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  1. Hard to find an example of a positive contribution https://www.ft.com/content/ee4f2220-9b22-4a4d-87c2-85e8034f8e8c
  2. Because the private sector have made such an outstanding success of involvement in the pandemic in the UK? Serco, et al
  3. stratum - singular, strata - plural, stratae -mistake. Otherwise, you're right.
  4. We have never had regular snow
  5. Vent's dummies usually have hollow heads, as do many of our politicians.
  6. You could have 'saved' another £320 by not buying them at all, and still only broken even
  7. Yet you saw fit to give her your patronising and unnecessary endorsement, which was hardly a compliment. After I pointed out she didn't need your validation, you then posted again, saying that she didn't. I observed that that was my original point. You then became further confused, or perhaps you didn't understand the irony in my original comment. No matter.
  8. Nah - you're just wrong. But I do think they should speak clearly
  9. I think someone's just told him you can buy shirt collars to fit
  10. I take it they didn't stare at you, then
  11. You said that you were beginning to develop a grudging respect for Dr Glover, which some would take an indication of your puffed up sense of self importance. Clearly you post so many patronising comments you struggle to remember them.
  12. I'm sure your (grudging) approval will give her the validation she needs
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