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  1. Cregeen toast, I can go to bed a happy man ! Night All !
  2. I'll reserve judgement on Glover, no doubt kept his mouth shut for many years with MR, hope he might now find the balls to open it !
  3. I was hoping Crowther but as long as Cregeen is toast I'll settle !
  4. I know nothing about election procedures, but it would seem odd, not here I hasten to add, but in other less transparent places to be using pencil for the voting slips !
  5. Well that's done, there were some members of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Assoc there as observers , apparently Mugabe sent them to ensure free and fair elections LOL.
  6. Having just read Cregeens manifesto, in between bouts of nausea, I note he calls himself "your full time MHK" WTF does that mean, do we have part time ones ? However I am struck by the bit where he slopes shoulders away from the junction in Ballasalla blaming Treasury for the fact that it won't now be a roundabout as outlined. Too late Cregeen, you were Dandaras cheerleader to get their 350 houses built, trash everyones property now obstructed on Douglas Road and built an utterly nonsensical bypass to solve a problem which didn't exist ! The only problem that existed was Dandaras, in which they needed to get a tame MHK onboard to push this through. I hope you are not only toast but embarrassingly so on the 23rd !!
  7. At the rate we are building houses on green fields there must be thousands coming, and maybe that explains the long mooted passenger figures for travel at the airport something like 1.75 million per annum now ! Their forward projections are so perceptive.
  8. I can't see Glover holding Government or the CS to the fire, when he has been comfortable in their arms for many years, so not him for me !
  9. A sobering thought that imo Mr Moorhouse is the best of the candidates ! For me it's him, and anyone but Cregeen.
  10. At the very least he shows poor judgement, I mean if you are going to use a letter to discredit someone, then the last thing you would do is shred the evidence on which you are relying ?
  11. Simon Mann should get together with Jez Spake to take these ideas forward, similar thought processes !
  12. Harbouring terrorists springs to mind !
  13. Apparently the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission, discovered these anomalies when they were here working for the IOM Government in a consultancy capacity !
  14. It does make you wonder when you look at much of our infrastructure, where the vast amounts of cash that were historically swilling about within Government have gone ? ! " Rather deal with the problems of success" etc etc etc !!!
  15. asitis

    Peoples Wood

    ETA. I should add, no reference here to the many voluntary people and organisations who fall outside of the monetary categories, but those who can influence matters most invariably the drivers are money.
  16. asitis

    Peoples Wood

    Nothing will happen in respect of solving climate change unless it can be monetised for someone. Nobody is ever interested in conservation until it can be measured in financial terms, until that hurdle is removed we will always struggle to do the right thing.
  17. Or spend 5 years doing nothing and get re-elected !
  18. Another clear as mud dissemination of information. I have no idea why it has to be like this, except to say if Comin told me it was daylight, I would have to go outside to make sure !
  19. As much of the South is getting covered in housing as I was wandering around Ramsey and Douglas today I looked in at a few estate agents. I was struck by the number of houses which are for sale, none of which were addressing the problems of a housing shortage for younger people, majority of which were far too expensive. The cheerleaders for the developers are doing nothing to address the problem, as developers are not building for the FTB either. Unless we start to address this by stopping genuflecting at the altar of developers, and skewing the market towards encouraging a sustainable and younger population the problem will get worse. Dullards like Cregeen seem to forget that youngsters need a place to start and 275k aint it !
  20. By Christ there's some bullshit in this .............. https://www.gov.im/media/1374138/iomtreasury-sustainable-financing-framework.pdf
  21. When elected I can see the CS and particularly the DOI parts of it doing a merry jig to the tune of "cretters is back, were sorted"
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