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  1. Besides which if it doesn't have two wheels Tourism Dept are not interested !
  2. I thought it impossible, but he's making her look good !!
  3. It's other peoples money at a guess !
  4. Yes it is, it's not really a spare runway, it is an into wind runway which caters for the SW strong airflows we get here for much of the autumn winter season.
  5. The airport director will be surprised it's daylight !
  6. you clearly are not there daily !
  7. I always wondered how the single lane outside the entrance was going to cope with the projected 2.5 million passengers PA. Security will be salivating with the opportunity to be utterly foul with customers, it's the way to grow a failing business apparently !
  8. Nope too many interests need protecting !
  9. Yup we now have the pinnacle of bedwetters in charge, COBB an absolute dolt ! great appointment IOM HR.
  10. How very true, we've suffered from this for many years, we appoint people who subscribe to the chasing rainbows philosophy whilst the present goes to hell.
  11. or roofs without frost on ! or missing street lights. Probably a bit in the past now.
  12. They lobby really hard for the 'plan' to be zoned for housing, they know then that they will get their way via planning as it's harder to raise objections !. There is a difference between what developers want and what the island needs !
  13. The CS bloat has to be paid for !
  14. and exactly why the FSA should do it's job efficiently, without putting undue petty bureaucracy onto the very businesses which supply the money to keep rafts of pencil necks in jobs in Government. I am all for strict regulation and survival of compliant firms, but just sometimes they need to take a look at some of the stuff they send out and give their heads a wobble !
  15. Why is it almost everything you read these days has a feint odour of excrement of the large male bovine about it !
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