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  1. Im at the union in castletown ive got a load ill put them to one side if you want for you to pick up they only get thrown out so it would be better if someone used them
  2. We have a team called the union porno tashes 2010 we did it last year aswell and we are having a mo party in the union castletown on the 26th of november
  3. Today’s parchment of thought and diatribe takes us to the parking/lack off, road rage fuelled bubblegum rally & for pedestrians, just general good fortune and luck, that is Victoria Road School. Forgive me for being nostalgic, but I remember not too long ago, when I would walk to school the road would be nose to tail with cars along the length of the silver burn river. I also remember when I would walk to school having woke up late and find that not only had the lollypop man thrown the towel in and left but all the cars had gone!!! Clearly all of those cars were parents dropping off h
  4. yeah we have a team doing it the union tashes in castletown and we are having a mo party at the union on saturday and people with the best mo can be crowned man of movember and mo sistas can be miss movember team link is http://uk.movember.com/mospace/210581
  5. hi all just wondered if anybody is getting involved with movember for the prostate cancer charity if so there is a mo party at the union hotel castletown on the 28th november all welcome
  6. well i just changed my mind about the chippy had a sit down meal tonight and it was fantastic the food was lovely the service was excellent and not a bad price £12 pound for 2 courses and the place is very nicely set out
  7. mr callows yard himself roy tilleard and all the snobs on this island got invited to it because this is the man that wants to rejuvinate castletown but didnt invite the local people just snobby ones from around the island the art gallery that is !!!
  8. just wondered did anyone get an invite to the overpriced tat he is selling in callows yard !!!
  9. the shop was (open) weeks before but just for the builders on callows yard so no excuses really !!!
  10. the whitestone in ballasalla awesome food really improved cos it used to be shite but since they got the new chef its lovely especially his louisiana chicken on jambalaya rice and everything is home made
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