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  1. asitis

    Pussy to be banned?

    On a serious note it is ok to build forty flats on the ASSI but ban a few moggies and the planning dept will roll over ! at least that is the new Dandara ruse ! The bottom line is they will and have sat on the decaying ruin until they get their way. If government had a pair they would slap a compulsory purchase order on the land. I laugh at the biosphere status of langness and the ASSI what that means is........ blighted by ruined buildings, covered in dog shit and any wildlife hounded to death by packs of dogs ! Dandara have had their profit out of our island it is time for Government to call the shots now !
  2. asitis

    Private medical care terminated at Noble's!

    In an effort to preserve architectural antiques the lintel has been removed and will be installed over the doors of Tynwald !
  3. asitis

    Chief Minister Wins Award

    http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=43360&headline=Prize for 27 stone pumpkin&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2018 SORRY it was just too good to miss !
  4. asitis

    Private medical care terminated at Noble's!

    Damn it doesn't say what type of motorcycle he rides !
  5. If these "wastes" of money were a one off oversight, accident call it what you will, then I agree we shouldn't be having loss of sleep. On the island however the waste of public money is an epidemic, and like I said earlier it is Groundhog Day, it keeps happening over and over again ! I have seen government told by people who do know, that what they are doing is fanciful in the extreme but they still continue to throw money ( which isn't their property) away ! I could list stuff ad nauseum which smells of scandal, and where rumour is rife, we are saddled with debt now, our frontline services are poor and the cost of living here for the "normal" family is high. All of this stems from "errors" in the use of public money and no one has ever been brought to account or explained how we have come to "where we are". It is for these reasons I cannot agree with you, with public office comes responsibility and accountability and until Government become truly open and accountable we will continue to see poor performance of it and its officials across the board. I am not holding my breath !!
  6. ....... and that is collective if the wheels come off !!!
  7. asitis

    Code red or code brown?

    Probably all of the above !
  8. Reluctantly I find myself agreeing with you about the move on bit ! I say reluctantly because we have "moved on " and been "where we are" so many repeated times in the past, the only film I could associate with the isle of man would be Groundhog Day !! Government playing fast and loose with taxpayers money on the island is nothing new and the participants and outcomes being firmly hidden behind Eddies commercially confidential and other "before the FOI" etc etc continue to annoy ! One day we will have to have a "real" enquiry with consequences and until we do I fear we will continue to see taxpayers money poured down the drain !
  9. Yes the VAT re adjustment where does that fit in b4mbi figures ? and more to the point why !! I agree re washing dirt laundry sadly but thats why it keeps happening !!!
  10. asitis

    Things you couldn't make up

    what a bunch of morons !!!!
  11. difficult to know what to think with Eddies smoke and mirrors approach, where the plebs (those who provide the money) cannot see anything as its commercially confidential ! The only out in the open bit is the 26million of taxpayers money which has gone down the tubes !!! ...... if they are too scared of an enquiry then taxpayers money shouldn't have been used in this way. I don't accept the main players are no longer around with the sad exception of Mr Christian they are very much around and the taxpayers are living with a number of their legacies !
  12. I agree about an external investigation Derek, however ,there is too much under stones for those involved to want it to see the light of day ! It will be a whitewash in the end we all know it so why not save the money and just say "nothing to see here" !
  13. ........ or understand it either ........ FFS
  14. Come to think of it the common denominator to your comment is we bought both the feckers !!!!! LOL
  15. Probably another "too damaging to take any further type of enquiry "