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  1. It really is a monumental cock up isn't it !!!
  2. When does the PAC enquiry start in respect of the Prom ?
  3. It probably found that the rules for planning if you are a sole eagle were very encased in buckets of red tape. However it seems if you are a company of Irish Eagles the rules of planning are somewhat less restrictive ! Maybe its gone home to bring some mates !!
  4. Before taking the opportunity to slag off the local constabulary it would be nice to know the facts, which quite rightly this thread will not expose!
  5. You can bet your life farmers would have been losing 200 lambs a week and would have been visited by plague and pestilence should a native of the island move back here. However an antidote to all this would be taxpayers cash !
  6. We went to New Zealand to study the health service that was a vital trip apparently ! Actually I could have walked backwards blindfolded to NZ to use their health service, and still beaten the waiting lists here ! Government are an absolute joke !
  7. Yup, they'll be ready for another bung to add to the tree planting malarkey !!!
  8. You are more than likely correct, however as a service user it would be good to be able to see these staff members before we end up pushing the daisies up !
  9. What a load of bullshit ! (quayle) realities are, waiting lists are appalling and show no signs of improvement, GP's even speak of Nobles in derogatory terms, and lots of people, ourselves included are spending our ever decreasing resources on alleviating chronic pain whilst waiting for treatment! WTF we paid NI for for a combined 90yrs is beyond me, womens pensions promises reneged upon and NHS treatment a joke !!! Meanwhile Tynwald award themselves a pay rise, just fuck off!
  10. I sincerely hope change is coming, this lady is certainly good at change ... changing roles ...... 4 jobs in 4 1/2 years ? https://uk.linkedin.com/in/kathryn-magson-b858ab189
  11. With the waiting list times the former may be closer to the truth !
  12. Looking at the sums involved there must be some connection between our politicos and drugs ! They must be on them !!!!!!!!
  13. Perhaps we should run a book on where this will end any takers ?
  14. Hmmmmm in respect of Cregeen then, the sentence would probably end with moron !
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