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  1. I see the logic of your explanation all too well Frances...but so too could be said of the horse and electric trams and many other island things too. Hey, why not build houses on King Orry's grave? ...after all he's a relic from the past and doesn't need it anymore. Not wishing to divert the thread here, but in response to the 'significant number of new residents' you brought up, I think you'll find most countries give little credence to; and it has to be said; a bunch of predominately UK immigrants wanting to change that country to e.g. little England, just as the English and Scots etc. d
  2. Ransom: To attempt to force (a person) to do something. Come on now, which came first, the TT/MGP or their house purchase? People have been living in houses for centuries. The TT has been going (on and off) for just a 100 years. The MGP for around 80
  3. Xpert


    Pissy knickers
  4. Those who don't have an opinion on this must be w*nkers!!! Who has not got involved yet?
  5. Did you have to wait 20 mins because of a queue ...or did it REALLY take 20 mins to cook sausage and chips ...what caused the delay?
  6. If Fantasy Football is your thing then check out the Isle of Man X11 League All you need is your PC and most important IT'S FREE TO PLAY and A LOT OF FUN All you need to do is go to www.xperteleven.com, join and register and when you're approved click on 'SEARCH' then enter 145142 in the box for League ID. That will take you to the League, just click on 'JOB CENTRE' and you'll see the vacant manager's posts Quite a few MFers are playing at present I also run another one based on the Premiership - same as above except the ID is 205210 - at present the WBA, Bolton, West Ham,
  7. What they need to do is pour salt on its tail ...that usually works
  8. Cambon - International Cycle Week was in decline and had been for a number of years. It wasn't attracting anything near the level of interest it used to get even in the '90s when teams from across the globe took part. At the end I think they were lucky to get a Dutch team involved and to call it International was looking a bit cheeky. The event wasn't beneficial to the IOM certainly not in terms of finance brought to the Island and from what I remember of it, the TT circuit would be closed in its entirety during the main three lap race. Which was a long time. That's why people were pissed off
  9. Again, you cannot compare the Lions with other than feline predators in the natural world. You cannot compare these beasts with domestic cats or kittens as they are totally different animals. Accept Lions for what they are, and that is a one off animal that is nothing like anything else in the world, and as such has its own characteristics and model. Safety is something that is addressed by nature and natural selection every year, but again, and because of the nature of the beast, you cannot protect its prey the same way that anyone with domestic pets are protected. Every year
  10. Lost login - have you actually read ANY of the previous posts in this thread?
  11. Now is the time for our Gibbonment to act!!! Introduce a scheme say, four checks a year for HGVs .......
  12. I don't think Digga was expecting some kind of Spanish Inquisition!!
  13. Right then. Seeing as we can't agree on the matter I think it's best we take it outside where I will give you a bloody good punch on the nose and then we'll see who's right!
  14. The speed they travel at has something to do with it
  15. So why don't all satellites fall to earth due to the earth being so massive? It's to do with the speed that they are travelling in relation to the (inverse square) of the distance between them. I think you'll find they do (eventually)
  16. I think you're confusing reality with an episode of Space 1999 Surely, due to its stronger gravitaional pull the Earth is drawing the Moon toward it
  17. The moon will have smasdhed into the Earth by then. Every year it (quarter) inches closer to our world
  18. I was in there a couple of weeks ago and witnessed ..... Assitant - "There you go love, fish and chips but next time if you could order your fish when you come in it saves a lot of time." Customer - "But I did!" Assitant - "No you didn't!" Jaw dropping service....!!!!
  19. And while we're at it, feel free to add predictable 'don't mention the war, I'll do the silly walk, that's not a hamster it's a rat,' type quotes below ....
  20. There's a fair haired woman who works in there who is the female equivalent of Basil Fawlty ....very rude and thinks she knows it all? Anyone had that experience yet?
  21. From what I've read you should have no trouble finding somewhere to sleep the night. Especially if you're not fussy.
  22. Somebody must have seen them being chased through Ramsey by a huge stone ball and shot at by pygmies. Or is that normal for a Ramsey night out? That huge stone ball in Ramsey .......if it's the one I'm thinking of then I've had her! (Plus half the town I believe)
  23. While I'm on ....DID YOU KNOW ??? That since the Second World War there has been only two years when there weren't any deaths at either the TT or MGP. 1982 and 2001 (Foot and mouth year) Ahh well, that's the way it is.
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