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  1. This is what it will look like when it's finished http://www.corgifan.com/blogger/americanflyers2.jpg
  2. I was in London the other day and mentioned to someone I was from the Isle of Man to which they replied 'oh that's where Lauren Anderson is from'
  3. A con by Freeview (again). The two Freeview-built in HD TVs my Mum bought last October do not receive and will never receive HD channels. Unless you pay extra to get an HD box. Rip-off! On the other hand LG are sending me a box, entirely free of charge, so I can use BBC iPlayer on my LG Freesat built-in LCD HD TV. Freeview w*nkers
  4. It appears there are two types of famous .......famous in the Isle of Man and famous elsewhere
  5. address please ................i've got a bag containing 10 eggs
  6. Maybe an advert describing a night with 'lady interviewer with a pair of rather large bosoms' may have increased the numbers somewhat
  7. At the moment Stuart Baggs! Although I wouldn't know him if I slept with him
  8. http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/Business/Vodafone-Shop-Protest-Over-Tax-Bill-Oxford-Street-Store-Closed-By-Protesters/Article/201010415777604?lpos=Business_Carousel_Region_3&lid=ARTICLE_15777604_Vodafone_Shop_Protest_Over_Tax_Bill%3A_Oxford_Street_Store_Closed_By_Protesters
  9. It's the former ........... can't believe you would need a digibox to pick up HD channels when you have a HD TV with Freeview built in. I'm glad I bought my TV with FreeSat built-in. HD channels and no extra cost plus a lot more choice than Freeview
  10. Yes, and been receiving it since 18th. Channels 50 (BBC HD), 51 (ITV1 HD) and 52 (C4 HD). BBC sems to be the best quality to me. C4 only shows the HD logo in the top right if HD is being broadcast. It is a better clearer picture but a bit of a disappointment as it is only 1080i. I was hoping for at least 720p, but...... Still it is early days. Hopefully it will get better. Just done another check .....and nothing. On either built-in Freeview HD TVs (Samsung & LG). I wonder if they're picking up their transmission from somewhere else. Normal Freeview channels are there and even after
  11. Anyone with Freeview HD built into their TV getting the HD channels? A quick tune for my Mum's telly (in Douglas) didn't come up with anything this morning yet their site says we should have been getting HD since October 19th.
  12. Do you mean a "Green Burial Ground" where headstones and markers are forbidden? Basically woodland or whatever in a biodegradable box. Nope ...I mean a burial spot with a headstone which the deceased's family and friends visit.
  13. What about a humanist burial? Is that possible....or is it just cremations for the non-religious?
  14. Having recently paid my respects at a funeral I found myself getting increasingly pissed off with all the Jesus bullsh*t. From what was being said we seemed to be there for him and not the person we were saying goodbye to. I've since discovered you can have a 'humanist' funeral in the UK. But what about the good ole Isle of Man? Do we have that option here? Anyone enlighten me on this matter?
  15. what a strange thing to say, why would they? Well....... Hacienda Club Night (why did the Hacienda close?) ........ you know the Mondays gig won't be like that, I know the Mondays gig won't be like that ..... but you have to ask would the Manx Police know that ..... would explain their HUGE prescence ...................
  16. If you put yourself in the 'public eye' (or ear as the case maybe), then the public have every right to give an opinion, right or wrong. If these people on the radio don't like it then they know what they should do.
  17. I would say it looks as if no-one has recovered sufficiently enough to post a comment
  18. Xpert

    Red Flag

    Plus Tim Venables in a 'critical' condition ......poor sod
  19. Xpert

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    Who is speculating?
  20. Xpert

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    I think we're just about to hear about the second fatality .....
  21. Xpert

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    There may just be a bit more to come on this one .........
  22. He quite famously crashed on the Mountain and had to chuck his helmet on to the road as no-one knew he'd come off. He was there for quite some time I believe. I'm told he's a proper nice bloke though so let's not try and turn this into an assasination thread
  23. I've just been told that Richard 'Milky' Quayle was one of the riders who were airlifted to hospital following a crash in the parade lap. Surely that's not true? Anyone confirm?
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