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  1. Burt

    Douglas East

    Just drove down Derby Rd and seen big 'Vote for Kev' signs on some scafolding. Is that yours Heifer? hope they were well "secured"
  2. Burt

    Douglas East

    Not a very good one I'm afraid, not the best of scanners, me or the machine.
  3. Burt

    Douglas East

    So, how do you know all of the above? You seem to know more than Lewin lets on to know? Who are you? Posted 25 April 2010 - 08:45 PM Woodford used a local company to obtain locations and permissions, i was contacted by them and agreed to them putting them on my scaffolding erected through out Dougalas East. He says he has some scaffolding around douglas east with some posters on, should be easy to find out who he is.
  4. Where did car B hit car A? ie- on the door the wing etc
  5. Said Mr Rimington: ‘I am aware not only of the local concerns about this particular breach of planning control, but also of a more general concern on the Island about planning enforcement. I’d like to take this opportunity to re-affirm that all complaints of breaches of planning control are investigated thoroughly and are subject to appropriate enforcement action. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!
  6. Burt

    Douglas East

    It is the job of the returning officer to make sure that the rules of the 1995 Representaiom of the People Act are observed and according to section 27 proxy voters must be off the Island during the election Candidates are able to inspect all ballot papers, including proxy votes at the count and may reject papers subject to consensus amongst the candidates In my experience as a candidate of two elections there weren't that many proxy votes and the only ones we were called to validate were spoiled or confusingly marked ballot papers We did not dispute any of the papers in Douglas South in 2001 or 2006 Note to electors: if you really dislike a candidate you may write your comments on the ballot papaer and that paper will be shown to all candidates and officials at the count Thanks for the info Cheeky Boy
  7. Have they gone home now? Just cut the front lawn and tidyed up me bushes, place looks luvely
  8. Burt

    Douglas East

    Now, apparently because of the Icelandic volcano, there is every chance that you will not make it to a polling station on May 27th. The answer to this is to vote via proxy. ( page 9 of the Indy). I have a couple of questions. Is there a way to find out after the vote, how many votes for someone were by way of proxy and how many were from people who bothered to attend a station? If there are an awful lot of proxy votes, will the returning officers bother to check that the voter WAS actually off the Island on the day of the vote and if not, what can they do to that vote? Will it still count? This is directed generally by the way, not at any one candidate, as I assume they will all have proxy votes.
  9. Burt

    Manx Radio

    Are you sure you're not on about the one at Energy?
  10. Oooo ... there's another Woodford poster stuck to the wall next to a Dandara Development. Lets see how many we can find as we drive around ... its like a Douglas East "Where's Wally" competition ... there he is on yet another wall owned by Douglas's favourite developer. Whats the connection between them then??
  11. Burt

    Legal Or What

    His do have that on it - Times New Roman size 10, but they have it. I'd be more concerned about the location - right opposite one of the busiest roundabouts. I predict that expecting the average manx motorist to negotiate this traffic obstacle from hell while trying to read multiple lines of text at the other side of the road can only end in tears... I think that the parking for £3 a day advert is much better than his. At least you can read it whilst you are passing. Kevin's advert by contrast is poor (unless you had 5 minutes to stop, get out of your car and read the bloody thing). Still he will probably get in with the proxy votes. Why is that then? How can he get loads of proxy votes?
  12. Dear oh dear, do I hear the sound of legal teams gathering?
  13. This will be interesting. Wonder if "Em t" and others clearly not in the union will stand by their morals and refuse to accept any pay increase brokered by the union. I for one very much doubt it.
  14. Very happy with this, feel I should start downloading movies or something.
  15. Burt


    Well when you deal with a Pole in an old manx firm you know your on a loser ..... free Ferrari's for everyone. Gratulacje !!! He He
  16. Burt


    Was in Osbourns today buying a bit of carpet for the office and with the sizes sorted was told £56. Asked the nice polish man if £50 cash would seal the deal he said "will have to ask boss", boss was duly asked, no chance, price is as price says, take it or leave it. Bugger, felt a bit silly so paid asking price. Nice carpet though.
  17. Why not Manx Telecom are a bunch of useless tossers who couldn't set up a telephone link in an Albanian goat herders village between 2 mud huts 12 yards apart using 2 tin cans and a string Just which "bunch of useless tossers" are you refering to. The senior management, the middle management, the sales staff, the opperators who work shifts covering 24hours a day. The shop staff. The exchange staff, or the engineers who work in all weathers to keep the network going as best as possible. Comments like that piss off not one but 300 people. And to call 300 plus people "Useless tossers" is just sad.
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