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  1. asitis

    Richmond hill

    Thats true, and the Sloch road surface is still lovely !
  2. They are more advising being xxxxxxx experts on the subject of misusing taxpayers money !!
  3. My personal views on the square and parking don't matter what matters here is some child going under a car promulgated by some half assed planning layout by the commissioners !!
  4. I agree about parental control but this was a very young child and creating a play area not separated from a busy parking area is madness and an accident waiting to happen !
  5. I am not on facebook, but perhaps someone who is could bring this to the attention of the commissioners....... This morning I was parked outside the George in the Square looking at the astroturf and the deckchairs and children's toys, which occupy the other half of the square. A number of small children were playing with the toys, when one of them decided to run off, and as there is no barrier between what is now effectively a children's play area and the cars parking an accident with a car was narrowly avoided. I told a parking controller to bring this to the attention of the commissioners it needs fencing or the whole thing closing again , whatever my personal views before there is an accident ! I would be grateful if someone can copy and paste this onto the commissioners facebook site. Cheers !!
  6. According to some, the Prom is going to be a non issue for TT as its going to be gridlock with no one going anywhere ! having been there today I would tend to agree !!
  7. Here, we need to move away from the present "Countryside Care Scheme" which rewards manicured land trimmed to hell, and refocus grants towards food production but also rewilding some of the landscape and making space for nature, tree planting being just one aspect of a needed re focus !
  8. Damn @paswt beat me to the reply LOL !
  9. Sadly foreign pilots are all that the RAF can afford to train nowadays !
  10. Didn't the hospital have something to do with the NI fund ! the famous phrase "it has cost the taxpayers nothing " or similar !
  11. asitis


    " whose interested ? the Isle of Man .... whack the price up they're numpties they'll pay anything, another scotch ?" You could perhaps apply this conversation to any number of scenarios from airports to power stations to boats to incinerators to diesel locos etc etc !
  12. asitis


    At least loose chippings wouldn't be a problem
  13. asitis


    Wonder who has got the job ?
  14. asitis


    Well we don't have money to burn and I wouldn't describe them as horsetram lovers !
  15. However the sum of all the little bits and pieces they piss away on a regular basis, probably would make a dent, and a dent to some people who need the service could, on a personal basis be important !!
  16. I guess if you could persuade Tynpotwald and the depts in the CS, that the health service is a mahoosive vanity project, this report could fly !
  17. As I said simply a holding operation until I think Delta want it for long haul !
  18. Meanwhile we piss money away on vanity projects whilst there are people who through no fault of their own need help from various services !
  19. To lead the idiots in Government Derek it would have to be someone of the second coming stature !!
  20. Bit like the Steam Packet expressions of interest being asked for just before Christmas and expected by first week January !
  21. Here's how small Government quotations go, I stopped falling for this after a while .... You are contacted and asked to quote for XYZ, you spend some hours putting together a quotation then speak to a competitor, who are also friends in the business who tell you " we know who is doing that, its already awarded, they only need your estimate to make up the three" I fell for this a number of times until I told them to get stuffed on every occasion !
  22. If you are from the South we would vote for a root vegetable or mollusc its that desperate !!
  23. There are generally three foot pedals, the right hand one makes an awful lot of difference as to whether the car finishes up off the road on its roof !
  24. I would have no problem with ring fenced additional taxation specifically to boost funding for the NHS here. Of course it would have to be properly ring fenced to keep Governments grubby fingers away from it ! I do however wonder just how much more could be used to boost the service were it not for the profligacy of our elected buffoons on various vanity projects and stuff which makes no financial sense whatsoever.
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