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  1. I sincerely hope not, he's had his ride on the train and achieved eff all !
  2. I've no idea who she is or what she stands for, however two things go in her favour 1. she is not the old boys club and 2. She is not Phil Gawne . So good luck.
  3. Twitter is full of gratuitous back slapping and arse licking to HRH, the pompous buffoon.
  4. We need a CM and indeed politicians who are truly "men (inc ladies a figure of speech) of the people" who can identify with the problems faced by the ordinary man in the street, rather than in their own millionaire status far removed from the concerns of the common man !
  5. Government are involved that is what went wrong! It seems clear that the lack of accountability across the board is a inseparable reason for most of the dreadful delays, out of control spending and poor decision making. We have a whole raft of senior management civil servants who are at best weak, at worst totally incompetent and we seem to import ones who the UK wouldn't touch with a barge pole. The lack of action for years is illustrated across the board from DOI to DHSC to the airport and many others. We need new politicians with teeth who are prepared to ask questions not sit dozing in the
  6. asitis

    Manx Care

    I think many factors have played into the situation we find ourselves, Eddie Teare and the pensions tinkering, the knowledge that there was a very poisonous cabal at the top of the management tree, an upside down triangle in terms of service delivery personnel , and the usual unaccountability of the CS and others. Its a bit like being an alcoholic I guess, nothing can change until there is acceptance of the problem. Those at the sharp end have my admiration .
  7. A bit like the 2006 business case an utter crock of shit !
  8. Further from other technical people there and I quote " a complete waste of taxpayers money" Maybe that could be translated to Russian.
  9. Actually just found this ... AIP SUPPLEMENT 020/2021 UNITED KINGDOM UK Aeronautical Information Services NATS Swanwick Room 3115 Sopwith Way Southampton SO31 7AY aissupervisor@nats.co.uk http://www.ais.org.uk geoffrey.pugh@gov.im (Content - Isle of Man Govt) Date Of Publication 6 May 2021 Notes (a) All times are UTC. (b) References are to the UK AIP. (c) Information, where applicable, should also be used to amend appropriate charts. ISLE OF MAN (RONALDSWAY) AIRPORT – AIRFIELD CONSTRUCTION WORKS 1 Introduction 1.1 Major works
  10. Could be a bit of fun opining what it might say !
  11. Anyone know the rationale why the starter extensions on 26 / 08 need widening ?
  12. asitis

    Manx Care

    My wife waited just over two years for a procedure, the consultant told her theatre availability and lack of resources were to blame and that only one day a week could be allocated to that procedure. My wife, an NHS sister, said that when she eventually got to Nobles for something meaningful to happen she was impressed, but the interminable wait to actually see someone was dispiriting. In reality, money is the root of most issues in health care and as I often post the dispiriting bit is to sit and watch the incompetents in Government pour taxpayers money away and achieve little!
  13. The time is not to re-elect the old boys club in a frock !
  14. Should fit right in then !
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