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  1. Jesus just listened to that interview if ever there was a man out of his depth its Skelly !! I like his "you have to look at figures in the round taking into account the airport" ! Okay Lawrence well heres as it is... you and your muppets predicted that by air we would be having close to 2.5 million passengers per annum very soon and spent long long millions at the airport much of it open to question to facilitate that ..... Furthermore you have just spent 124 million of taxpayers cash acquiring the Steam Packet and you don't see a drop of 17,000 passengers as being a matter for particular concern ! We have new ships and shore facilities to finance as well ! These figures do need some spinning !!!
  2. I guess Sure's reliance on MT's infrastructure mean one player still does control the market !
  3. Is the public show of all is well, a bit like the football manager who says the board are all behind me !!!
  4. Not everyone who needs medical help can afford to be flying across for treatment ! stupid post !!
  5. I think there are a number of salient points, I am not a tree hugger, but I do think that times are a changing in respect of how we treat the planet and indeed the environment in which we live. To compare what is proposed with the footprint of the old is allowing what was acceptable in years gone by to be applied to what we now accept as conservation and preservation , which is a false concept in my view. To overlay the old with an outline of the new is to repeat what we now know were mistakes of the past in respect of the Islands natural beauty and fauna and flora. Secondly the proposed apartments in this location will not be for the man in the street, they will be top end stuff for HNWI designed for maximum profit and the profit margin hugely enhanced by their location ! If there was a demand for housing in this area it will only be from the well heeled so it is a false argument to suggest it is in need of development ! If government allow this it will be another illustration of the "tail wagging the dog ", Dandara land banked the land knowing full well what the permissions were that existed on site, the site was never cleared it was left to become an eyesore, a strategic eyesore ! There is room for development, I believe the golf course owner wanted to do so.
  6. A number of root vegetables are also proposing to stand and already have my vote !
  7. Whilst I agree with you about the service, I suspect that profit for the government is everything at the moment ! Everything government can charge for at the moment is rising at an alarming rate !!
  8. As the IOM is now party to the profits made by the SPCO, it makes no sense at all to keep the fast craft. Simplistically the company has two "goods vehicles" to transport goods to and from the island, it just doesn't make sense for one of them to only be available for part of the year but still have the running costs and upkeep of the other ! It may be a nice to have, and I agree speed is wonderful, but now we are a co owner the bottom line is I would suggest of greater priority !
  9. asitis

    Rates Reform

    I guess with such a legacy of debt in the utilities we are shafted !
  10. asitis

    Rates Reform

    How far is the toilet tax going ? I know it started at £50.00, mine is £215.00 this year ?
  11. You're damn right, my wife referred to pain clinic for 3 displaced discs after waiting 12 months for an MRI, waiting list for pain clinic 3 years at the time !!
  12. It is also a shame that when the land was sold to Dandara everybody and their dog knew the intention was to wear planning down to build apartments and the hotel for which permission existed was of little or no interest ! Who sold them the land ?
  13. Is the famous Reynoldsism " we can save at least 2m a year" finally having to come to pass !?
  14. We could employ Mike Proffit, didn't he have a company looking at this ! ....... Sorry too obvious sarcasm !
  15. I am not one of the objectors but I know there are huge concerns about the fact that some perhaps 100 people will be living on site permanently, the effects of which cover much more than just the building. It sticks in my throat that Dandara bought the site knowing full well for what purpose planning was in place, but never wanted to provide a new hotel in its place hence the rack and ruin it is now ! Government should have compulsory purchased the site and offered it to someone who wanted to provide the hotel.
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