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    University Life

    The first thing he should re-imagine is his disfunctional department.
  2. You clearly don't understand the structural failings identified in the report.
  3. Some more senior people are on gardening leave. What about the likes of Hooper?
  4. There isn't one. They have someone who checks they're acting lawfully, and liaises with the AG if they need advice. It's not a 'top job'.
  5. First one gone. Director next? https://www.energyfm.net/cms/news_story_648564.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  6. Ramsey court house would make an ideal residence for the new Lt Governor. The current Government House could be converted into a centre for victims of sexual assaults and provide extra space for an expanded mental health service.
  7. Lucky her - 2 departments that are unfit for purpose
  8. The report is pretty devastating, and should lead to the CEO and Director going, but I bet they won't. Getting rid of the Board of Education and removing powers from school governors was a deliberate move by the civil servants at the Department of Education. It was designed to increase their power, lessen their accountability, and make their jobs safe in a climate of cost-cutting. The report suggests re-creating the Board of Education, but making it answerable to the minister. As previously constituted, the 'minister' was the chairman of the board which had real power and credibility as it was popularly elected. Board members were also the school governors, and the system worked ok. It could again. Financial responsibility has been delegated to headteachers, but not the power to make decisions that should go with it, and that needs fixing. The idea that HR take over pay negotiations seems sensible, until you factor in their uselessness. Just let the unions and treasury sort it between them. Sport and Culture should be taken off the DESC, or they'll screw that up as well.
  9. Chris Grayling would improve their competence levels
  10. I think JW's comments bear a different interpretation. Sentencing would be in line with most recent guidelines, but there may be a reduction if they are harsher than those in force at the time of the offence, so could still be more severe than previously, just not as severe as the new guidelines permit.
  11. Quite, but that's not what I said. If he has committed offences under current legislation but not yet been charged, he could be charged and tried later, and if convicted face a sentence under new guidelines. John Wright has explained this in his post. My original post could have been better expressed, I think.
  12. Corpy's nothing like as bad as it was when it had the Villa. The freeloading was unbelievable, with a special (free) bar for the Entertainments Committee and cronies as well as free admission. No freebies in car parks, so may as well ditch them.
  13. If he really wants to address the nutters he should post on here
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