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  1. Presumably Ms Reynolds is accountable for the airport now she has moved back there. I will read her comment with interest, should she make one !
  2. This is why, across the board, we waste so much taxpayers money, cockup after cockup and no one accountable !
  3. Still manages to hedge the issue of what actually happened, ATC were open at 11.00 that is notamed, so either Aurigny had filed a flight plan and were not aware of the notamed opening hours, can't believe that, or some other arrangement was made which didn't happen at this end !
  4. Exactly, either Aurigny messed up or the airport did ?
  5. No one seems able to answer, was a special arrangement in place for a landing before 11.00am? if so heads need to roll ! If not 11.00am is the published opening time on Sundays at the moment !
  6. Unless it was a special arrangement the airport does not open until 11.00 on Sundays.
  7. The thing to get all fired up about preserving is habitat, the creatures will largely take care of themselves ! Boot is half the hat !
  8. Geoffrey Boot @GeoffreyBoot · 7h Visit to Manx BirdLife Point of Ayre Reserve. Extremely informative and it’s going to be a real asset to both wildlife and visitors. ERRRRR is it me ?
  9. Were Red squirrels ever native to the island ? that is perhaps the acid test. I don't profess to be an expert by any means but from those who are, I understand that non native species can have serious effects down to the sort of microbic levels in soils etc, things I had never thought of.
  10. Re wilding a lot of non economic farming land, perhaps followed by the re introduction of native species I could get behind. This would fit nicely with the green and biosphere agendas and aid wildlife tourism at little (relative) cost. To import a now very rare if not non existent species just to shoot them is madness ! Boot has either not thought this through or doesn't care as long as he and his mates can have fun slaughtering things !
  11. I agree Derek, a tourist strategy should be aimed at niche tourism not some fanciful overarching policy trying to attract all and sundry, which in the age of being able to travel to the sun cheaply (or at least you could), makes us as a bucket and spade family holiday destination look silly. There are markets in Rallying, wildlife, outdoor scenic pursuits and others. Cash specifically targeted at a niche, would imo produce better results than trying to paint this quaint victorian seaside memorabilia image, which is costing millions.
  12. Hope he knows where to find them !
  13. All Government land sold off for an approved development should contractually include a build it timescale and a compulsory purchase order thereafter. The amount of land being sat on by developers is huge, particularly sites where they are waiting for planning to cave in to their demands. No doubt a government development strategy, in terms of facility and housing etc, has differing aims to a developers strategy where profit is the sole driver !
  14. Looking at the news it seems unlikely that the UK will be able to educate sections of the populations enough to keep the virus under control !
  15. wasn't Alan Bell and Eddie Teare was it ? ! ( Film aficionados )
  16. Hmmmm I don't think game shooting supports a local raptor population, that's why we have Hen Harriers and England basically doesn't ! Anything which can be monetised like game shooting will inevitably clash with natural populations ! Boot needs the Boot !!
  17. Who is building them ? sorry don't want to derail the thread !!
  18. At the side of those two my dog could stand a chance !
  19. Gawne's rushed through farmers grants "I'll look after you boys" and his scant regard for public money were his undoing !
  20. The world seems to be suffering by a lack of credible opposition to its Governments which makes them think and act in an accountable way. The UK is a prime example, but here is the extreme ! Our lack of respect for public money and general unaccountability, and a never ending ability to cram more skeletons in the cupboard are a sad legacy to an ancient parliament !
  21. If factual, perhaps illustrates how prevalent it still is in the UK !!
  22. I read the R rate in the UK is rising and the floodgates to pubs etc are about to open. We should observe from a distance for a while !!!
  23. Because my friend sent it to me on what's app but I've no idea how to share it anon !
  24. Can someone please post the DOI Hitler parody from facebook it'll bring a smile to everyone, I can't do it as I don't do facebook.
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