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  1. Imagine how we in the South feel having voted for Cregeen and Moorhouse ! Even a counsellor would need counselling. I suppose the one thing that makes the shame bearable is it kept Gawne out, that thought has kept me going.
  2. I've lost track of the inoculation policy, are we sticking to the two jab time scale or are we getting on with it ?
  3. I wish they would report the number of residents who are innoculated, rather than the number of injections. 20,000 in fact means 13,600 individuals, composed of staff and the most vulnerable. I guess the reality doesn't spin as well as the jabs !
  4. I suppose it could lead to some of the other penalties being tested in law though ?
  5. He championed the idea of a bypass and ensuring that the development went ahead at public meetings. Hopefully he'll realise what a twit he now looks, or maybe he has too little intellect to see the irony of his position.
  6. Is that vaccine or infections ? at the moment my money is on the infections!
  7. Cambon is correct, lots of people have been put off less damaging transport than cars, by rules and regulations. For instance the requirement here to do repeated CBT to ride a moped or tiny motorcycle on l plates, despite being a car driver for 40years was very off-putting. I had no intention of getting a large motor cycle or passing a test so sold my machines. Had I have been able to do the one CBT then keep L plates on that would have been a different matter. I certainly hope the electric stuff does not get legislated out of sight.
  8. A fine idea except that we have to contend with very poor weather for extended periods, they wouldn't have been much fun as commuter transport for the past few weeks.
  9. You are a bit like that guy notwell who used to post on here ! Until we know who is going to stand and what they stand for no one can predict what the make up of a government might be. Perhaps you could alliterate what you have done to encourage change, at least moaning has some effect, or at least it might do if the government of the day were the least bit bothered about what the electorate think after the election. Lets just hope we get new blood we as an electorate can elect at least with some optimism. The last time I voted to keep someone out not vote someone in.
  10. I'm certainly not pulling anyone down, bravo for standing! We are too small however to carry an element of the real nice girl/guy candidate if they have no sign of the understandings needed to deal with the island in the context of the wide world.
  11. I didn't say I had a solution! I have said repeatedly that we need better candidates to stand, preferably those who have no connections to the many skeletons rattling around in cupboards. For thirty years I have watched lessons be learned and moving on, whilst we keep making the same mistakes. Fiscal irresponsibility and departmental profligacy are par for the course, and have always been covered by the excess of money swilling around. Anyone who thinks that the old boys club does not operate in the shadows at all levels is deluded. Until we throw open the curtains and let the sun shine in we
  12. David Cretney is a very nice chap, but imo that sadly was his achilles heel in politics. Many of the outrageous Spanish practices and union demands were placed at the door of David and approved on his watch. The island is still struggling to divest itself of these today. Election 2021 needs to be as far away from the old boys as it can possibly get if the island stands any chance of emerging into the sunlit uplands. We cannot afford another five years of backward thinking and the set in stone mentality.
  13. It boils down to having a mentality to look after what we have, but the DOI prefer big dreams about what we can build, and largely getting it wrong in the process.
  14. Whatever the reasons for this pause by Dandara, one thing is for sure, it will be for the benefit of Dandara, they are very sharp operators!
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