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  1. Not just in Middle (and middle America) then?
  2. Indeed. And let's hope that there is no cost to the public purse.
  3. That your defence?
  4. Do you know what time she's open?
  5. People on here using 'left wing' as some sort of insult. We've had years of right wing rule and look where it's landed us.
  6. OK - suggest some. Do you not think they will have explored every option before making this politically embarrassing choice?
  7. I think a couple of posters on here may have been told not to go within a certain distance of schools...
  8. True story from last week. Teacher had one child left in her class. She said 'You're the only one without Covid in the class,' to which he replied, 'Yes, I'm the only one at home who hasn't got it too.'
  9. For a school to close, or send year groups home, the minister has to give approval. It is unlikely that he would be complicit in some sort of skive. Schools were meant to get funding to set up e-learning years ago, so any home learning could continue the curriculum properly, not just for mass sickness but also for children with long term illness etc. The government did not provide the funding, so each school had ad hoc arrangements that unsurprisingly were sometimes poor.
  10. Surely the wonderful mitigations we were told about should have protected them? Or maybe the odd open window and jar of hand gel didn't cut it...
  11. I learned Spanish with Fluenz - expensive, but good to get you started.
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