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  1. your on about leo o'callaghan, if you want to contact him he has a pub called the ship in cornwall area as for the rumours they have been going round for the last 3 years nice try sidney (have history with sidney which is why the constant rumours and bollocks) ellanvannin
  2. Lol Skrappey, I just happen to know that the guys from --- ----- ------ know nothing of your new sign, can i say the one on the photo looks spot on, I know the guys concerned wouldnt be so petty as to break the law ! i believe ballasalla signs can print these magnetic signs while you wait, they are at ballathane industrial estate by airport, make sure whichever you get is quiet strong as i think they are only guaranteed upto 50mph when in uk I lost several jehova - spot on comments, i agree 100%, if they got a high fare cos you couldnt get stopped nearby they would bitch about that too !
  3. i recently moved from andreas, and had full speed ! kev
  4. Badged Taxi Drivers needed urgently for a existing Northern Based Taxi firm which has just changed hands, good earning potential and hours for the right drivers, non badged drivers also needed, guidance offered to help you gain a taxi badge. contact Kevin on 812131 or office@ellanvannininns.co.uk as soon as Kev
  5. i know sheila from legends has just bought a limo etc., try ringing legends in peveril buildings and asking for her kev
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