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  1. The old management regime did their best to make this happen in every sense !
  2. Until all of them can speak freely, without loss of earnings and/ or loss of chances of promotion, then it will be a dysfunctional house, no matter how good or poor they are. Also the show pony positions should be just that, let the house get on and debate.
  3. Imo we don't pay enough, there should be less but much higher renumeration, you just might get some candidates worth voting for then ! Anyone who should be running/overseeing anything involving budgets of millions and many staff, if suitably qualified and experienced, wouldn't have the slightest interest in being an MHK ! It is not a general criticism of anyone, but for some to think they have the necessary skills is just laughable.
  4. So Mr Cannan has made him an offer he can't refuse perhaps.
  5. I did think either he or Mr Cannan may be a little confused as to who said what when !
  6. So having resigned on Monday he said thereafter he has no intention of resigning ? Have I got this right ?
  7. I've missed all this today whilst working, can someone tell me the timeline of when he resigned after saying he wouldn't resign ? confused !
  8. Just horrible unimaginable grief xx
  9. Mr Cannan needs to act now to put this fire out before it spreads out of control ! Leadership is required to restore credibility and confidence in the service.
  10. Remind me again how many millions it has cost, and how much inconvenience it has caused, to get this far in installing this loss making enterprise ?
  11. I'm sure there lots of niche breaks that could be encouraged here, where the sum of the little bits combined make it worthwhile (if only for the racket which we now own !). My own experience, shared by others, is if it is not a motorbike or other petrol powered device, they are not interested !
  12. Tell that to Mull where just that makes their economy 5 million a year and the Scottish economy 276 million a year.
  13. Looking at twitter, and Dr Glovers latest revelations about Mr Ashford and his partner it seems to me Mr Cannan needs to get a grip on this soon, because the fire is spreading out of control ! No action will not shut this down this time !!
  14. ....... and seemingly the politicos are worried about what it will look like bulleting Ashford ! FFS.
  15. Hard to reconcile spending 100 million on a facility, then perhaps having to think what to do with it in winter ! How in hell did we get here ?
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