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  1. Probably why Michael Moyle never got a look in as an MLC !
  2. What colour were the unopened A4 envelopes LOL !!!!
  3. There are some that we voted in who I wish had disappeared !!
  4. asitis


    As their literature once said "The flat earth society have supporters all around the globe "
  5. asitis


    .... or there's a boat in the morning LOL !! The island is a beautiful place, administered by a bunch of profligate fools who seem incapable of priorities ! I agree with your post almost in it's entirety, however with the caveat that what is wonderful to have and keep, should not take an unrealistic slice of what is vital to the welfare of the populace ! The justification by politicos of huge spending flurries on Heritage is generally "tourism", my post pointed out that that is indeed a false premise, given the amount of money raised by tourism. If push came to shove and it was a cho
  6. Agreed and it follows therefore that the time has come for some realism about our market size and what we can support and / or demand of an operator ! The pandemic has perhaps given us the opportunity for a reset commercially and to "learn the lessons" of the past. We need talented and strategic management not what we have now !
  7. For whatever reasons, which I agree are debatable, we are back on the merry go round of operators coming and going, which has continued over the past thirty years. Some have left with little fanfare, others have left leaving trails of debt to us, and some leaving tragedy and embarrassment ! I am firmly of the belief that open skies has had a great influence on the commercial operation of the IOM, and imo in not a good way. Going forward I cannot see any operator putting its own resources (if they have any) into an operation here whilst the threat of another coming in and undercutting them
  8. Flybe closed because there were too few aircraft based here to be considered as a base by the new management. This was after we had lost two based aircraft, as the routes were no longer viable due to dwindling passenger numbers. I am told the base qualification was arbitrary, and across the board. From memory I believe four was the number of aircraft which they considered for a base qualification, we had five then three. Actually this historical perspective is now not relevant at all, as it is without doubt a very different landscape and it will be interesting to see where we end up !
  9. Absolutely nothing , except it was never sustainable, and because of that operators of smaller aircraft were forced out, which is why we find ourselves where we are ! Here is an extract from a review supplied to government in 2006 which illustrates the point : with 156 seats, and therefore fill on average 131 seats per flight. With the current passenger volumes and load factors at Ronaldsway discussed earlier, it is clear that a significant decrease in aircraft movements would occur with the introduction of larger aircraft relying on economies of scale. In fact Ea
  10. Irrespective of the situation at the moment and before the business became contaminated with virus which is now a different ball game...... Had it not been for the lusting of certain members of Government to see the orange fin of EZY here, again I refer to a situation without Covid, management were aware of the conditions which had to apply for the Flybe base to remain. However the arrival of EZY and the loss of based aircraft led to the exodus of Flybe, the exodus of engineering, cabin and flight crew and lots of income tax and spend in the economy going elsewhere. Government were told i
  11. It was addressing him as minister, so in his official role and on the subject of Government business. Furthermore if he wished the letter to be treated as private then why did he make it fully public ? I smell a long fella !!!!
  12. https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/spacex-starlink-broadband-beta-testers-amazed-its-speed-new-photos-emerge WTF may be right !!
  13. asitis


    I won't comment on the too many civil servants scenario, except to say that if we have adequate, or more than adequate staffing levels, then surely it is not too much to expect that the results we get from administration in all areas is high. The reality is we are failing in many areas and wasting huge amounts of money whilst doing so ! In terms of failure this administration and leadership has to be one of, if not the poorest I have seen. We need some politicians who will stand up and ask difficult questions, not the establishment nodding dogs and the vestiges of the "old boys club" who
  14. asitis


    Nail ... Head !!!!!!
  15. asitis


    Given that tourism is a very small part of the islands GDP how much should we spend on "Heritage" ? It seems to me that the sums involved in preserving the past, with tacit reliances on "tourism" is totally disproportionate. The prom has cost many millions more than envisaged, partly due to rails for horse trams and of course is way over time too. The knock on effect of delays has been damaging for business without doubt. Relaying the electric tram lines and importing labour has cost millions, horse tram sheds, steam railway, cabbage, etc etc ! Yesterday the Heritage Rail was given a
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