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  1. I see him as a spectre hanging over the current crop of candidates including his daughter. As my current political leanings are to be as far away from the "old boys club (and farmers)" as it is possible to get, then none of these would get my vote. Once and for all we need to be rid of the vestiges of the past if we are to move forward in any way, the current system of vested interests and patronages is not fit for purpose in a modern democracy, particularly one which is no longer dripping in cash looking for a home !
  2. FFS, have they even considered what is going to encourage the traffic coming in via poachers pocket to turn right instead of going to St Marks, then ignore the left at Whitestone roundabout and Douglas road, and go straight on to join the bypass at Balthane corner ! Just a fucking excuse so Dandara could build 350 houses on green fields aided and abetted by our utter dimwit of an MHK. Oh and if they are going to build a supermarket on the very road where all the supposed traffic problems were, in whose world does that make any sense, surely just attracts the traffic back. Developers pockets well lined again solving a problem which didn't really exist in the first place !
  3. A lady jogger nearly came straight across in front of me some days ago hence I asked whether it was a crossing, in view of the fact that it isn't, it needs ripping up, seems to me to give the wrong message to those not paying full attention !
  4. Serious question ...... Is that an actual crossing, if so I've driven over it lots of times and have no idea ?
  5. She has stuck to the development and spend mantra ever since she was appointed, and to be fair has been very good at it. Her bullshit around passenger numbers was a joy to behold, the one area forgotten is that what an airport actually needs is aeroplanes and strategic direction none of which we have ever had. We are now stuck with Walter Mitty FFS.
  6. Seems the 1.5 to 2 million passengers don't have many cars LOL .
  7. He'd be some use in charge of a McDonald's I guess !
  8. That's the reality of airport management and Bullshit, eventually Bullshit finds you out !
  9. ...... ahhh yes the reasons for it going from 3 to 60 million are clearly evident.
  10. If they want to keep the current operating profit levels after paying for new ships and supporting Peel Holdings, probably unaffordable for us plebs ! I wonder if Government the taxpayers, should have paid as much as we did for the SPCO given the levels of expenditure required to keep it afloat , maybe literally.
  11. I'll have a stab at answering your question ........ Peel Holdings, negotiating with a bunch of toddlers in Government who hold the keys to a sweetshop.
  12. Yes, I did wonder how something which fitted at 3 million continues to fit at 50 + LOL ! Hard sell in a boardroom imo.
  13. ...... and that's exactly why Peel holdings have us by the shorts !!!!!! I wonder how the original Cost / Benefit analysis stacks up against figures in excess of 50 million, plus ongoing costs ?
  14. Social housing without means testing is a huge barrier to the young. The political reticence to actually target social housing to those genuinely unable to afford to enter any other market is a scandal, and says more about votes than common sense. Castletown commissioners voted no on this shall we say the results were unsurprising !
  15. Just had a text from HSBC asking to not visit branches unless absolutely necessary......... Government say we are fully open but the reality is some distance from that !
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