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  1. By far the best aircraft for the job is the Q400 my friend is a Q400 captain and tells me the downsides of the ATR's. There will be some of these around. As a further thought we have what by now will be struggling fuel company here, its the time to future hedge some jet fuel, all these little things could end up making sense. However whether we have anyone who is willing to look at this seriously with serious business case I very much doubt, we have aviation professionals who aren't really experts in very much !! The world will undoubtedly be a different place that's why thinking outside the box is paramount.
  2. I don't think profit is an issue, I agree with JW that a large operation has the potential to cost lots viz Jersey However in terms of the ways Government have lost lots of money over the years on egos and incompetence , the losses on something simple could be predicted, if they were to happen, and minimal. Frankly on one route with leased crew and aircraft and having the DHSS contract as a starting point at a sensible fixed price imo it could be workable. If we can toss away millions of pounds on some of the tripe we do without worry, then predicted small losses, again if that were the case, would be manageable. Now would be the time to play hardball with aircraft leasing companies they will have lots of problems with idle aircraft costing money and unemployed crew, there could also be ways of employing crew through the island giving tax and NI benefits to the treasury. The problem here is we can't think, we can't negotiate and we lie supinely back whilst others at least try to work a problem.
  3. The problem with the whole thing is people have no idea what to believe, we have a MSM pushing a political agenda, we have ex prime ministers and other pushing their narcissism and a load of armchair experts pushing various theories. I for one have no idea what or who to believe. Maybe one good thing to come out of they whole shit show would be someone establishing a politically neutral reporting agency which fed facts to the public, not spin or personal agendas, like the BBC used to be ! If we do open up I sincerely hope everyone stays well.
  4. There are likely to be aircraft and crew looking to be used I would have thought, a little out of the box thinking could bear fruit in securing at least a vital route. As someone suggested earlier a protected route with a known number of passengers would perhaps reveal a workable business case. Just don't let government write one of its fanciful business cases ! A good start would be to give the protected route the DHSS contract, that's a good starting point, surely someone could explore properly whether the logistics of this could work ! The idea of something very simple on one route couldn't be worse than where we are now.
  5. I was hoping for some direct operations costs per flight hour, I can find some stuff from America but the UK is a different ball game.
  6. Anybody know the wet lease cost of a dash 8 ?
  7. Compared to some of the inventive ways our lot seem to lose money I would say this seems quite a bargain ! A couple of leased aircraft and crew on one route at realistic fixed costs does not have the loss potential of an Aurigny or a film industry and others !! Stay well all !
  8. I don't see how the construction industry can maintain social distancing, it is a labour intensive industry working generally in close proximity. However I can see there is probably some pressure being brought to bear.
  9. I did say it was a sad day for someone close to them ! I didn't extend that to mean everyone !
  10. A sad day when anyone passes for someone close to them irrespective of misdeeds. I did however find this paragraph amusing : Chairman Andrew Jessopp, speaking purely in a personal capacity, said Mr Lewin’s death offered a moment to reflect on a ’very sorry and damaging chapter in our parish history’. He said: ’Buster may have been seen in certain quarters as some kind of folk hero. However, in reality, his various misdeeds, over an extended period of time, amounted to a really serious abuse of power. ’The lessons to be learned from this extended sorry saga must surely include the importance of speaking truth to power, and of ensuring that our systems of government - national or local- are truly accountable.’ Perhaps Mr Jessop would like to tell us how he proposes to make anyone in government, local or otherwise "accountable" as that would be a first !
  11. Business landlords urged to be more understanding over rent issues Headline from IOM Today, so the private sector landlords have to be understanding whilst DBC don't ! Hypocritical in the extreme eh Mr Christian !!
  12. I wouldn't rely too much on holiday insurance, mine isn't worth the paper its written on apparently !
  13. I have a baseball bat in the greenhouse, I use it for firming down !
  14. Thanks didn't read that, may have been wise to comment after 4pm if results are expected !
  15. If I've read Boots speech correctly he says that there are no new cases but the figure appears to have gone up from 190 to 201 ? on the site ?
  16. asitis

    Stir crazy?

    They are useless at everything !
  17. asitis

    Stir crazy?

    If we have to rely on either of those two we are in the shit !
  18. I may take the piss but if this is true I wish him well !
  19. Devolved money wasting ?
  20. sorry, in looking for a simile is it possible to insult amoeba ?
  21. To be fair i've never had any issue with the service and our postman goes the extra mile, however mentioning Cregeen and any disaster in the same breath does not surprise me, the intellect of a root vegetable.
  22. If it saved taxpayers money in MR having less debt to service, then yes I would prefer that.
  23. Why does a radio station need to operate from a prime real estate site valued at 1.175 million ? Surely in these days of technology it could operate from an industrial unit costing far less to service the debt and thus need less support ? Serious questions
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