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  1. ........ exactly what government were told in 2006 when the desire to be Heathrow on Sea took hold !
  2. Best post on here for ages !
  3. Whatever it was they are very keen for it not to become public knowledge ! Must be some embarrassment involved somewhere.
  4. Anyone know if this is true ..... There are two sections of security at the airport bit like blue and red watch if you like ....... Blue watch hold a security exercise using a dummy bomb type of thing, red watch, who were presumably unaware, come on duty and the dummy bomb thing is scanned as they are not aware of it's presence ... then the airport gets shut and evacuated ! One of the security guys got very touchy when asked about this !
  5. You would never get the job as you know what you are talking about !
  6. Must be referring to the ILS, but that's nothing to do with the lighting minima !
  7. Listening to Chris Thomas about the ferry terminal it seems he has been inducted into the cult of the DOI, perhaps the brainwashing has worked already !
  8. Christ, since 2006 the airport has had massive investment in all areas, just not the right areas and just not for the right reasons. It's also been run by basket cases, so not difficult to see where it all went wrong.
  9. asitis

    Peel Marina

    ...... and precisely the reason we have been dragging our feet over environmental issues both green and otherwise !
  10. That's not an incident, that's a disaster !
  11. I guess to be pedantic no, the fxxxxxing taxpayers are, like we pay for everything else ! The fuel costs are unavoidable agreed, but the wholesale waste that has gone before throughout government is fast coming home to roost !
  12. ... and the 100 million tin shed on Merseyside !
  13. asitis

    Peel Marina

    Just another topic where anyone well qualified in a specialism, would rather coat their eyes in jam amongst a swarm of angry wasps than work in the public service on the IOM.
  14. Attracting a lo-cost carrier to our level of passenger numbers was always going to be a gamble at best, and almost like all your eggs in one basket. Open Skies is farcical, as I agree is a sole operator, we need some halfway house. The real nonsense is subsidising empty seats on routes where the seats are empty because of the lo-cost carrier. Hopefully this new director has some common sense and commercial experience.
  15. He is truly a Walter Mitty !
  16. I agree with his comments about Developers, they want the easy bucks from covering greenfields with houses at inflated prices, they don't want to contribute at lesser profit margins ! It needs someone with a spine to reign the profits in to benefit all or tell them to bugger off !!
  17. Well as sure as shit it can't be termed a "cost overrun" !
  18. My understanding is he was hired by another useless tool !
  19. Short sectors with low cruise levels and frequent take offs and landings, cost an awful lot more in terms of fuel consumed and rotation limited maintenance items, hence from a pure accountancy point of view, the turboprops make much more sense. Had we not made so many mistakes in the past the service here could have been so much better, and I don't mean getting government involved in anything as they couldn't run a bath !
  20. The original reason Easyjet came to the island was connected with levels of discount applied when putting bums through UK airports. I am reliably told we were the closest place to supply the few numbers needed to move them to a new lower level of fees. Whatever the case, in terms of the Easy operation we are inconsequential in the grand scheme of things and will always be first to sustain any knock on issues for the availability of aircraft. I am well aware of the economics of aviation and the lo cost airline model here simply does not work, unless subsidised either by the rest of the operation or by the taxpayer.
  21. What I can tell you, is running a smaller business, we were often asked to quote for Government work, which we spent time doing. One of the larger players, who were friends of mine, knew who had the contract at the same time as we were putting effort into doing a full estimate. Their advice to me was, don't waste your time you are only being used as one of the quotes required ! I told them to get stuffed thereafter whenever asked to quote for Government !.
  22. Another edifice which hasn't exactly been starved of money but looks to be in a shambles !
  23. Mirror of the airport !
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