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  1. I didn't say I was useless, far from it , what I did say is my CV is not what I would vote for when wanting a politician. We need people who are fiscally savvy, analytical and can deal with ruthless business, because it is too easy run rings around our Government ! In respect of the film fund, maybe had there not been so much smoke and mirrors and commercial confidentiality, so beloved of those at the time, then cynics like me would be more convinced of its transparency and efficacy !
  2. A person can have an opinion be it critical or whatever without having to stand as a candidate to validate any opinion ! I don't think half the political representation we have on the island is suitable to be in those positions but as I said earlier neither do I consider myself suitable either !
  3. Whether it made multiple millions or not is not the point. A very small cabal of people lost 33 million pounds of other peoples money, irrespective of how much the VAT return may or may not have made, that's the issue. Oh and the VAT renegotiation cost us millions too if there is / was a connection ! Agreed N D.
  4. What I can't reconcile, is our Governments willingness to piss money up the wall, and yet vital stuff like this .. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-isle-of-man-54573692 has to be paid for by charities raising money ( I take my cap off to them btw)! Horse trams have wasted millions , manx radio , 33million gone somewhere in the film business ( feel free to add your own pet annoyance) and here we have charities buying vital equipment for the hospital ? Tell Manx Radio to get its fingers out the cookie jar and prioritise !
  5. Here's the thing, when I get up in the morning I see a guy who has neither the breadth of education, nor the experience required in my opinion to be a politician. What is frightening, is we have a number of people here who get up in the morning look in the mirror and imagine they have all those qualities and more ! The island is a wonderful place but very poorly governed by people who frankly don't have anything to offer except bluster !
  6. In the case of ours you are certainly correct, can you imagine putting some of the schemes and profligate commitments before a board and justifying them ! where the money is earned and belongs to people, as opposed to taxpayers money as they see as an infinite resource to be wasted at will !
  7. Thats the problem in a nutshell, there aint any !!
  8. I agree but so should the standard of Politicos, some of those we have aren't worth 43 quid !!
  9. I certainly agree re Peel and I'm sure we could list a raft of money drains that produce little ! However I standby by my point that an island radio station with a few thousand listeners which starts of with a million quid on the balance sheet each year and is allowed to compete on advertising revenues ends up 65K in the red, if that isn't mismanagement I don';t know what is !!
  10. It is shocking when everyone is trying to figure out a way forward post Covid, that extra taxpayers cash is needed to bail out this utterly mismanaged antique broadcaster. This must rate as one of governments highest profligate success stories ! Get a grip and cut your cloth, thats what the rest of us have to do !!
  11. I guess, but it would have been a quicker way to give her the short sharp shock she so clearly needs, in default going to HMP ! She won't be able to attend probation as she will be having to watch Jeremy Kyle and drink tinnies on the sofa !
  12. Like all the profligacy on the island, its a culture from the higher echelons of Government downwards ! Governments and local authorities don't have any money, its your money ! As we sway taking the blows from Covid, Manx Radio announces further losses despite a subsidy approaching a million quid, we continue to fund the Liverpool landing stage which strangely started out as a much vaunted no cost to the taxpayers but will end up at perhaps 60 million quid. DBC are amateurs compared to some of the premier league fantasists and wasters of resources in Government. Rant over coffee time !!
  13. A strange world indeed where a desire not to work is accommodated by the courts !
  14. asitis

    Manx Care

    The situation was described to me by someone who should know as "there is a very nasty cabal of people who are totally resistant to change in positions of power, any change is therefore difficult to impossible " If this is true I hope the situation is changed by the new guy but I won't hold my breath.
  15. Thats the sound of the clip on your wallet as Longworth empties it !
  16. not to mention the ongoing costs to taxpayers !
  17. Shit at negotiating anything, I agree across the board ! oh except MHK's own pay and allowances !
  18. 4 Weeks hmmmm ... what was the original estimate for the work, it took so long I forgot how long it was supposed to be, with the amount of roadworks at the moment all over, perhaps its a covid plan to keep everyone at home !
  19. Another PR disaster is the MHK payrises up for approval https://www.tynwald.org.im/business/opqp/opqp/2020-PP-0173.pdf Perhaps a little insensitive at the moment !
  20. I was thinking more, lanes for tracked vehicles to ensure traffic can actually flow !
  21. I have no problem with Developers. What I do have a problem with is the island has imo been subject to very poor governance over the past 25years or so, where various self interested groups have dictated government policy, the tail has been wagging the dog if you like. What I see now is the building industry being the latest tail wagging the dog as the dog sees the employment created as the reason for development not strategic planning and need. We will have to beg to differ. Have a good day !
  22. I have an issue with profit covering green fields in concrete and government bloat being supported by any employment at any price ! Oh and also a private person being hounded to death by planning but the same planning sanctioning almost anything for the sake of NI and tax !!
  23. Seems to me the housing that is in great demand is social housing for the least able to afford property starting at around 250k +. That however is not attractive to developers as profit is small. It is disingenuous to throw the "we need housing" mantra as a cover all for the huge expansion in homes covering the islands green spaces. Much of the reasons for we need housing, are based in an artificial market creating jobs and developers profits, and it is serving little social need ! Had we more employment available much of the building expansion would be tethered to need rather than greed !
  24. From the state of play at the prom probably the same number as there LOL !!
  25. I wouldn't mind betting a friend of mine had more grief and supervision over a fucking garden fence than the whole of the prom !
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