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  1. asitis

    The budget

    You may have hit on a business idea here it could be boxed and brought out at Christmas like a pub quiz game... there could be the Anne Reynolds Airport bullshit version too ? can we get a grant ?
  2. asitis

    Crayons at the ready!...sorry, oil paints.

    I know a number of people who were very keen to provide free dentistry services in his case !!
  3. asitis

    Crayons at the ready!...sorry, oil paints.

    Well after budget day, maybe we can comment better on how appropriate spending of this nature is after Cannans speech ! Maybe there will be more justification for outrage or not we shall see !!
  4. asitis

    Planning Appeals

    Whether you can afford the fee or not should not prejudice your right to appeal ! surely the criteria for a right to appeal is whether you have true interested party status, meaning that mischievous participants should be weeded out at the original application. Surely saying you have no right of appeal if you can't afford the money is wrong ?
  5. asitis

    Manx Gas profits Officially too high

    The problem with trying to cap "profit" is that figure can be achieved by clever accountants and company structures to be more or less what you want to be visible. With the product at three times the cost of the UK and a huge standing charge on top, it was perhaps always going to be a conclusion that someone somewhere was cashing in !
  6. asitis

    Year Of Our Island

    There is a queue !
  7. asitis

    Planning Appeals

    Whether its intention is to discourage mischievous objectors or not, what it also does do is discourage people who do have a genuine objection. My daughter and many of her neighbours objected to a government planning application which of course got waived through, all the objections were from people surrounding the plot of land concerned. When it came to the appeal most wrote letters of apology to my daughter and said they simply couldn't afford the fee to carry on, my daughters submission to the appeal contained letters from the other objectors saying their concerns were just as valid but couldn't pay the fee ! Seems a blunt instrument to me !!
  8. asitis

    Planning Appeals

    Whilst developers have played a major part in island life, as times change and growth slows, government need to be careful that the developers input does not become toxic ! The building sector was largely supported by government prior to the VAT renegotiation, and at one time it was difficult to find any company not on the Government payroll ! Times have changed but the developers have not as they gobble up sites and sit on them waiting presumably for the good times to come back ! The planners have got to face facts, that until there is a proven demand, which there is not at the moment, and indeed a demand that cannot be satisfied by saleable properties already on the market, then the greener the island stays the better !! There are brand new properties in Ballasalla and at Santon standing empty no doubt others throughout the island !
  9. asitis

    Cut & paste

    Cut and paste is cheaper than going to New Zealand though to be fair !!
  10. asitis

    P.O Strike Begins.

    My postman is a great guy and does a good job, I hope that they don't shoot themselves in the foot whilst the union guy shrugs his shoulders !
  11. asitis

    Homicidal Tyre

    Rumour has it the housing estate in Ballasalla is for the benefit of Chinese people coming to live here ! However being a realist the housing estate in Ballasalla is for the benefit of Dandara !!
  12. asitis

    P.O Strike Begins.

    If at all !!
  13. asitis

    Homicidal Tyre

    Maybe Skelly could throw a few grand the way of getting someone here to make pet beds !
  14. asitis

    P.O Strike Begins.

    I take it the posties are on strike, nothing on the IOM today website ?