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  1. Survival plan ... build build build build build build !
  2. asitis

    Manx Care

    Well I'm gratified that with reorganisation comes increased efficiency...... My wife waited just over two years for a procedure ...... she had it done at the end of August. Tonight a phone call from the department wanting to book her in to have it done ! bit like buses I guess you wait for one then ........
  3. On a slightly wider note it seems poor forward thinking to me that Ballasalla used to have a bank and a post office together with small shops most of which have now gone but yet a huge estate is being built. Castletown is now going to benefit from 96 new houses I read on a noticeboard and yet facilities are closing there too !
  4. I think we actually started at zero !
  5. Hmmmm good stuff, they are finding out it may have been better to have him in the tent, pissing out, than outside the tent pissing in !!
  6. Dumb and Dumber you mean ! One is too busy promoting a developer and an unneeded by pass, the other is thinking of more questions to ask which are of little priority in the current climate. Neck deep in Gravy can't open their mouths for fear of drowning !
  7. I'll use one of the six Chinese ones !
  8. They would be about as remote as IOM Bank are becoming ! Maybe now the IOM should licence use of its branding with a caveat that you actually do have to be a bank here !!
  9. asitis

    Jumping ship

    It is clear that the island is run at a level somewhere remote from our Politicos ! There is an unarguable case that there are too many of them and the attached pomp and circumstance just add to the cost. If any of them had even the remotest interest of the island at heart they would take an opportunity to reform and get a grip on the Civil Service and themselves, it is however one self serving gravy train whose achievements do not reflect its cost !
  10. I don't even think the "local electorate" thing is a thing any more. We haven't heard our numpties comment on anything local for an age, and the place has gone down the tubes whilst looking after the profits of a developer !
  11. Very interesting posts regarding the fleet and selling etc ! As with many things I am not sure the strategies employed by major UK operators translate into the islands situation. Surely usage, mileage etc, all have a bearing on the costs associated with running older vehicles and a well maintained older vehicle does not necessarily mean unreliable or more costly ! Once again in the current situation there is surely a case for someone being told to "cut their cloth" to suit the situation !
  12. In going to tesco and passing Banks Circus, and passing various schools car parks during the day, there does seem to be an awful lot of slack in the system in respect of vehicles ? I understand contingencies need to be catered for but at what acceptable cost ?
  13. I'm glad I didn't use nefarious as an adjective, bit strong. Incompetent, nepotistic, incapable, repetitious, irresponsible, profligate, unaccountable would all have been OK !
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