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  1. Another fine mess at the airport this week ..... There are those of us who need access to the airport, both on the North Side of the airport and some on the South Side of the airport for various reasons, air ambulance, private aviation, small jets, postal services, etc etc area M and W are non critical areas and a number of us have keys to those areas which we filled in application forms for and signed for numbered security keys. This week the CAA have been here looking at management of airside. The airport have been unable to locate the records of the key holders, so extra chains and padlocks have been put on access gates and pedestrian gates etc ! a number of people who have access for a living have been unable to go about their business ! Meanwhile the head of security has gone off sick ! Remind me again how much the combined salary is for the three stooges who are in charge of this sad portal !!
  2. A few people got very rich from this scheme ! but it wasn't those using it !!
  3. Most people think stagnation at best, except Chris Thomas and co and the planners, who are intent on covering the island in concrete to serve the needs of the building industry ( add name as required) !
  4. It seems to me if they want to attract people to visit then subsidise the steam racket ! Let people bring their cars and explore for a few days and see if what we have is for them ! at least then its a sort of money go round !
  5. Just the same as the airport was .... Common Sense isn't at all common !!
  6. ...... or pay their legal costs ........ "oh no we didn't" ............ Taxpayers .. "oh yes you did " !!!
  7. £500,000 is a good investment for Belfast, even it fails to achieve anything it won't break the bank. Remind me again how much the projected costs here are ? utter madness !!
  8. If it is it will be a starter for ten, they couldn't get an ice cream purchased on budget !!
  9. I can't recall a Government business case in the past few years which would hold water in a boardroom ! but then again it doesn't have to, its not their money ! I can't think of a bunch of politicos with less regard for other peoples cash than the showers we have had over the past 25yrs !!
  10. I think government departments tend to major on industrial shredders which contribute to power consumption !
  11. Sadly until some people with a grasp of reality and a modicum of intelligence to go with it put forward their desire to stand for public office the Pool Politico is pretty shallow ! Which is probably a good thing, as most of them would be out of their depth in a puddle !!
  12. WTF are these people smoking !
  13. That tells me everything I thought LOL !!!!!
  14. As we are now paying Peel Groups legal fees, never mind the dross spoken in Tynwald by a Sir Humphrey, how much money are Peel group investing of their own in the Liverpool terminal ?
  15. ........ meanwhile frontline services go to hell !!
  16. Coupled with our Governments insatiable appetite for cash to burn of course !
  17. The only thing this will dredge is the coffers of the taxpayers ! Meanwhile the front line services go to hell !!
  18. The funniest line is the last one " we believe this could be all self funded a commercial development " We have a terminal for our lifeline ferry that started out as zero cost implication ......... What a load of absolute tripe !!!!!!!!
  19. The picture is priceless ..... put next to Rodent in his finery could be a real giggle on Tynwald day !
  20. ......... maybe its the Gawne expressions of interest required for a huge undertaking (SPCO) over Christmas and new year ! ..... oh there aren't any ! we'll have to buy it !!
  21. Maybe with Jeremy at the airport who is proven TV material, we are planning another fly on the wall type documentary ... Something along the lines of "A few aircraft flew over the cuckoos nest", suggestions welcome LOL.
  22. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=49979&headline=We did not pay ferry dock vendor's legal fees&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2019 YOU ARE CORRECT ! and a very disingenuous reply as well.
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