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  1. Arbory school drop off and pick up times are a nightmare and in my view dangerous to both traffic and children !, and yet given the density of the traffic and the demands on the school land keeps getting sold to a developer for more houses and more families in Colby ! I keep reading about plans for this and plans for that, but when do our thickos ever get out in the real world and take a look at what is happening ?
  2. Apart from the frontline staff, the whole shebang is a xxxxxxx mess !
  3. Aye over 6 million quid a year which goes to ( we don't know and couldn't tell you if we did ! commercially confidential don't you know !). A bargain for some moots which will save us all ! We may have voted for some utter muppets here in the south, but at least we kept Gawne out !
  4. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=50733&headline=What brand should your town or village adopt%3F&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2019 I'll start Ballasalla, "The Baghdad of the South"
  5. Even when visiting the tip these days you need your wallet with you in case something you have incurs a charge which you didn't foresee!
  6. They aren't, the Q400 is far superior and even that is thought of as an accountants aircraft !
  7. Hmmmmm it doesn't like icing !!
  8. I thought last time we had elected a few who were not content to sit on the parcel shelf nodding away contentedly! However I was wrong we have a shower of compliant muppets who drool at the sight of a few pieces of broken mirror and some beads! I have nothing against the TT or the Festival or cycle racing or rallying, each to their own, but a niche sport with a peak attendance of four weeks per year is no economic driver to spend long millions. Will justification go along the lines of the Liverpool landing stage " no cost to the manx taxpayer" which after Government negotiation becomes north of 38 million ! Can't we prorogue this lot until the next election then see if someone stands who can at least pee unaided !!
  9. TT weddings may be a thing for a very few people, but take the enthusiasts out of the equation and what is to attract couples to Glencrutchery road ? Perhaps stunning background views of the Police custody suite or maybe the cemetery or traffic lights and a filling station, yes all bound to attract upmarket wedding couples to the venue ! What an absolute load of tripe, if it needs a bit of TLC then do that, but FFS this is profligate lunacy ! Is there not some legislation to protect the taxpayers from misuse of public funds ?
  10. They didn't carry on in Port Erin due to lack of demand I believe was cited, mind you they know they can get away with any shite here as planning are compliant in every way !
  11. The narrow track undercarriage in our crosswinds is a challenge to say the least !!
  12. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=50753&headline=Flybe base to close and Heathrow route ends&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2019
  13. Most of our politicians think so !
  14. My daughters expensive Dandara house, needs far more attention than mine which was built mid seventies ! maybe someone should point that out that to those who overlook older properties !
  15. You didn't climb in a laden 360, you rather waited for the earth to fall away due curvature !
  16. Meanwhile the usual companies will be salivating at the prospect ! Wedding venue catering is a private affair as are most corporate hospitality functions, the rest of TT is an enthusiasts sport with its peak over (Inc festival) 4 weeks every year ! Absolutely immoral whilst the hospital struggles to be able to provide care for the population, children are taught in portacabins, the roads need a 4 x 4 in many locations due to their lack of maintenance. Meanwhile the population are gouged for everything that can possibly have a charge attached ! This is a beautiful island with warm friendly people who welcome visitors with open arms, I know because I was one, who has stayed for 28yrs ! Sadly we have utterly contemptuous politicians ! with absolutely no idea what should be their job remit ! Coffee time !!!!!
  17. A business case will be dreamed up to justify the project ! meanwhile frontline services go to hell ! If we had the same number of CS and MHK's taking care of the taxpaying paying public here, as there are tripping on some hallucinogenic substances whilst dreaming up ever more fanciful schemes to shed taxpayers cash then we would be in clover! At the next election I am going to vote for any form of simple organism, who gets that money is a finite resource which enables government to fulfil its primary role of caring for and defending its population! I know you don't get much more of a simple organism than those we already have here in the south, but someone must stand who gets it !
  18. Nothing would surprise me anymore in connection with the omnishambles that is the airport !
  19. Contempt is all some people may have LOL !!
  20. Most of the business cases used by Government to justify their largesse would have a boardroom in fits of laughter, fractionally before the presenter was fired !
  21. you forgot to add the word expensive before your list of adjectives !
  22. My now daughter in law, moved out of her very nice apartment in upper Douglas which the Government bought back from her, being part of that scheme some three or maybe four years ago. It is still empty, no idea why it was very nice and in a nice area too !
  23. The stats have to fit the narrative to justify the end !!
  24. The stats must be authored by the same person as did the airport projections, maybe as they were coming off the LSD !
  25. The problem is, the pressure to replace them, should someone who cares little for public money and likes them is concerned is a worry. I know nothing about buses, but was told that the ones we disposed of to Blackpool had lots of life left, and were a bargain. Maybe when we were running in cash the government could dispose of stuff readily, but once again I look forward to an adult being in charge of the purse strings , but doubt if that will be the case here !
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