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  1. Burt

    T Shirt

    I get my T shirts Here. Some really good ones too.
  2. Burt

    Douglas East

    Perhaps John Wright could inform us if there is a reason why the names are not being released, is it normal practice under these circumstances, or is it unique to this case?
  3. You have never drove in europe have you???
  4. All? No they don't. Small commercial vehicles don't require testing, up to 3 or 3.5 tonne I think, and unless things have changed, the DOI's own vehicles don't get tested. This however requires validating.
  5. One light out is annoying, but not nearly as annoying as people with retrofit HID lights and have not changed the lens/reflector. Super bright and all over the place.
  6. Agreed. He was so bad at the breakfast show that I started listening to radio 2, ( after listening to MR for the best part of 35 years), then moved back to MR when Chris Williams started on the breakfast show. Find him funny. Gave up on the drive time slot also when AB moved in, I find him cringworthy, his anecdotes just aren’t funny or make any sense. Some presenters I can listen intently to, some just get on with it in the background, AB makes the hairs on my neck stand up. He might very well be a lovely bloke, in fact, when we took the santa train with our son up at groudle, he was great, just not for me as a DJ. Agree with others that Stu should get an award for his show. Talking heads had me in stitches on tuesday.
  7. go take a look at his thread, then perhaps you'll get it.
  8. 279 Votes. From an audience of a poss 70000 or more. Great___
  9. Been there, done that. Too old and inflexable to be bothered with buggering about now.
  10. Buy a proper clutch allignment tool, less than £20, no hassle. Seen two of us swearing at and fighting with a gearbox on a pug 406 because it was a couple of mm out.
  11. They are, you can drop a clutch in theses in under 6 hours, 2 of you that is, cant belive im hearing so many things there hard to do, there prob one of the eastest clutchs to change, yes the box is on the heavy side but never a problem, Weedspeed well lets just say i would not use him again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bloody hell Gazza, who's next on your "I wouldn't touch them" list, first 4 wheel drive center, now Weedspeed, got your own garage per chance? Prob one of the easiest clutches to change eh, even you say it's a 6 hour job, 2 of you, £25 per hour for a cheap mechanic, £300. Did a fiesta clutch in november, under an hour. Thats an easy clutch.
  12. Yes screwfix, cheep and quick delivery, like i said if you need one quick, i've go one here.
  13. Ok I shall ring him. does he do clutches? Thanks Tempus Good idea that, jobs like that need to be done by someone who loves that sort of thing. Weed is you man.
  14. if its one of these I have a new one you are welcome to. Ordered one got two.
  15. Is it just the clutch slipping or is the thing juddering also? Could also require dual mass flywheel, big bucks there. How much is too expensive? It's a very labour intensive job for a garage with proper ramps let alone a mechanic working with axle stands. I've fitted lots of clutch's over the years and can honestly say that landys were the biggest pain.
  16. Burt

    Douglas East

    any news? shame for a big carpet sweep to of taken place.
  17. One of mine included. Except I will occasionally ride it illegally just for fun. I will not pay £250+ a year to tax and insure something that basically does not get used. You riding it illegally without tax or without insurance? Without tax, well thats just up to you, without insurance, well thats just selfish and you require a fine of £lots.
  18. I did my own with a washer bought from B&Q. Took 2 days to do and the roof looks great now. Spoke to 3 different roofers over a period of time and they all said that it was better to get rid of the moss than to leave it there. When the job was done, stretched a length of thick copper wire the full length of the ridge tiles on both sides, and this has stopped the moss from returning. Little trick told to me by one of the roofers.
  19. Burt

    Ferrari Road Test

    Posted at the same time Amadeus, defo a black on here too. Very nice.
  20. Burt

    Ferrari Road Test

    Could of sworn I was passed today by a black 458 Italia on UK plates, well plate, none on the front.
  21. West View are great, the dentists name is Thanos, they are also in Peel, hence the name. Private and NHS. They also use a guy called Jong Lee, ( I think) who did some root canal for me and I almost fell asleep he was so good. Building a couple of doors up from Robinsons on the terrace.
  22. I like this sites report on Manxforums
  23. Great minds and all that
  24. Nothing to do with me, just go me thinking Like. Wonder if someone has got plans to entertain us on these dark winter nights?
  25. The guy chucking his missus out in the rain to open the garage door. Horse shit. My missus would chin me.
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