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  1. I agree but if its heavily subsidised then everyone should be able to afford it, in my view that would be the role of taxpayers subsidy, not trimming grass and hedges and sweeping holiday cottage patios !!
  2. I've been here 27yrs and I can't remember parsimony ? must have to go back some time !
  3. I could probably get some and they wouldn't cost a million a quid a year too !!
  4. Yes quite ... but enough about Tynwald and back to the subject !
  5. I have often posted that we should wholeheartedly support farmers who grow food for the island both by buying it and subsidy if necessary ! What I don't agree with is the premise that merely owning land and keeping it tidy is a qualification for grants. If landowners wish their land to become wilded so much the better. It would be good if there was an open culture to the farming grants but we know that won't happen any time soon also developers with landbanks are able to apply for grants. It is a matter for politicians to debate and all those with farming connections should recuse themselves ... oh hang on that's not going to work there won't be enough for a quorum ! Gawne nicely hurried through the last tranche of free money for all, in the current circumstances grown up debate is needed about where we go from here !
  6. Its a collective, some people call it Comin !
  7. Pay farmers to farm ... now there's a radical idea ! I would support its introduction here !
  8. asitis

    easy jet

    It seems the pandemic is exposing scumbag companies for what they are ! Having had the pleasure of speaking to my insurance company and listening as they thrashed around to make a paragraph of their exclusions fit to my circumstances ! We won't be getting a holiday this year nor indeed next if I lose all the cash I have paid.
  9. asitis

    easy jet

    I'm at a loss to explain why we pay travel insurance as having studied the terms and conditions of my policy and spoken to them it doesn't actually cover anything ! seems my gold account isn't worth a kick up the arse !
  10. asitis

    Future Mann

    I fully agree, but its that word NEED which needs hammering into the profligate morons who keep burning cash for little or no ends!
  11. asitis

    Future Mann

    I could add ... Horsetrams ... only on the IOM could we hold up a major infrastructure project and cost millions to install a heritage attraction which loses money ! it may be simplistic but FFS if it was that much of an attraction it wouldn't lose money. That said it still shouldn't have had the effects it has on the prom and the knock on effects for business! Manx Radio ......... stand on your own two feet or pack it in that's another 1 million quid. Start to understand the difference between vital and nice to have !
  12. asitis

    Future Mann

    For years we have had elected politicians who only understood the mantra SPEND SPEND SPEND, and thought they were doing a good job by doing so ! This ethos rubbed off into the senior people in CS positions, who were recruited seemingly on their ability to SPEND in huge amounts and justify it by bullshit ! Senior posts now need to be looked at in depth and see if their results match their personal hype and ego and if not they need shipping out. Whatever made Farmers, jumper salesmen, chimney sweeps and others experts on whether our economy should be based on unrestrained development and spending is beyond me ! If there is anything good to come out of this human tragedy, hopefully it will focus the minds of those in charge here that their responsibilities stretch far beyond the present and their perceived importance and egos. Government has to change it has to be responsible, if you wish to join it you have to be responsible and the people here have to hold our elected and the public servants to account. The rug and brush will be exposed now for what it has been over the years.
  13. asitis

    Future Mann

    As for old age pension my wifes already has done one, I guess this means I'll be pushing up the daises before mine is even a pipe dream !!
  14. asitis

    Future Mann

    Au Contraire, those of us in the South voted our muppets in knowing they'd be shit, just fractionally less shit than those we wanted to keep out ! such is life !
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