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  1. I've seen another video of the taxi driver from the delivery drivers view, from what I could make out the taxi driver was asking for a "chat" down the side street too. Proper professional driver him. Sorry don't have a link to it, you'll just have to imagine it for now.
  2. Ahh, "Head Bandit, now is that a job description or job title?
  3. I can see it being driven as a requirement by insurance companies. It might even be a requirement soon to have a valid certificate to drive that vehicle on UK roads. As has been said though, MOT = bollox. I've brought a good few vehicles over from the UK now with MOT's less that a couple of months old, and I wouldn't of been cheeky enough to bring them to our test centre they were so bad. It's all to easy across to pay a mate with a garage to just issue the cert.
  4. How big a customer are Sky? Are they not slowly moving away from Satellite?
  5. https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-whole-of-italy-put-on-lockdown-11954097
  6. au contraire https://www.nokia.com/about-us/news/releases/2019/11/18/nokia-and-hitachi-kokusai-electric-bring-local-5g-and-private-lte-networks-to-japanese-enterprises/
  7. As Balla suggests. Get another drive, and another and another then a google drive account. It'll break you heart when you loose it all to one drive. Been there mate. Seagate offer a recovery service if you send the disc to them. They quoted me over £400 with no guarantee when my drive just stopped.
  8. Why are they exempt John? A well known farmer(to some anyway) in the east recently posted on Facebook that he didn't see why he should pay rates on the barns on his farm as they don't use any amenities. Neither does my rear bedroom as it hasn't had anyone in it for 20 years but there you go.
  9. 50 years I've been listening to Manx Radio, 35 of those actually on purpose. I've done 2 mornings with the new layout, there isn't going to be a third. What utter tripe. I'm certain they won't care, but I won't be listening again. If i was an advertiser paying for morning slots, which by the way seem to of increased I'd be wondering what I was expecting to return.
  10. If people stuck to the limit displayed then cameras wouldn't make a penny. Every time I'm away and a speed camera is present, everyone appears to slow down and drive safe. Seams like a good idea to me, certainly an awful lot cheaper to try.
  11. Road Tax on a Diesel Ford Focus in Holland is over 300 euros every 3 months. Very much cheaper here. Good friend lives there.
  12. Burt


    And another. What is wrong with people? Are you getting bullied at work and you're a bit weak, so you take it out on unknown people on the net? Try acting like an adult and having a debate, and if it isn't going your way, try a different angle, but don't resort to anger and abuse. You're better than that.
  13. Burt


    Why the attack at the end Dilli? Jeez. Surely if a property is empty, no one is filling out a census form on census night, and the enumerator will record that? From what you're saying, the enumerator might know it's actually got an occupier, but he cant be bothered chasing it up.
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