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  1. Could even be a film financed by the same small dumb trusting village !
  2. There are many things which must be a challenge writing a business case ! I guess the only thing is they don't have to present them to a board whose money the case actually relates to ! The one I would love to see is the ever evolving one, relating to the tin shed at Liverpool, that must be a good read.
  3. It's okay Ashford is in charge, he's an expert on the universe and it's entire contents !
  4. The business pages of LinkedIn are awash with negatives about doing business here and the folly of this decision. The commentators are CEO, managing director type of level. How the hell they are going to grow the population with vibrant, economically active young people with decisions like this is beyond me. Government are bloody stupid !
  5. Malew must be in with a shout for the worst MHK's award surely ?
  6. Probably a very pleasant lady, but in the present circumstances in which we find ourselves, a joke !
  7. Bravo...... the most realistic précis of where we are in a nutshell !
  8. Yup we are good at this sort of thing ... Reynolds, sacked, track record of failure and bullshit ! Spake ... clinically insane LOL !
  9. Fixed for you, but I wouldn't hold my breath !
  10. Probably not, she only said expert not a professorship in the subject !
  11. This is true of all developers, they pay lip service to first time buyers homes, knowing that not too many FTB can afford a quarter million to start with. They patronise local politicians (half wits) with what they will do for the community i.e. Ballasalla bypass ( I concede we need a bypass to get around their xxxxxxx traffic lights). It is so easy for developers to manipulate government here, government see them as an important part of tax take and the weak minded politicians are too dumb to see past the promises they make in order to keep the profits rolling in ! The interconnect between what the island needs and developers is long lost, development is ruled by what developers need. I don't suppose having another half wit in charge of planning will alter the situation any time soon. ( note to self stay away from forums before coffee )
  12. ... and an industrial use rated shredder !
  13. The projected attendance figures were promulgated by Anne Reynolds !
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