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  1. Crikey someone who knows what they are talking about, you'll soon be given the cold shoulder sadly ! Twas ever thus !
  2. An awful lot to do with a local supermarket if memory serves me right !
  3. It didn't start off well with his Moulton interview, where he had no idea about flight minima and the requirements for take off and landing ! but bullshitted his way through the interview. We've had twenty years of bullshitters !
  4. You have a shed load of ego driven people at the airport promoted far beyond their abilities and experience, making everyones life a misery at every turn ! It's like a nest of vipers at the moment !
  5. I think the fire cover is insufficient for commercial movements in any case on that day.
  6. From what I've seen of the latest appointment, that isn't going to happen any time soon !
  7. Turned out really well this, lots of green fields destroyed, Dr's unable to cope, no new school places, no increase in any infrastructure at all. Houses rented, young people can't afford them, and an unneeded bypass cheerleaded by a then MHK who had had a bypass of his own !
  8. Well it was fantastic views going to Ballasalla until Dandara blighted the countryside !
  9. I like the fact Stu will introduce an element of realism to the travel debates, before we blow another wedge on something unrealistic. No problem at all with cycle routes where they are needed and used, but knowing how we perform, they'll build something that only Mark Cavendish would use whilst in training and sell it to the public as a must have !
  10. Or in other words, we are ensuring you make your profit margin ! I hope the properties thus built with taxpayers money, will be those that young people can afford ! Bend over taxpayers ......... again !
  11. Maybe if there had been honesty and openness from the outset about intentions and performance , the sector may still have been viable. There was too much smoke and mirrors and obfuscation about playing with taxpayers money ! Bell and Teare far from being the cheerleaders of this opportunity were responsible in part for its demise !
  12. We are now coping with government poverty but the wholesale waste throughout Government and the CS has never been addressed !
  13. Anything that has Gawne written on it, is likely to cost untraceable millions !
  14. Which provider are you on I'm on sure it doesn't work for me !
  15. Has anyone tried to access their National Savings accounts with the new two factor authentication malarkey ? I wanted to use my deposit account, but can't get a text with code to either of my manx mobiles, I have contacted NS & I about the issue.
  16. Most of those being utter tripe !
  17. TBH, I'd rather watch paint dry !
  18. Hang on, don't we have 2.5 million pax/ yr, I'm sure somebody assured us that was going to be the case !
  19. I'm afraid hitherto the consequences have always been borne by the taxpayers !
  20. I actually disagree it could be a watershed moment in Manx politics where those elected actually stand by their principles and not bow to the shilling !
  21. Ahh like many before him reacts with anger, deflection and obfuscation, the question remains unanswered ! We really are led by muppets !
  22. It's the same for aviation lifejackets and life rafts , they cannot fly to the island have to be shipped.
  23. I think one of the tech issues was in connection with an aircraft oxygen bottle. Like many things in aviation, the spare aircraft bottle is not allowed to fly so had to be shipped over, caused a long delay.
  24. FFS we've tried this, it worked allegedly for a while, it made 10 million equivalent bed nights or some such thing !
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