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  1. If people settled wars by hugging there would be far fewer unnecessary deaths and misery
  2. It has no policy, no underpinning set of beliefs or values, and no discernible purpose
  3. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=58572&headline=Area plan debate withdrawn&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2020 Delaying it won't change it, says Quayle
  4. Many of the 'FB halfwits' are grannies, and there's an election coming up.
  5. In that case you are both poorly informed
  6. He and Hooper will ensure that party politics do no come to the IoM in the near future, as between them they have alienated so many people. MJ is a sensitive soul, isn't he? What I believe the alt-right call a 'snowflake'.
  7. He won't do anything. He's a thick, arrogant man totally unfitted for public office who is seeing out his time on the payroll before proceeding to the dustbin of history.
  8. The Groudle section has frequently flooded in recent years. I thought that was why they used concrete sleepers there.
  9. Used to be able to distinguish southsiders by their accent, but no longer so. Douglas has always sounded half Scouse, but now it's more diverse. Remember the old people who said qwhere instead of where?
  10. Just for the complete elimination of doubt, could you name them?
  11. I don't think the 'would have died anyway' line was Wrighty - it was Harold Shipman's defence
  12. Illiteracy and homophobia in one posting - congrats!
  13. Puberty is a tough time, but chin up - you'll come through it
  14. Interesting article in Business Leader https://www.businessleader.co.uk/why-are-so-many-teachers-quitting-classrooms-for-franchise-careers/77799/
  15. The decision to remove vocational courses from schools was taken by the Department of Education, not the schools, who recognised the value of provision for practical kids as well as academic ones. The idea was to do all those courses at the IoM College. The Barr arrived and wanted the college to be a university, donchaknow, so sucks to that. 80% of school budgets (at least) is taken up with salaries and is beyond the headteacher's control, and the Department has even taken over saying what exams schools can offer. It's a scandal, does our young people a great dis-service, and was entirely pred
  16. If you put them back on the boat to deport them, you risk infecting everyone else on the boat
  17. Penal servitude was abolished after the war. Supervision costs for work parties could be prohibitive.
  18. Agreed. And his own conduct doesn't stand up to close scrutiny.
  19. They're not singing any more....
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