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  1. message for the judge vvhy call me a tosser yoo no nothing you fuckin idiot.
  2. a dont find stabbing people funny sometimes its you or them n the man vvho got hit vvith an ashtray a found funny because he thought him n his frends vvould b bullys and am guessin you agree bullys deserve some sort of repercussions.o
  3. REMANDED lol a expected them 2 at least bail the girl yoor goverment n policing seems real strict.
  4. vvas this the pub vvhere a man got attacked outside he vvas hit on the forehead vvith an ashtray. lol
  5. lol am sorri about the dodgy spelling a like 2 shorten everything a type for quickness and plus my double u key on my laptop doesn't vvork so a hav 2 use 2 v's lol. does anyone o my m8s chrisy and tony scottish lads and could nyone tell me if thre vvas a scottish man caught vvith a knife lst vveek vvho a believe is in jail over there also his names derek.
  6. only hing a can say bk 2 yoo its obv cause of yoor island. all the guys a run round vvith hav bn brought up b a single parent n vve all hav either dun jail or came close that doesnt make us bad people in alot of peoples cases its drink n drugs they like doin daft things like drivin drunk so they'll nick a car until theyr tired n g home 2 thre beds lol. everybodys young n daft at some point thres a select fevv hoo fal 2 grovv up n end up vvith the daft head on all there lifes n there the ones vvho end up spending 99percent of there lifes inside.
  7. for lonan yr kinda right in a vvay it is people vvho hav had education problem n mental health problems but a can say threvv my ovvn knovvledge that its people being brought up by single parents vvho tend 2 go off the rails bcaue they do not hav the mother father support that people really need and ano that most of the crimes commite recently on the island hav bn caused by people vvho either dont hav family support or are being brought up by a single parent.
  8. my scottish m8s the 25 yr old thats been charged for this n surely it is self defence if anythig haha. he'l b joinin my other 2 scottish m8s that r helping accomodate your jail one of thems coming home in just over a vveek. no doubt i'll b visiting your island soon and se hovv a get on lolol.
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