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    Cat Vet

    I too was once in this position, nothing my vet at the time did seemed to make a difference, I took mine to Milan for a second opinion, Ray Cox was great and had her sorted in no time. I use different vets within the practice depending on which animal I am taking, and for what reason. I am sure they would not mind if you asked if maybe an opinion could be sort from one of the other vets. Some are better with cats, and some are much better with dogs/other animals. If you are uncomfortable asking your current vet, ask one of the nurses or receptionist who would the best vet be to see.
  2. This thread was started about Manx Man on Facebook, another one has now appeared called Manx Haven, I do hope he asked permission Amadeus Edited to say - The aerial shots of the course are fab, at least it has a link to your site showing copyright
  3. And was this result of your ALL taking the hit together something that was decided through democratic decision-making? I somehow doubt with you working in the private sector that it was. I think more likely you ALL took the hit together because that was what management decided. Yeah, you're all in it together it taking the hit but let's not pretend it one happy family all showing the pain by agreement. I may be wrong but this is unlikely considering democracy isn't very rarely seen in the private sector. Sorry to disappoint LDV, and I think in your image of the business world this jus
  4. And why should it include Managers 'eventually' . As you say "we are all in this together". Not "we are all in this Together" except for the Management classes. Because you have to start somewhere, I would prefer starting at the top but as usual the Government tends to do stuff arse about face. I was just fortunate that as a small team we ALL took the hit together to protect all of our jobs. Its called joined up thinking, it is very common in the private sector.
  5. Manxie44 ... While a small part of me does sympathise with the divers, after all no one likes to lose money from their pay packets, but as you have now brought the private sector into the mix, this may be why some people are not that sympathetic. I have always been in the private sector, normally within small companies. I have had my terms and conditions changed lots of times, I have had holidays reduced and sick pay withdrawn with one firm, and guess what, If I didn’t like it I knew where the door was, so off I went and found another job. With regards to my current employment, the down turn
  6. Who is Manxman, anyway? He or she added me and then I immediately deleted them in case they were a pervert. I made the mistake of adding him too, soon deleted when I found out who it was though
  7. This was my experience too, I have only been a couple of times and just shows how long ago my last visit was, as Annie was Bells side kick, It was like watching a couple of primary school kids, I could not take my eyes off the 2 of them nudging sniggering and pulling faces at each other. I would suggest that everyone go for at least an hour, just to see how they behave in there, I was pretty disgusted considering the public gallery can not even sneeze without getting the evils. Not the best example to set in front of a bunch of students who will be about to cast votes for many years to come.
  8. The more I read and hear about this I can not help but wonder if he has taken one for the team with the promise of a nice comfy seat. In my opinion it has taken the heat off Bell, Teare budget and MEA, I never heard it on the radio, but if he really did say that he does not read them, then maybe he should get his arse on here and put us all straight. Unbelievable Edited to add - Emails being drafted to my MHK's I am now very interested in their opinion about his comment. I doubt I will get a reply though, I have only ever felt the need to write twice before and I was ignored on both occasi
  9. I would be what is classed as a "lurker" I never really feel the need to post, but this has really wound me up, how dare he say that this is ill informed, well Mr Corkish, I hope you are "lurking" Since reading some of the topics on here I have never been more informed or interested in what is going on in Tynwald. People like VinnieK very kindly take the time to link to news stories, and sift through all the waffle and bullshit in Hansard to point out the important and what I consider to be the relevant bits of information. I can be a bit thick sometimes, and the posts on here spell it out in
  10. Following 2 near misses and a bunch of evil glares, I shall now be finding an alternative route instead of going through the lights from Avondale Road. Those lights were definitely on green on both occasions, and I am sure that the 2 cars behind me on one occasion and the other car on the other occasion would confirm that. Maybe that is the plan, make it dangerous so people avoid it, thus easing traffic flow.
  11. I got something through the door, I have scanned it but can not work out how to upload it to here :-( What is your normal collection day and I can let you know Edited to say Kevster got there while I was trying to work it out
  12. I would be very interested and would really appreciate it Vinnie, due to the fact that after speaking to an MHK about something which was important to me, and after lengthy disscussions, he informed me that he would not be voting either way as he would be in the "toilet" when voting took place. I couldn't believe that this practice actually took place, and it would be great to have the information about how many times he didn't cast a vote for when he comes calling looking for mine.
  13. I have also had problems for the last couple of days I thought that it may be a router problem. I shall not bother looking at a new router now. (Onchan)
  14. Some events from the Manx Wildlife Trust if anyone is interested Take a closer look at nature this summer with the Manx Wildlife Trust Rockpooling Monday 2nd August 10am, Scarlett Visitor Centre Rockpooling Saturday 7th August 3pm, Port Erin (meet near the Cosy Nook Café) Lizards & Lichens Walk Wednesday 11th August 10am, The Ayres Visitor Centre Rockpooling Sunday 15th August 9.45am, Port Lewaigue, Ramsey Rockpooling Tuesday 17th August 11am, Scarlett Visitor Centre Pond Dipping Delights Wednesday 18th August 10am, Ballannette Nature Reserve, Lonan Old Church Road,
  15. Try Ray Buchan 832339 he goes from Port Erin, sorry I don't know the cost, or Juan Clague 834307 (PSM) does the Wardens supply trips and may be able to take you.
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