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  1. Lee54 ....'that's the way it is' is not a very valid argument is it? Also have you ever been to a race meeting OFF the Island?
  2. [quote For all us manx .... LAND of our birth, gem of God's earth, O Island so strong and so fair; Built firm as Barool, Thy throne of Home Rule Makes us free as thy sweet mountain air Ye sons of the soil, In hardship and toil, That plough both the land and the sea, Take heart while you can, And think of the Man Who toiled by the Lake Galilee. When fierce tempests smote That frail little boat, They ceased at His gentle command; Despite all our fear, The Saviour is near To safeguard our dear Fatherland. Let storm-winds rejoice, ' And lift up their voice, No da
  3. Bad service then sod 'em. I just don't go back. And then tell my friends. And vice versa. Somewhere good. I go back. And tell my friends. What amazes me is when people tell me they've had a bad experience somewhere yet still go back.
  4. Whether you agree with it or not, hate crimes are treated more severely. And given the law it is therefore important for officers to recognise when hate has come into play. Also it is about how officers deal with issues of homosexuality, racism, etc. The police in the UK have had a crap record and like I was saying there is institutional racism within the organisation. Not sure about the Island but considered the 'environment' of the Isle of Man it makes good sense to have them aware of their own prejudice and the effects of prejudice on others in the community. This then is wher
  5. Right, there are forces at work that have already segregated particular people in our society. Racism, homophobia, and transphobia have already created divides. Many crimes are motivated by hate of others because of their race, sexuality, or gender - but the police have not had a record until recently of dealing with these issues properly, nor understood why they take place, or had an institutional bias that doesn't see these things as problems. It is just recognising what is going on in society. And how are the Police going to change that. Understanding what motivates a crime? I und
  6. Lifted straight from iomtoday.co.im 'Civil servants face uncertainty over jobs and pay Prospect union's negotiations officer says: 'Our members face a pay cut, and no guarantee of future job security beyond March 2101' How mean making Civil Servants sweat for the next 92 years regarding their job security!
  7. I must ask, what are the unlawful kind? Sounds a bit sick to me, must involve goats and badgers or something? I think if I say "taking tea with the parson" you will know what I mean now ;-) So you think the Steam Packet should establish a link with Brentford??? http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?...%20the%20parson
  8. As far as the Police are concerned they should only be interested in two groups a) Law Abiding Citizens b) Criminals
  9. Xpert


    Is this to blame?
  10. The rainfall is interesting as well ....more than Manchester which surprisingly doesn't have as much as you'd expect. I was surprised by the difference in amounts of rainfall on our coast and Snaefell and stunned about how much more the Lakes get than we do. I thought it would be more but not by that much
  11. Living in the Island I would have said we get less sunshine than our neighbours but that doesn't appear to be the case http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/climate/uk/nw/
  12. I've just been told by someone who is trying to get hold of tickets that it is sold out Let the touting begin!!!
  13. Anyone else finding it hard to watch more than two minutes worth? As a day out it's probably good but it's not televisual viewing. Dull, dull, dull. Still, each to their own and i'm sure there's someone out there getting off on it
  14. Not always ....if you know your music then R.I.P. Susan/Seething/Steven Wells
  15. Here's another http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKc4-NU9oP8...feature=related Now wouldn't it be great if the radio played all their songs today
  16. http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/articl...sP_JEQD991VAJG1
  17. How much did Greenlight actually get paid for filming the TT? There was never anything wrong with their coverage just Northone's was better, although a little more course knowlege would have been better. From what I've read Greenlight used to underwrite the TT. Northone have been paid somewhere in the region of £800,000 (I think). This could also explain why there was no budget for entertainment on the Prom etc. I don't know how true it is but I was told that the Tourist Department had £50,000 to spend on entertainment this year
  18. In the space of two weeks there were 99 crashes in comparison with 83 in 2008. Would be interesting to know how many crashes there are on the Island's road during a normal two-week period
  19. I thought it was great to see all the different camera posistions but as I've been told, if Greenlight had been paid to do it like Northone then they too would have had more cameras so perhaps a bit unfair to have a pop at Greenlight. I suppose it's a bit like knocking a football manager who had no money to spend and then saying what a great manager his replacement is, who has been given a fortune to spend as he likes. If you get my drift. As for the coverage I thought it was shoddy, very hard to follow and I thought the comentators reflected that judging by the number of mistakes
  20. Xpert


    Maybe the Government could pay an overseas station, say Heart FM, to provide the coverage
  21. Is it true that the 'top dogs' at the Department of Tourism were treated to an 'expenses paid trip to the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix' by North One (who were granted the TT contract) before they made their decision on whether to a) give to the contract to the local firm who PAY to film the TT or b) give the contract to the non-local firm, who invited the DoT to Monaco and who ARE PAID to film the TT
  22. Anyone see the feature on BBC Breakfast this morning featuring Basking Sharks off Cornwall? Very interesting ....especially the Eco Tourism part
  23. Xpert

    The Saddle

    The vicar of the parish found his horse exhausted and sweating every morning although no-one had been out riding. Early one morning he returned home after visiting a sick parishioner and saw a group of fairies taking a saddle off his horse; when the fairies saw the vicar they vanished in panic, leaving the saddle behind. The saddle turned to stone and can still be seen, now called the Saddlestone. This is the story I tell my three year old most nights before she goes to sleep. She is fascinated by it and always requests I tell it.
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