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  1. If so, I hope its done in a way to lessen the impact on business here, or we really are in a downward spiral ! One of the first things that should be acknowledged is, we simply cannot go on spending and wasting in the manner we have been, we cannot tax enough to support these levels of expenditure. So a CM with a level of realism is the first requisite imo. Empire builders and dreamers need not apply !
  2. I hope Stu does well , as indeed I hope they all do well to sort out the shit that the last five years of dross have left behind !
  3. TBH with the piss poor representation we have had for the past five years, and more, I'd settle for someone prepared to throw stones, as opposed to the nodding sycophants we have had !
  4. I hope Stu asks the questions they don't want asked, if so he'll be a good irritation. I doubt his mate Glover will, he's been far too wrapped in the establishment cash to make any waves, I hope however with him I will be surprised !
  5. Cregeen toast, I can go to bed a happy man ! Night All !
  6. I'll reserve judgement on Glover, no doubt kept his mouth shut for many years with MR, hope he might now find the balls to open it !
  7. I was hoping Crowther but as long as Cregeen is toast I'll settle !
  8. I know nothing about election procedures, but it would seem odd, not here I hasten to add, but in other less transparent places to be using pencil for the voting slips !
  9. Well that's done, there were some members of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Assoc there as observers , apparently Mugabe sent them to ensure free and fair elections LOL.
  10. Having just read Cregeens manifesto, in between bouts of nausea, I note he calls himself "your full time MHK" WTF does that mean, do we have part time ones ? However I am struck by the bit where he slopes shoulders away from the junction in Ballasalla blaming Treasury for the fact that it won't now be a roundabout as outlined. Too late Cregeen, you were Dandaras cheerleader to get their 350 houses built, trash everyones property now obstructed on Douglas Road and built an utterly nonsensical bypass to solve a problem which didn't exist ! The only problem that existed was Dandaras, in which they needed to get a tame MHK onboard to push this through. I hope you are not only toast but embarrassingly so on the 23rd !!
  11. At the rate we are building houses on green fields there must be thousands coming, and maybe that explains the long mooted passenger figures for travel at the airport something like 1.75 million per annum now ! Their forward projections are so perceptive.
  12. I can't see Glover holding Government or the CS to the fire, when he has been comfortable in their arms for many years, so not him for me !
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