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  1. asitis

    Where is Reynolds?

    Our airport is much higher in bullshit, in fact its weighed down by the weight of bullshit and cost !
  2. asitis

    Where is Reynolds?

    TBH to describe it as a security fence is laughable, it is little more than a garden chainlink boundary and if someone wanted to get in , well they could without much effort at all ! Box ticking of the highest order !
  3. asitis

    Where is Reynolds?

    No the fence is OK , we all now have to have security passes, which looks to be a regulation admittedly. The fence was fitted with a security padlock which very few people were supposed to have keys for ! However no one had told the admin that, so now the security padlock has, (it has been told to me) 83 keys, many in the hands of off island people ! Jezza has really inherited a shit show !!
  4. The sensible option of building a small line at the home of rest for old horses was not taken up and could still have been an attraction for those who wished to see and ride on a horse tram !
  5. They are going to use it for Tynwald...instead of it being full of horse shit its gonna be full of bullshit instead !!
  6. asitis

    Fairy tales?

    I would like to give Government something to do, and that would be to act responsibly with money which we give them to act responsibly with ! The whole bloody shower wouldn't last five minutes in a boardroom where the money has an owner, not as perceived by our elected and CS braindead !!
  7. asitis

    Fairy tales?

    Pitched at the correct level for that department in that case !
  8. asitis

    Where is Reynolds?

    The next development will be to cater for 3.5 million passengers as the 2.5 million predicted is clearly too low !
  9. Amazing that when it suits them to justify ridiculous expenditure the first thing they cite is publicity ...... this will certainly get publicity..... bad publicity, how do you value that on the balance sheet ? I hope Miami tell them to eff off !!!!
  10. asitis

    Where is Reynolds?

    A little bird told me she is looking for a position in the UK ! It is true that little is known about the airport it is one of the "Can't say" places for publicity. BTW the radar apparently is only half approved hence the need for the old one as well ! Still you get what you pay for ... or maybe not !!
  11. asitis

    Richmond hill

    Thats true, and the Sloch road surface is still lovely !
  12. They are more advising being xxxxxxx experts on the subject of misusing taxpayers money !!
  13. My personal views on the square and parking don't matter what matters here is some child going under a car promulgated by some half assed planning layout by the commissioners !!
  14. I agree about parental control but this was a very young child and creating a play area not separated from a busy parking area is madness and an accident waiting to happen !
  15. I am not on facebook, but perhaps someone who is could bring this to the attention of the commissioners....... This morning I was parked outside the George in the Square looking at the astroturf and the deckchairs and children's toys, which occupy the other half of the square. A number of small children were playing with the toys, when one of them decided to run off, and as there is no barrier between what is now effectively a children's play area and the cars parking an accident with a car was narrowly avoided. I told a parking controller to bring this to the attention of the commissioners it needs fencing or the whole thing closing again , whatever my personal views before there is an accident ! I would be grateful if someone can copy and paste this onto the commissioners facebook site. Cheers !!
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