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  1. My 15 month old home computer has started to fizz and smell, like its about to blow up, manx telecom have informed me that this could be to do with a MEA power surge down the line which has more than likely fried all the leads, sockets etc. Now i'm pretty sure i paid extra for something that would prevent this happening when i bought the computer. Has anyone else had anything like this happen to them before?? And any clues as to who the blame lies with?!? any help or info would be great!! thanks!
  2. i have just put some money on my phone today and i'm still being told my account will remain active till the 25 August 2005! i looked on the manx pronto website and it just sounds like its something to do with credit running out. U can also get the same info by pressing *#143# and the green button on your mobile! its all very strange! i've not seen anything like it before!!
  3. A large semi-detached house for sale in the heart of Peel. Lounge Dining Room Kitchen Utility Room & Additional Workshop Downstairs Toilet 8 Bedrooms (2 En-Suite) 2 Family Bathrooms Rear Garden £250,000.00 o.n.o PM if you would like anymore info!
  4. why do you want MORE shell suits wilddog, sure you've got plenty in your wardrobe..................i've seen you round ramsey!
  5. well i think we'd all like to c some more WD! got any of the families!?!
  6. WD ur just telling them not to look at IOM online coz the pic aint very good!!
  7. go onto www.iomonline.co.im and look at the weddings section. WD's pic is in the lastest set of pictures!
  8. superstarb


    Nice picture in the paper wilddog!!! look very lovely!!!
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