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  1. Stopping toilet humour on here would be a big job...
  2. You do not have to provide them with a receipt or anything else. Unless they observed you walking back from town they have no justification in issuing a ticket. It is not up to an individual to prove innocence.
  3. Especially left handed kids or those who spoke Manx
  4. Say you're inarticulate without saying you're inarticulate...
  5. Too old for jeans, surely
  6. An 'Andre Fentoon' is now posting on FB. The police and courts will never guess his identity.
  7. These are racist lies.
  8. This is factually incorrect - look it up
  9. There are genuine problems involving the mental health of both adults and children on the Island, but this sort of drivel from the funfair owner demeans them. There is a world of difference between disappointment and a diagnosed condition.
  10. Maybe he can't park at home because his twat neighbour has filled the street with unlicensed cars?
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