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  1. From what I understand it would be interesting to review the tendering and procurement process for the radar installation !! I do know that throughout the time it was being installed and couldn't pass muster, staff were sworn to secrecy and obviously threatened with god knows what, I think we can safely say the radar purchase and installation was less than transparent ! However the new (old) radar seems to work.
  2. Planning ........ a bunch of hitlers who don't give a shit what the man in the street thinks or whatever expense their diktats put the man in the street to.. all backed up by a raft of anti development regulations unless of course you are a developer ! Loathsome the lot of them !!!
  3. Is anyone on this thread actually surprised that the Prom is an utter cluster ! Most will have realised this before the DOI ripped it up !!
  4. 38m more than originally fanfared I believe !
  5. I have a chainsaw ...........
  6. Perhaps he did it in a commercially confidential way !?
  7. Those who predicted this would be a a cluster of epic proportions were clearly correct, as were those who predicted the Liverpool Terminal would rise exponentially in cost ! Why is it the man in the street with a smidgeon of common sense can foresee these things happening but our elected muppets press on regardless whilst dwindling public money goes up in smoke ! How is it our elected trumpet that we are having a Liverpool terminal at no cost to the public purse, but which will become I am led to believe north of 50 million ! and they wonder why people don't believe a word they say ! what a bunch of useless amateurs!
  8. I'd argue that Derek on the most pointless scale, the most pointless installation in my opinion is the large building on Prospect Hill !
  9. It's a winter work scheme extended permanently !
  10. Yep our politicos and their highly professional friends have worked us into a bit of a hole !!!!!!!
  11. Aren't we already doing this ?
  12. Get Phil on the case more grants needed urgently !!!!!!!!
  13. Absolutely ...... which begs the question why on the radio say something like 18 out of 21 vehicles which were stopped had defects, unless as usual there is a glacier moving towards MOT's and pressure to present the news in that way !
  14. Back to the original thread ... Listening to the reporting on the radio of Police stop checks and how many vehicles had defects I begin to see the snowball effect rolling down the hill towards MOT's. The reasons for MOT's can be long debated, but you can bet ours won't have any basis in mechanical engineering more fiscal engineering !!
  15. The ones who built my daughters house must have been blindfolded then as a challenge !!!!!!!!!
  16. This is what you are up against when you waste your breath and effort trying to add rationale to covering the island in concrete!! http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=52005&headline=Dandara boss ‘Business Leader of the Year’&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2019&cat=Local People http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=52013&headline=Dandara praised in Freedom to Flourish award&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2019&cat=Local People Couple this with our open and transparent Government !
  17. There were plenty of reasons for all this stuff, sadly my bank account was not one of them, but you can bet your bottom dollar there were many accounts who felt a satisfying swell in funds!
  18. Statement from Minister of Education re bullying in Schools .... "This is a serious issue and will be tackled robustly, please desist from such behaviour ....... or I'll rip your face off !" LOL
  19. This thread just reflects peoples dislike for the useless tool ! Unsurprising really ! on this occasion he may have been utterly correct, but you have to win respect and he doesn't have any here !
  20. Absolutely spot on, something has gone awry at Malew Commissioners and there have been a number of resignations, I have no idea what except to say that it is not sweetness and light and an end of tenure job ! The problem does from my understanding not seem to be those who have gone !
  21. This seemed appropriate to comment on here ... SECRECY I see the report into bullying by a minister, Cregeen is to be kept secret. I can see the rationale for that as the embarrassment caused to the complainants by being bullied by a root vegetable must be huge ! (For those without a sense of humour I fully support anyone being bullied especially by this tool !) I wonder how much different life would be fiscally if Government were proponents of letting the daylight shine in ... I refer to other reports Steam Packet, Manx Gas and I am sure others can add to the list of those things not designed to be seen and of which we should not speak !!
  22. ....... and is now a key player in the film obfuscation, together with others who give me no surprise ! Oh and he didn't notice the MEA shambles ! You are correct most certainly set the standards !
  23. Maybe its correlated somehow to tourist accommodation ? Agriculture here has many meanings depending which side of the grants scheme you are looking at it from !!!
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