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  1. Did you know that every year there's been at least one fatality due to racing on the Mountain Course since World War 2 except 1982 and 2001 (whch was the year when there was no racing).
  2. Xpert

    Mlc Election

    We need Harry Hill to sort this one out ........
  3. Maybe the drivers should try this.....
  4. Also I believe that if you choose to work from home then your employer has to ensure that your house meets 'health and safety standards for the workplace'.
  5. On BBC TV news this morning a lawyer in the UK stated it was illegal for employers to discriminate against workers who had to stay at home to look after young children due to schools being closed because of the weather. Yet I've already heard from a neighbour this morning, who has a young child, that if she didn't get to her desk today she would either a) have to use today as a day's holiday or b) have a day's unpaid leave. And this is from a very prominent employer on the Island. Anyone know how the island stands on this issue? Are we miles behind the UK on this subject again? Can
  6. We were a three car family ...but now we're a two so we've an extra kiddies car seat available. It's a Fisher Price, fantastic condition, colour is Ice Blue, rarely used, no marks, stains etc, if you want a pic then PM me Looking for £25 ......a snip!
  7. I'm there, totally there Xpert. Favourite combinations? Walkers Cheese n onion crisps with fruit n nut or dairy milk. Walkers MAX cheese n onion are a good alternative. Or try something different. Like Salt n vinegar and dairy milk. Lovely. Nice to find another believer Try KitKat and Walkers C&O ...it shouldn't work .....BUT IT DOES!!!! A penguin isn't a bad substitute .....not sure about Fruit n Nut but Go Big on Dairy Milk !!!
  8. Smashed up Crunchie in Custard!!! .....and chocolate and cheese n' onion crisps. I thought I was afreak for eating that combination until someone else proclaimed there love for that particular mixture many years ago
  9. I've heard of four them before ....plus Cavendish as he's from the isle of Man. The others? Haven't a clue and I would imagine that those five plus Cav, as far as the GREAT british public are concerned, are there to make up the numbers
  10. Who on here has the right to dictate what I should or should not look at? Granted, if an arm was hanging out, then I can understand the uproar .....but it's a crash between two vehicles. If it was SERIOUS then the Police would have placed screens around. But it wasn't so therefore no problem in posting pictures. Maybe people can advise what to watch and what not to watch on TV ...or listen to on the Radio ...etc etc
  11. Well, I for one hope that seeing the photo on manxradio.com isn't how a relative finds out someone in their family has been involved in what looks like a very serious collision. Would probably be better for the police to break that bit of news. Still, at least the ghouls get to have a good look at someone else's misfortune. Isn't that the nature of news? Did you look away when the Twin Towers collapsed? Where do you draw the line?
  12. Do we really need the number we've got? Would it not be better to have one represenative for Onchan, one for Douglas North, one for Douglas South, etc ...instead of the two or three we have for each area? We're looking for cuts, let's start with the number of politicians
  13. Our economy is founded on keeping money out of reach of high tax jurisdictions, we've been doing it for 400 years There are plenty of people walking free and held as being respectable who have done exactly the same as Bains has done, if you were to lock them all up we would need a bigger prison He is a scapegoat, pure & simple Friend of yours is he?
  14. A quick bump up.......! Our new league starts season 7 tomorrow (Thursday) and there are two vacancies, one in Division One and another in Division Two. The League Cup is already underway and it's Round Two next Tuesday. So if you know (or think you know) anything about football management then come and join us. Just log on to www.xperteleven.com and join, once you're accepted click on SEARCH and tap 145142 into 'find private league' and you're in. The Isle of Man X11 League currently has 34 members (thanks to MF) having started off with six less than two years ago. It's good fun and if
  15. Exactly why I asked for no speculation until official news was announced
  16. It will come to light soon that this was a very serious accident under circumstances that will upset a lot of people so let's have some restraint on further posts on this topic until an official statement is made thank you
  17. Anyway it's recuitment time again We've already lured a number of MFers to our league and we've currently three vacancies that need filling Season 7 starts a wek on Thursday (Nov 5th) and now would be the perfect time to join the Isle of Man X11 League All you need to do is go to www.xperteleven.com, join and register and when you're approved click 'SEARCH' then enter 145142 in the box for 'LEAGUE ID' That will take you to the Isle of Man X11 League, click on 'Job Centre' and you'll see the vacant managers posts. Click on teh one you like the look of and start working your mana
  18. Just seen your response Ans - we're trying to attract two types of MFer those who play games (Gaming) and those who like football (Leisure & Sport) so thanks for not deleting
  19. Obviously not ......and for that we are thankful.
  20. I think the Baines should be brought to task over previous 'crimes' Anyone remember 'Nuts in Brazil'?
  21. Different thread as I don't want to clog up the fraud trial thread Can anyone recall Trevor Baines plans to celebrate his birthday by holding some sort of re-enactment on Douglas seafront? Whatever happened, did he just not go ahead with his plans or was he thwarted by officialdom?
  22. Xpert

    Only In The Iom

    The security at Ronaldsway is the travellers last impression of the Island. While they have a job to do it would be nice if they were a bit more friendly. They know people are going to be pissed off with having to go through these security checks. They don't have to compound it by displaying a 'mightier than thou' attitude. Sometimes a 'sorry but ....' response may just make the process a little more human. Personally I don't enjoy going through there as the whole process makes me feel like a criminal.
  23. National local radio. Listen to any other local station in the UK and Manx Radio is no different. IMO all local radio is SHITE!
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