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  1. Policing on the island carried on in spite of Culverhouse not because of him !
  2. Ahh but by the time we've read this ........ !!!
  3. and its difficult to get planning permission to build on them even for our darling developers!
  4. I do hope so given the lack of scrutiny at all levels!
  5. I am a comeover, so you can get your flaming in early should you wish, however a 30year comeover! At the moment I feel that Government here from Comin down to local authorities have never been less in touch with the population than they are now, and carry on regardless of what people think of them. Profligate stupidity is rife and they couldn't negotiate their collective way out of a paper bag! The negativity people feel about Government is everywhere except within the organisation and the island is over regulated with civil servants justifying their non jobs with ever more ludicrous schemes for the rest of us to genuflect to! The enquires they hold into their own misdeeds are a joke and well know that any enquiry will end with the words "lessons will be learned" which never happens. This thread is just symptomatic of the madness which pervades the corridors of power when intellectually challenged people are let loose with the purse strings ! Coffee time ! LOL
  6. As do most people where forward planning and fiscal responsibility is concerned !
  7. Better to spend the cash on a plaque saying "There used to be a mayoral chain here but it has been mislaid"
  8. Maybe they could do this for Douglas somewhere on the prom !
  9. Who cares as long as it caters for the whims of a developer and their profits ! apparently the Ballasalla one is largely funded by taxpayers !
  10. What you need is 300 more houses and a "Bypass" like Ballasalla ! As a precursor to that, you also need political representatives with the brain of a dead mollusc ! Ideal solution !
  11. Yup, in respect of some of them, in a village inhabited only by idiots they would still be the village idiot !
  12. I watched a video of some people prancing around in a circle to loud music, looked like some aged hippies ! oh and some young unemployables ! can anyone tell me how this helps save the planet ! looks like a request for more mental health funding to me ! Oh and before I get flamed I fully support cleaning up our planet and animal conservationism, I just don't see how this forwards the agenda !
  13. Mike Culverhouse managed a lot of photo ops !! LOL
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