until 5:30pm. If this is the case, it would be a great shame as I’ve always enjoyed the Manx Radio TT service as it captured the whole 2-week event.
  14. Protected under copywright, so can not be used for commercial advertising purposes without relevant agreements being in place. Highly unlikely copywright/licensing etc will be in place for this of this use of the Manx national anthem tune. Fault and liability will be with the organisation that has produced the commercial if the relevant clearance is not in place, Manx Radio would also be liable if they have broadcast it without relevant PRS/MCPS clearance in place. The same would apply with the UK national anthem too of course. Slightly different scenario if it is more of a programming piece, eg. if the audio piece mentions Manx Radio in any way. If it does, it’s actually fine to use! “
  15. I wonder when the announement will be that Manx Radio has retained the TT broadcasts. It’s not exactly a secret and even Jo Pack has tweeted that it is “where it should be”.
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