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  1. More a pathetic attempt to get attention - have a word with yourself
  2. The education hustings was toe-curling. Julie Edge worked in a school and was pretty well informed, but the rest were clueless. It's no wonder our education system has problems when this calibre of person is being elected and allowed to set its budget, priorities and review systems. The board system, where people with a special interest in, or knowledge of education were directly elected was much better.
  3. We've had Gareth, Daphne, and a boring little man who wittered about Laxey Fair
  4. It was a mistake to get rid of the death penalty. We could have become a tourist centre for public executions, importing condemned people from around the world and turning them off in front of a baying crowd. This would extend the use of the TT grandstand throughout the year, and we could stream live on social media, raising the Island's international profile. Could be a linked video game franchise... Would need a protected brand, though - CapiTTal Punishment? I think it's got legs (3)
  5. Spot the difference?
  6. Farmers used to take it away and use it, but now it's too full of plastic and junk
  7. Perhaps you'd be better employed with a pick and shovel
  8. I hope you're not one of them
  9. manxman34

    Manx Tunnel

    I found the entrance to the Calf tunnel accidentally when capping a new soda well, near Cow Harbour in the 60s.
  10. When Boot gets, er - booted, could he not organize wallaby shoots? If successful, he could then get the contract for reducing other invasive species, such as English right-wingers, and Australian 'Liberals'. I've got a little list...
  11. I have used my IoM licence without any problems in Italy, France, Spain, Canada and the US - all in hire cars.
  12. Yeah, there's that training centre down at Hills Meadow...
  13. We used to dream of Bovril. We had to take turns licking a rich man's cow.
  14. While the bridge is down would be the ideal time to build a moat. Confine the population there, and give them food parcels only if they walk treadmills to keep the power station going. Less crime, less demand on social care, less pollution, win-win.
  15. It's a numbers game. Government needs to do stuff, but they're supposed to employ fewer people, so they outsource the work at greater cost and keep the staff numbers down.
  16. They need to raise a lot of money, which requires a professional operation. To get a good enough leader, you have to pay. If you try to do it on the cheap, you get the likes of those who put up for MHK, and results to match. If the CEO doesn't deliver, they're out of a job, so it's money well spent.
  17. You vastly overrate the influence our government has on anything outside the IoM.
  18. Probably couldn't get up again if they knelt down #Beerguts
  19. They need a chamber commensurate with the quality of the members: perhaps they could rent the back room of the Saddle for the few days a year when they meet?
  20. Or goes in the toilets at the town hall
  21. The Beatles statue has no inscription to Joe A, because the Cavern Club paid for it, not the council.
  22. The men were disappointing - many had top hats, but there were no stick on whiskers as at Laxey Fair: lazy.
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