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  1. In respect of Nobles and recouping charges incurred by private individuals, my wife was forced to seek private treatment for an acute condition given the length of waiting list to even control pain ! We were billed by Nobles for 12 minutes of radiographer time, using a waiting room and a few plasters. The bill was utterly eye watering ! If the assertion is that costs are not being covered when hospital resources are used then something very wrong is going on !
  2. People voted to keep Gawne away from politics !
  3. As a semi autonomous part of the UK we need our own good and competent Government, not the current shower of no hopers running the island into the ground ! If we can get through to the next GE we need a concerted campaign to alter things for the better and once and for all get rid of the old boys club holding the island back !
  4. As I said its impossible given the circumstances except to maintain the fares or even increase them !
  5. Agreed, but here's the rub... Government were content for years to watch the SPCO make huge profits and suppress a report into the way it made those huge profits ! My axe to grind is the shortsightedness of the costs of the populace getting on and off and the cost of visitors and freight ! The freight costs affect every aspect of our life here, and make a 'hostile' environment in which on island business operates. Government has painted itself into a corner financially, where despite its purchase of the Packet it cannot really use the service in a way beneficial to the islands vibrancy and visitor economy as it so badly needs the profit ! coupled of course with needing new hardware to boot! People can bang on about how reasonable the service is, but the reality is, for an awful lot of people to get on and off with a family as often as they would perhaps like is just not affordable and the price jacking around island events particularly TT is a joke ! Sadly Government are not able to do like Scotland and really put the island on the map !
  6. Once again fully agree, just concerned about how the matter will be handled in a human factors scenario by those with little intellect !
  7. A workforce tasked with shaping children, under pressures from all sides, the woke brigade the uman rights shower, parents etc etc. I am not in an informed position to comment on their pay and conditions, however I can comment on, given that these people are vital professionals providing a service vital to our future ,who do we put in charge...... Two Planks, think about that for a moment !!
  8. Our politicos and particularly the Chief minister are so poor that a five year term with them in office is far too long, and allows their incompetence to flourish. It is not ideal but a shorter term between elections should be considered so that the public would feel more empowered to remove some of these morons from office ! I have voted in every election for the past 25yrs and tried to select candidates who were not the worst ! until we can attract a higher calibre of candidate we will have to put up with the paucity of intellect or indeed moral judgement as exercised by the current shower of xxxxx! What little cash we have now is not being targeted for the benefit of the populace but for the benefit of empires built with Government by people who would be unemployable in any real walk of life !
  9. I couldn't think of a suitable place to put this post but I guess here is as good as any ! Part of the strap lines from IOM Today website, I loved this one !! "The government says it’s investing our money ethically." Its investing our money ethically in Merseyside for a project which perhaps had public support when it was at zero cost but is now heading north of 40 mill ! Lots of ethically invested money has somehow done one in the film funds ! PMSL.
  10. The most sinister part of all this is, the staff were sworn to secrecy ! no one would answer any questions about it, the old installation was still doing the "day job" and the management did their utmost to keep the whole thing secret from the taxpayers! It is clear that anything which took the shenanigans this did to become operational was clearly a mismanaged procurement from the start !
  11. IOM today even have a commentator opining that this is good business for garages and the economy ! I guess were p[ropping up the building trade so why not the garage trade also ! Ye gods !!!!!!
  12. ...... Captain ...... " That roast unicorn was fucking delicious!" ........ thats why only on tee shirts!
  13. Such is the quality of our airport management !!
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