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  1. au contraire https://www.nokia.com/about-us/news/releases/2019/11/18/nokia-and-hitachi-kokusai-electric-bring-local-5g-and-private-lte-networks-to-japanese-enterprises/
  2. As Balla suggests. Get another drive, and another and another then a google drive account. It'll break you heart when you loose it all to one drive. Been there mate. Seagate offer a recovery service if you send the disc to them. They quoted me over £400 with no guarantee when my drive just stopped.
  3. Why are they exempt John? A well known farmer(to some anyway) in the east recently posted on Facebook that he didn't see why he should pay rates on the barns on his farm as they don't use any amenities. Neither does my rear bedroom as it hasn't had anyone in it for 20 years but there you go.
  4. Burt

    Manx Radio

    50 years I've been listening to Manx Radio, 35 of those actually on purpose. I've done 2 mornings with the new layout, there isn't going to be a third. What utter tripe. I'm certain they won't care, but I won't be listening again. If i was an advertiser paying for morning slots, which by the way seem to of increased I'd be wondering what I was expecting to return.
  5. If people stuck to the limit displayed then cameras wouldn't make a penny. Every time I'm away and a speed camera is present, everyone appears to slow down and drive safe. Seams like a good idea to me, certainly an awful lot cheaper to try.
  6. Road Tax on a Diesel Ford Focus in Holland is over 300 euros every 3 months. Very much cheaper here. Good friend lives there.
  7. Burt


    And another. What is wrong with people? Are you getting bullied at work and you're a bit weak, so you take it out on unknown people on the net? Try acting like an adult and having a debate, and if it isn't going your way, try a different angle, but don't resort to anger and abuse. You're better than that.
  8. Burt


    Why the attack at the end Dilli? Jeez. Surely if a property is empty, no one is filling out a census form on census night, and the enumerator will record that? From what you're saying, the enumerator might know it's actually got an occupier, but he cant be bothered chasing it up.
  9. Burt


    Then, on census night, they recorded the actual event, house empty
  10. Burt


    So you're implying enumerators, although knowing different, record false records?
  11. Burt


    How is it assumed empty when it usually isn't? How would you know? If you know it isn't, how can you say it is in a census?
  12. Burt

    Manx Radio

    Have to agree. Professionalism seams to have long passed. No one gives a s**t anymore. The carry on at 7:15 each morning with Chris Williams and Co. is absolutely embarrassing. Not entirely sure what they are trying to produce. And my all time hate is Caine trying to pronounce names in their mother tongue. Nothing short of pure cringeworthiness. Like a scene from the Fast Show. Eth eth eth eth, eth eth eth eth.
  13. OK, its equally as bad. What i will concede is the ever annoying 40 mph brigade. 40 in an unrestricted area, 40 in a 30, 40 everywhere.
  14. I hope you're not another blaming "Manx" driving? As if it's just an Isle of Man issue. Having just spent a week driving in the North West of England, I can assure you it's just as bad there too. Maybe even worse. If you think some drivers tailgate you over here, get away and see what tailgating really is. Especially late evening when the nicely presented "slammed" 3 series gangs get on the roads. Proper intimidating. We've just ALL become intolerant. Take it easy guys. If someone hesitates at a roundabout or forgets to indicate, so what? If you were a bit less hasty, it would make no impact on you're life. And remember, the person ON the roundabout has priority, not the person coming from Douglas heading to Peel at 39mph thinking they can just drive straight through because there is no one coming from Peel. (Braddan church). Also, Manx plates does not mean Manx driver. Any driving problems you witnes are most likely a UK import.
  15. And that's what has kept most people out of prison. The fear. Law abiding citizens don't go to gaol. No matter what the circumstances, do the crime do the time. "oh you can't send a man to gaol for not paying his Taxes, he'll be in there with murderers" yep, so pay your Taxes, I do mate.
  16. Burt

    TT 2018

    Every competitor that I have spoken to has informed me that they are under no illusion that WD will only happen when TM's are present and full and non ambiguous instruction to travel WD is given. With that in mind, how can you say that this wasn't Mercer's fault? Like many accidents, many people usually have a portion of the blame to accept. He would of definitely knew the rules, and despite what a lone marshal might tell him, he knew how WD worked.
  17. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=41938&headline=Third member of scallop board resigns after fine&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2018 Not the only one either. This fella gets the odd mention in the angry mans interview.
  18. Burt

    Canadian GP

    If that grassed area would of been gravel or a barrier he'd still be in it. Stay on track Seb, Lewis did.
  19. I've often respected your views, not these ones
  20. What dilligaf said. Ross is the man, you'll not find better on the island.
  21. Nope, just relaying the news.
  22. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=48249&headline=DHSC+bosses+resign&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2019&fbclid=IwAR0U0_Syo8ORwrdi0LZEjMpx59Z3SA25K498_Mzkdfc8VfV3WIshcHNPzk4 The time is right don't you know
  23. Burt

    William Hoggatt

    Out of interest, do you know what price it sold for?
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