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  1. credente may I respectfully correct you.....Samantha is in fact from Lonan as is Mark Cavendish
  2. Why can't some people just be happy for the girl....she has done exceptionally for a 22 year old. I did see Samantha in Les Miserables in the West End and she blew me away with her performance. I admit I was dubious about seeing Les Mis as I had heard it was all singing and wasn't sure if I would like it, I didn't....I loved it!!!........... and I for one cannot wait to see the film in January
  3. Looking at how long both records stood for we are confident they will stand for many years to come........Again The Lonan Gentlemens Fellowship would like to thank every one for all their support...it has been an amazing and a very surreal experience. Some of the team have gone to Las Vegas for a few days rest, some have gone home and we have come to San Fransisco for a few days to recover from the hard work and heat at Bonneville.
  4. The Lonan Gentlemens Fellowship are pleased to announce that we are returning home with 2 World Land Speed Records and the record the World's fastest 500cc production based non streamlined motorcycle. We have also entered the exclusive 200mph club. We would like to thank everyone who has shown their support no matter how big or small....we are truly grateful.........
  5. Mission.....the ultimate honour would be the 200mph club...watch this space
  6. What an achievement and what an honour to be here when it happened. It is a very surreal experience for the team to now be World Land Speed Record holders. We havent finished yet....there are four more days of racing and we have come rather a long way to just pack up and go home. I will keep everyone updated of our progress throughout the next four days but for now......we are off to celebrate!!!
  7. There is a website address on the toll bridge you are talking about.....cant remember the address but I paid my toll charge that way last year
  8. Nance

    Lost Cat

    Gladys my cat Lonan was missing from Friday night and just reappeared this morning...a bit bedraggled and subdued but happy to be home.Im sure Alfie will be home soon.
  9. Nance

    Vet Costs?

    I agree with Passing Time....Jane Callow at Bride is a brilliant vet that doesnt charge the earth...and my cat is forever up there with some injury or another!!
  10. Nance

    Mark Cavendish

    I cant imagine Her Maj would give a toss what she does for a living.....and to be quite honest neither does anybody else...except Kappa
  11. Well............said Government minister has now set a precedent for every one else hasnt he...we can all now go out..get hammered and puke on a bus but as long as we say sorry and pay for the clean up it will be ok!!! And yes I agree with you it is very sad that the Leonetti family are being mocked but thats small minded people for you
  12. Sperm Whale if it were a child everyone was searching for would you be as unsympathetic? The Leonetti family must be driven demented worrying about Harley, as would any parent be about their child if it were missing.....the worry and the not knowing must be torture for them, as it would if it were one of their children. So if you are a parent, or even have nieces and nephews, think how you would feel if it were one of them that was missing, and to what lengths you would go to to bring them home, and then you might have an idea how Harleys family are feeling.
  13. They have a perfectly good printer for doing these posters....oh I forgot no one knows how to use it now!!!!
  14. Nance


    I would think so if the seal isnt broken!
  15. Nance


    Sampled the Sake last night, Warm as suggested............ewwwwwwwwwww vile stuff!!!!!
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