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  1. Does anyone know where the job of Deputy Airport Director was advertised ? who was interviewed ? and who was on the interview panel ?
  2. asitis


    ......... and all the time hard earned taxpayers cash trickles through their inept fingers and disappears down the drain !
  3. I hadn't seen this written down but they seem to be matters of common decency in the roles! In answer to your original question it would seem not ! In fact would be like a cross to a vampire !
  4. For the life of me I don't really care whether the figures are 10,000 or 50,000, they are representative of a population in staycation mode. In either case none of this goes anywhere close to justifying the 8.5 million a year the toy trains cost the taxpayers !
  5. You could be waiting a while !
  6. I think it illustrates perfectly the way a number of our politicos view their positions, simply as a way of being able to exert influence and climb a social ladder. The paucity of our democracy is exposed here for all to see !
  7. But they have to be sure you will toe the line and not try and rock the boat or was that bloat !! If you are young and bright I guess you are a threat !!
  8. we did in the South !
  9. The fact that jellyfish have lived without a brain for 650 million years gives hope to many people !
  10. asitis

    Mountain Watch

    Is this one we blew 33 million on ? looks a blockbuster to me !
  11. asitis

    Mountain Watch

    The lack of speed limit relies heavily on common sense to be appropriate, sadly common sense is not that common !!
  12. Please don't use the phrase "pave a way forward" I have a bad feeling it will involve much paving and the covering of green fields with the aforementioned paving ! I bet a local developer is salivating as we speak !
  13. asitis

    Mountain Watch

    I have banged on for years about the dichotomy which is the " Petrolheads Mecca, come ride the course etc etc" and the conflicting desire to keep people safe. I have no problem with the TT it's a spectacle on the "course" for skilled riders who compete knowing the risks. The rest of the time its the A18 Ramsey road ! and should be policed as such!
  14. It's good to get to the office refreshed after having seven bells of shit shaken out of you !
  15. There needs to be a differentiation between the toy train method of transport, and a proper modern transport system. The victorian money sucking stuff is a hobby for some, not a serious attempt at transport. Until we have a transport policy which embraces transport as a means of reducing vehicle traffic and fits with an environment policy, then playing at trains is a hobby the taxpayers can't afford. In what boardroom would you have sold the proposition, that you were going to spend millions on the prom, putting local businesses out of business or at risk of going out of business, in order to install a loss making tram system drawn by some horses in the vain hope of attracting a few tourists ! Get the victoriana out of the transport system and do some forward thinking. In the plentiful days of the past this may have been a smart idea with modern transport but now seems the wrong time !
  16. Makes me laugh, we get our knickers in a twist about some losses if we took some kind of part in an airline (not saying buy one), but we shrug our shoulders at the millions required every year to fund the airport and its rafts of management and premier league bullshitters ! I would much rather throw a few million at some aircraft than down the throats of the gravy slurpers doing next to eff all !
  17. If Mr Josem gets in I can picture a meeting with the CM, banjos playing in the background ... " you're not from these parts are you boy"
  18. Glad someone could sort them out this morning, at least it wasn't another embarrassment !
  19. Anyone know if Douglas Rugby Club got away ?
  20. Exactly what I was alluding to !
  21. I find it impossible to believe that an airliner crew would set off without having read the latest weather and notams for their destination and alternates ! absolutely basic stuff, which would be presumably in addition to their ops having planned the flight too ! I smell a long fella ! which I suspect is mitigation as we are going to have to put our hands in our pockets for the additional fees I suspect !
  22. I have just seen some correspondence on an unconnected matter from the airport (JEZ) and am aghast at the number of senior and management positions the e mail is copied to, to run a little airport. No wonder we are bloody broke ! Clearly I cannot reproduce the mail but trust me its amazing.
  23. Yes this ended in a row as well, where if I am reliably informed, the owner of a light aircraft was cleared by the relevant government departments to depart for Guernsey, but was prevented from doing so by the airport as he didn't hold an AOC ! WTF an AOC has to do with the virus is beyond me !
  24. For those not familiar you need to add one hour to those times to get the local time.
  25. Again, unless arrangements were in place to the contrary everyone knew ATC opened at 11.00 local, and they did to the minute !
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