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  1. Statement from Minister of Education re bullying in Schools .... "This is a serious issue and will be tackled robustly, please desist from such behaviour ....... or I'll rip your face off !" LOL
  2. This thread just reflects peoples dislike for the useless tool ! Unsurprising really ! on this occasion he may have been utterly correct, but you have to win respect and he doesn't have any here !
  3. Absolutely spot on, something has gone awry at Malew Commissioners and there have been a number of resignations, I have no idea what except to say that it is not sweetness and light and an end of tenure job ! The problem does from my understanding not seem to be those who have gone !
  4. This seemed appropriate to comment on here ... SECRECY I see the report into bullying by a minister, Cregeen is to be kept secret. I can see the rationale for that as the embarrassment caused to the complainants by being bullied by a root vegetable must be huge ! (For those without a sense of humour I fully support anyone being bullied especially by this tool !) I wonder how much different life would be fiscally if Government were proponents of letting the daylight shine in ... I refer to other reports Steam Packet, Manx Gas and I am sure others can add to the list of those things not designed to be seen and of which we should not speak !!
  5. ....... and is now a key player in the film obfuscation, together with others who give me no surprise ! Oh and he didn't notice the MEA shambles ! You are correct most certainly set the standards !
  6. Maybe its correlated somehow to tourist accommodation ? Agriculture here has many meanings depending which side of the grants scheme you are looking at it from !!!
  7. The first time I can remember anything coming out of Government which sounded like financial responsibility !
  8. Yup the building trade business !!!
  9. A Government loss making enterprise holds up a multi million pound civil engineering project and trashes private business as it does so ! Only on the Isle of Man !
  10. Obfuscation and half truths have become the new norm, I refer you to the film debacle as a prime example and also MEA etc etc !
  11. The trams should have been moved to the home of rest on a small track, so that any anoraks who wanted to have their portly frames pulled around on a victorian "attraction" by some broken winded carthorse could do so and contribute to the upkeep of said nags! Instead we turn a large civil engineering project into a laughing stock and inconvenience everyone and incur no doubt substantial extra costs in the process! FFS not everything is heritage! some of it is outdated crap which has been replaced in other places by a modern tram system which we would have been far better investing in ! There is only a very small market for a few people wanting to see heritage transport attractions, at least the trains can transport people through the countryside! Get a grip FFS.
  12. It seems they had no desire to listen to people who thought it a bad plan to further obstruct the new roadway nor lose money hand over fist !
  13. Just been working and listening to 3fm, one of their advertisement slots has just been taken up by three building development adverts and a Gaiety advert ! Who in hell is buying all these houses ?
  14. I have no problem with a subsidy should it be necessary for food production. There is no need to tidy the land via subsidy, rewilding would be better for climate and wildlife if landowners can't be arsed to tidy their property, similarly holiday accommodation and lawns are not the taxpayers responsibility ! To base a subsidy on simply owning land is a nonsense, developers landbanks, do they get subsidy ? Lots of votes in it eh Phil !! It is clearly all above board as it is so open and transparent who gets what and why .... oh hang on!
  15. I would go for Moorhouse on the premise he won't buy the farmers with taxpayers money at the 11th hour as Gawne has previous for doing so !
  16. As if to support my post above here we are ! https://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-news/rise-in-construction-jobs-over-five-years/
  17. Can they build holiday accommodation within your scheme ?
  18. GAWNE will be proposing getting back to the gravy train as soon as possible ! maybe more cash for farmers !
  19. I agree, my observations were in respect of their grandiose schemes which would be more at home in places with many times the populations!
  20. I was about to say that a done deal behind closed doors with the sham of public presentations and in this case a public enquiry ! Ballasalla was the same, always a done deal with our dim MHK supporting, was pointless going to meetings and trying to explore the rationale, when the truth is there wasn't a rationale for the wholesale expansion ! I once had a medical issue and my doctor offered me words of advice which were " when you go to see the surgeons, remember they are surgeons and will want to operate thats what they do!" Developers are developers thats what their business is, if they don't develop they don't have a business, rationale doesn't enter into it ! Governments use of counsel in the camlork and eastern area malarkey is very questionable and I agree another misuse of public funds. I am not against necessary development where there is a proven need for housing particularly to get people on the housing ladder but I am very sceptical about the need for the constant new developments with large houses at large prices! One can only surmise that Government need the employment created by these industries and to hell with the countryside or residents or anyone else ! their pandering to developers knows no bounds!
  21. I think our Government are the only organisation who don't recognise the restrictions of a small island and lack of economy of scale !
  22. Didn't Alan know nothing about some houses ? !
  23. As far as I am aware sadly he did ! Teare should be asked to evidence offensive allegations of that nature which I am sure are not appreciated by his family.
  24. I see Teare has now played the, "you hounded Steve Christian to his death" card !
  25. This has to be the weakest most stupid administration in living memory ! I thought the bar had been set pretty low with those who went before, but this now is an administration achieving nothing and mostly at odds with those who elected it. I acknowledge that climate change is a serious subject together with conservation and animal welfare, all aims which I totally support, however this job creation scheme will not go one inch towards those aims, merely support and superannuate non jobs within the administration. There are too many vested interests here to make an instant start to what would help the island. My suggestions would be. Stop unnecessary development ( but encourage energy efficient development where there is a proven need, and that does not include the profit margins of developers as a proven need), remove non viable food production land from the farmers grants scheme and re wild,plant trees as promised,explore recycling in far greater depth,incentivise re-use of disposables and we should have been exploring tidal energy instead of creating a huge debt when they made a balls up of building a power station. Many of these things could be implemented quickly but like all here it will become a salaried talking shop and we'll be still talking this time next year!
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