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  1. Perhaps I didn't have to do it as English was one of my A levels.
  2. I think this was only in settings outside the UK. I would like to see tests for prospective MHKs - something like the 11+ would do to weed a few out
  3. Free from departmental responsibilities by choice?
  4. This is a wonderful opportunity for some investigative journalism, and I have no doubt IoM Newspapers will rise to the challenge.
  5. manxman34

    Town Raid

    I understand someone threatened to make a purchase in Flannels, but it was a false alarm.
  6. Trust you to put a damper on it
  7. I wish people would stop quoting him. I have the whingeing idiot on ignore, but I keep seeing his depressing maunderings when they are quoted.
  8. Not really true. Gang means 'to go' - still found in Scots and the German 'gangen' - thus a gang is a group who go about together. The stuff about slaves is just silly.
  9. 1. Congratulations 2. I don't doubt it
  10. Which vaccine are they giving at Chester Street? My appointment is this week, and they didn't say.
  11. Literacy and grammar aren't your strongest points, John. The sentence is poorly cast and ambiguous, as you have inadvertently demonstrated.
  12. The father called Snooker, and the son Castletown?
  13. Doubt anyone thought it was 'literal' - just stupid
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