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  1. It is, and for piddling amounts, and the tax people follow up for same piddling amounts.
  2. I will vote for Daphne again, and hope that the incoming HoK is less misogynistic and open to new ideas. Perkins can do one, after his 'Boot' - licking and support of the establishment. (His pamphlet is awful, too). Gareth is a clever cookie for a scientist, so he'll get my second vote.
  3. That's the hippy and the gammon stuffed, then.
  4. England took the knee and beat Germany 2-nil. Mixed emotions for the gammons.
  5. You're not 'reading the situation right', though. More research needed: start with 'working farm'.
  6. Looking at the results, one could hazard a wild guess..
  7. Stays the same but get a z sound on the end
  8. Thought the Vulvabout would have stood up to a bit more of a pounding....
  9. Nobody's cancelled anything: just more shit from the Mail.
  10. Or train it on recall
  11. It clearly says that it should be done on the day, or you can do it on the day if you're confident the info won't change - just as with a paper one.
  12. Historically, some people had to go to Bethlehem: things change. Putting it online makes sense, as long as you make provision for those who need to do it on paper or who need help. The real problem is that it's poorly designed, and the site keeps crashing. GTS is a massive failure.
  13. And who gives a shit about our children and grand children anyway?
  14. A bit Marmite? Some people hate him, while others think he'd look good on the end of a knife
  15. Pan shares the same root as panic - hope this helps
  16. He attended between x and y. He was popular with his friends.
  17. And hard to distinguish from his grandson.
  18. Oh, dear. You 'should' have done it, because you would have avoided making an elementary mistake in a thread about literacy.
  19. I love it when someone tells me what I meant In this case, I meant 'should', not 'could'. I agree with the rest of your comment.
  20. Not sure that Boris runs anything except a string of mistresses, and he's doing his best to ensure UK is no longer a proper country. HoK should have suspended for an hour and worked this evening, instead of demonstrating contempt for everyone outside their horrid club
  21. You should have used a comma after 'well', and another before the conjunction 'but', making a single sentence.
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