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  1. Here's a thing, I thought a Mr Georgeson was number two to Reynolds at the airport, and when she got promoted to be oberleutnant of the Ports would have been number 1. From correspondence I have just received it appears Georgeson is "Ports Standards manager" with Mr Spake in charge of the airport ? We seem to be proliferating highly paid and pensioned jobs here !! Ahh but none of that matters, because again we seem to having another raft of professionals to run the show at arms length as its all a profligate balls up ! Is it me ?
  2. Are we really as thick as continued headlines in this vein make us appear to be ?
  3. Call me a cynic if you like, but its certainly momentous that the costs have gone up from Zilch, zip, nada to 26.8 million !!
  4. I thought we didn't know how much of a loss it was running at ?
  5. ATC friendly and good guys and gals, admin friendly but convoluted, security some are jobsworths, with no idea what discretion or customer service is and from what I am regularly told upper management an utter joke ! Fuel, nice guys, product expensive which is why aircraft do not fuel here if at all possible, American Company. I am there daily so not man in pub stuff !!
  6. Efficiencies and savings didn't seem high on his agenda when he sorted the farmers out ! Kerrching !!
  7. I think this is the root of the problem " can't afford to do without" whilst true, is a safety net for sloppy management and practices as there will always be joe public to pick up the tab ! There are too many people on the island in various silos of Government who are supposed experts in the field on big salaries, who suddenly find themselves needing independent reports as to the state of what they are supposed to be running ! Airport management seemed to be experts in the field when spending huge amounts of money on some fanciful set of figures about expansion etc etc !
  8. Whatever your politics the basic premise here is the same, someone (in our case taxpayers) pay the salaries of "top" managers in the field to oversee the running of an airport ! Clearly the running has been reported as leaving something to be desired ! in which case politics aside questions need to be asked !
  9. The lack of airport finance in absolute terms is no surprise to the author of the report given to Government in 2006 and dismissed by that intellectual colossus Tony Brown as merely an academic report ! The report supported by lots of literature review, alliterates how the introduction of low cost airlines does not mean revenue from their activities per se, but rather the spin off activities are meant to support the operation as a whole. IOW airside restaurants bars and shopping are supported from the large volumes of passengers attracted by the carriers and the carriers themselves do not pay huge industry standard airport fees ! (you can certainly bet this is the case here). Clearly the IOM never fell into the beneficial category of having the passenger numbers to support an airport from the retail activities largely. (Unless of course you were one of the weak minded looking at 2.5 million passengers per year and growing by now ! ) I would have thought our management experts were fully aware of the financial implications of airport development mind you how you can be fully aware without full and detailed management accounting is beyond me !! I quote from the now 13 year old report ..... Moreover the authors are unanimous in suggesting that airport investment should be implemented on the grounds of addressing a demand for transportation. However it is also apparent that infrastructure investment which encourages low cost airlines can also potentially lead to a reduction in costs for passengers, therefore leading to induced passenger growth. This chicken and egg scenario presents a major challenge for airport planners, as investments cannot be justified on uncertain returns. Furthermore it has been identified that low-cost carriers do not guarantee an ample revenue stream and therefore cannot be viewed as a large contributor to future returns on investment. However in the correct market, a boost in airport users may also stimulate land-side returns, viz. airport shopping.
  10. Ridiculous Political Posturing nothing more, yes we can and should do all we can to make the island as "green" as possible, much of it is common sense and doesn't need a raft of paid experts to push the agenda ! We should be re wilding areas of economically non viable farming land ( not paying for its mere existence), planting trees yes thats a good plan, controlling plastics and monitoring energy use, all these things don't require the creation of departments and posts just people with ideas ! The biggest problem with government here is the rate at which they burn money ! We should make a contribution to the global problems but thats all its ever going to be a token gesture !
  11. Absolutely fine when the manufacturers start producing viable vehicles at a viable price !
  12. I was amazed I got it first LOL !!!!!!
  13. Whats 7m between friends !
  14. Not relevant in any way but funny nonetheless !!
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