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  1. I passed my test in 1987 and fuel was 37.8 ppl. I was on £90 per week. That got me if I wanted 238 litres of fuel. Today fuel is £1.49.9 and I can get 410 litres of fuel with my weekly wedge. Maybe its just me but I think fuel is not too bad a price considering things really. BMW 2.0ltr diesel by the way. When im away, motorway driving 60mpg, over here, never above 35mpg. Wife has a 1.8 litre petrol jap bus and gets nearer 40 mpg. Diesel is no advantage on the island compared to a modern petrol car. Another way to look at it is as others have said, save on the purchase cost of the vehicle, spend on fuel. Buy yourself a £20,000 lecy motor, that will get you an awful lot of petrol if you buy the sort of motor Stu Peters would be seen in for a couple of hundred. Link for the fuel prices of old.
  2. Seen the photo in the Examiner today, couldn't believe it my self. What was the requirement for them to go? Who paid? And the fail was there too.
  3. English exam perhaps? hopefully there will be a grammar part in the exam This just has to be the best "pot and Kettle" quote of the decade. your post must be the best "im a thicko and i cant see a sarcastic post when i read them" quote of the decade. Theres one born every min Maybe I'm not as up to date as you are on the use of smileys. At least my theory of if you can't argue a point you resort to simple name calling rings true here. Not necessary Gazza.
  4. English exam perhaps? hopefully there will be a grammar part in the exam This just has to be the best "pot and Kettle" quote of the decade.
  5. Horse shit, drove past six times yesterday, held up each time for at least two repertitions of the lights, big big queues and no one, repeat no one working in the road.
  6. Burt

    F1 2011

    Rennie Arnoux and Jean-Pierre Jabouille? Loved F1 in those days. You'll like then.
  7. Burt

    F1 2011

    If you want same engines, lets find the best drivers sort of thing then watch GP2 or F3 or F Renault. Let F1 be F1, no restrictions on spending just engine size. Back to the good old days of engine and aero inovation. Lets hear the sound of W16 or V12 engines, or maybe turbo V6 again. 1500 Hp from 1500cc, amazing.
  8. This is getting interesting. Surely it cannot be legal for anyone to just stick a set of lights up at anytime they want and block a road? I ask the question as there have been a few shunts at Union Mills village and I'm sure the insurers would be very interested whether these are 'official' lights as to me the lights have contributed to these smashes and if they shouldn't have been there people shouldnt have stopped causing the tailbacks. Surely you don't legally have to stop at any old set of traffic lights put up by any random person? Otherwise we'd all be putting our own lights up so we could park better etc. I would love to see chapter and verse on this as I cannot believe that legally anyone can just stick up traffic lights and stop traffic in the Isle of Man without any sort of permit or legal authority to do it. If you put up temp traffic lights on a main road you must tell the DOI in advance and get permission and you must use UK DOT approved lights, and they must be installed and maintained following the New road works and streets act 1991. If cars are crashing anywhere let alone in traffic queues, then I would sugest that is a driving without due care problem. In this case though I would agree with others that this one is taking the urine. Duct and cabling seems to have been done, but it does make very handy parking for them.
  9. And no insurance. If he crashed and hurt himself, ah well, but if he hurt someone else?????????
  10. so not just swearing then. So whats your point Gazza? Was it ok to beat him to death then because of other allergations? dont think i mentioned a point so there is none, whats that old saying when in rome well that all depends what the other allergations amount to, it could well have deserved a beating to death, or it could have been unjust, we never know. No it couldn't. Summery justice has no place in a modern civilised society. Simple solutions for simple people.
  11. so not just swearing then. So whats your point Gazza? Was it ok to beat him to death then because of other allergations?
  12. Perhaps he'd been "Hunting" again Linky
  13. What I don't understand is that people are willing to spend millions, (1.8 to start with) on a rusting relic that to be fair, only anglers get any benifit out of, yet play merry hell when 3 million is spent making a road better that thousands of cars use every day. To me Summerland was a place of entertaiment and fun that I'm so glad to of enjoyed with thousands of others in days gone by. Gone now though and nothing to replace it, no money you see. Yet some shitty lump of iron out in the sea in Ramsey gets millions spent on it, and still its of no use. We live a really, really fu*ked up island.
  14. That last bit was amusing, I still reckon he'll stand. Seems that you're correct
  15. Burt

    R - Platers !

    So Gazza says that unless you know the facts, you can't comment. You've never posted anything without all the facts then eh?? If you know the facts and can contribute to the debate then post them up, if you clain to know them but wont divulge, then by you're own rules, stay out of the debate.
  16. Was there ever anything released about the results of any investigation?
  17. I think what will eventually happen is the introduction of GPS monitoring devices in vehicles. I have been involved in a trial of the fourtrack system that Mr Turner does over here. MEA, Gas and some others use it and I have to say, you rarely see any of those vehicles speeding. It is very accurate and anyone with access to the web based monitoring site, can see exactly where the vehicle is and what speed is doing. I'm sure that the authorities could build software into it to tell them immediatley when you speed in a restricted area. Instant fine. It would be sad, but I'll wager it'll happen one day.
  18. No its not. So long as you have carried out all signing and guarding to the NRSWA guidelines and have left enough room for traffic to pass freely, you should be OK. To close a lane, you must of applied for permission and had the location and time displayed in the local press. Times vary. To shift pedestrians into the road without a guarded or coned and identified walkway is a big no no. You will be liable for any injuries caused.
  19. What a tit you are, a good driver would not be hitting the tree in the first place, Really, so the good drivers' car couldn't have a mechanical failure which could send him into a tree, wall or other car. If this happened at 40mph the resultant damage I would bet would be far less than if he had been driving at 70 mph. Don't get me wrong, I'm not im favour of a speed limit across the island, I would however echo what others have said about more proactive policing of the roads, not that covert shit either, get some conspicuous police cars out there.
  20. Not so. Linky A part of me hopes that while all the corpy's men and women are being as sycophantic as they could be in front of the press and invited guests, Cav tells them where to stick it after going public with the comments they made about him. Well, it would make me laugh anyway.
  21. How could you not spot other post?
  22. Something tells me one might be quite expensive, but the results are just amazing. For those who have never seen one in action
  23. Our postie told us that the training is not getting done in normal hours, and that overtime will be paid. Beggers belief if true.
  24. Yes she is appearing on the 26th July
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