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  1. It once again exposes the shortcomings of our political system, and the paucity of those leading major project expenditure. Government left the MEA power station in the grip of a hotelier , the prom in the grip of the DOI, who even the chief minister has called into question their candour in providing information. The airport in the grip of incompetents and all the time many millions of hard earned taxpayers cash went down the toilet ! Apt description ! Meanwhile we have vital frontline services starved of cash and employees. Unless our current elected muppets get a grip, and quickly, financial Armageddon approaches. As one of our elected said to me yesterday about the inception of the Liverpool terminal " we were sold a pup " sums up where the cash gets so easily removed from the public purse !
  2. I said this on another thread, but when you see senior people and read their CV, and realise that they have the "butterfly" syndrome, it usually means they are crap !
  3. Castletown Commissioners are a joke and shouldn't be entrusted with ratepayers money or decisions relating to effects on business !
  4. From speaking to a Loganair captain there are lots of issues all over, which cause knock on effects here, it is not just Ronaldsway that has problems. Invariably if a flight has to cancel because of tech delay or any other issue, which then brings into play ATC issues it is not truly fair to blame Loganair. Just FWIW.
  5. Local ATC every time, personable, locally knowledgeable, clear communication and most importantly can appreciate what the pilot is seeing ! We have good girls and guys, just not enough of them !
  6. A properly ring fenced Health fund which Government can't get their grubby mits on would be a good start. Lack of funding is not the whole story, mismanagement and financial irresponsibility are rife in the Health Service !
  7. Hmmm the butterfly syndrome in senior appointments usually means they are crap !
  8. I sincerely hope the new director comes with a view to running an airport, not to further his CV or develop things in order to do so ! That has been the nub of the issue we have had senior management who didn't want to run an airport, or it wouldn't be in the state it currently is !
  9. ........ exactly what government were told in 2006 when the desire to be Heathrow on Sea took hold !
  10. Best post on here for ages !
  11. Whatever it was they are very keen for it not to become public knowledge ! Must be some embarrassment involved somewhere.
  12. Anyone know if this is true ..... There are two sections of security at the airport bit like blue and red watch if you like ....... Blue watch hold a security exercise using a dummy bomb type of thing, red watch, who were presumably unaware, come on duty and the dummy bomb thing is scanned as they are not aware of it's presence ... then the airport gets shut and evacuated ! One of the security guys got very touchy when asked about this !
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