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  1. Thanks all, got the part ordered, 63 pence, free postage and be here Tuesday .
  2. Well tried them , and other places that were then suggested , drew a total blank .. No where on the rock now sells small electronic components .. oh well thanks all, tinternet it is then ,,, :-(
  3. Hi, thanks , x-in-man, yes it is 400v .Im replacing one on a PCB that has blown its guts .. Ill try them tomorrow morning .. thanks all , doing my bit to support local ....
  4. Hi, in the days gone by I could have gone to Sparks on Derby road , but where do i go now for a replacement capacitor 400v 10uf 105c for a PCB .. Can get them, off the internet - RS and Amazon but anywhere local so I can get it repalced over the weekend not have to wait til next week !!!! Shop local and all that .... Thanks all .
  5. I have a renault and for years used the franchised dealer but on one occasion they could not take the car for a few weeks, so i tried Auto Logic, they were great, the labour rate is actually cheaper than the wheel and tire places. So for the last couple of years I have been to them for any car work needed.. My Cam belt was done for around £175 less than the quote elsewhere , and always delivered on time ,. Cracking lads .. Go Autologic . :-)
  6. Does anyone know who would make molded ear plugs here on the Island. Have seen them in the past at Health and Safety Shows in the UK, but looking for a set to use while on the motor bike. Have tried all the usual sponge ones, wax ones , rubber plug ones etc etc , rider had some in the USA said they were the best ever .. So anyone got any ideas where / who on the rock makes these ? Cheers
  7. Hope someone can help,I have googled till my fingers bleed, but no real help . I have a 250 GB IDE drive I cloned to a 1TB SATA . On booting with the 250GB still fitted , the Motherboard BIOS says searching IDE , and then lists the 250gb HDD, DVD drive 1TB SATA On booting,and WIN XP loading , in MY COMPUTER the SATA can be seen. However if I remove the 250GB and try to boot off the 1TB HDD, it just come up with the well know Boot disc error caption. Google searches to the Motherboard website dont help Google search suggestions such things as set SCSI as b
  8. Hi, been told that there maybe some cycle turbo training sessions that happen on the Island somewhere. But drawn a blank, anyone know for sure if there is and exactly who I could contact to book a place . I do of course have own trainer and bike but training in a group always better for motivation . Thanks all
  9. Many thanks to you all , I did get the 9800 GTX+ , and the boy is well chuffed with it . Now able to play all the games at max res (??? ) and able to keep his XP OS . Fantastic help from you, JI PS , Penguin, sorry mate would have had yours if I had of seen it earlier , but had it ordered by then ..
  10. Hi , I have been told that the newish graphics cards are designed to run on Vista / win 7 and that running them on XP would not give max benefit , so in fact would be paying a lot of money without the benefit. As I have no reason, or desire to change to Win 7 , would there be some IT, or Games guru who can tell me what the best available option is for use on Windows XP so I am getting the best return for my money. Currently have a Palit (Nvidia Chipset)8400GS 256mb fitted , PCI Express. All advice considered a bonus cheers all . JI .
  11. Hi, I like the look of the Roof Motorcycle helmets and wonder if anyone has one to comment about , or know if any of the local shops are agents for them .. I have done the usual Internet search etc , so got that , but just after a bit of local knowledge is there is some . Ta
  12. I suffered with this for over 2 years and tried every strap method i could get from here and USA etc , I tried gels, stretches , everything and thought that i was going to have to endure it for ever . Then last year due to a job change I started to wear proper full leather shoes rather than just trainers and other soft upper shoes. I also lost a bit of weight , and without even realising it the pain in the morning that i would usually wake with , and then after sitting etc (you know what I mean if you have it ) had gone.. and not even just reduced , I mean totally gone .. Now id dto
  13. Difficult subject, but I cant find anything on Manx Divorce . Has anyone on here been through it recently ? The marriage has broken down and is beyond fixing, only one party wants it to end, no one else is involved, just not compatible any longer . Married in the IOM, live in the IOM. So anyone got any advice please, or web sites to visit for information. Is the Lawyer the first step , or can we get some idea of what we need to sort out and decide before we do that part . Thanks, JI
  14. Take a look here , will tell you everything you need to know http://www.manx-telecom.com/default.asp?id=116 JI
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