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  1. Guernsey flights to Southampton resume next week by Aurigny I am told ! How does this dovetail with the Covid free policy ?
  2. I see on the news that Leicester is seeing a surge in infections and may be subject to local lockdown ! whatever happens I do hope we exercise great care here on opening the borders !
  3. Yes but enough about the Treasury Minister let's get back on topic !
  4. asitis

    Black Lives Matter

    The world has gone collectively mad !
  5. I agree it will raise finance easily but it is disingenuous for anyone to imply that that is not a "cost" in the scheme of the deal. Taking control of the packet was a good move but I think we overpaid. Moving on, I think we have to do something with the air routes, we are a niche market and as such need a niche market solution, which imo open skies does not provide.
  6. Compared to the creative ways our Government find to toss cash away it doesn't look that bad ! Take away 1.6 million which I think is the health service necessity, then compared to the nags on the prom and Longworths toy train the balance looks manageable ! If airlines don't want to come this may be the only way forward, we are paying god knows how much to sort the sea routes which is going to actually return eff all for some years given we need new ships and have to develop half of merseyside at taxpayers expense.
  7. asitis

    Fancy a pint?

    The whitestone is dire !!!!
  8. I hesitate to use the phrase "the next time" but it does at least send a message of intent to owners that Government may have learned a lesson from the past ! It really is time for an adult discussion about open skies and the merry go round that has been airline operations here for many years.
  9. ........ and so the ludicrous merry go round of airline operations continues unabated on the IOM with the end user (us taxpayers) getting shafted again ! I am anti Government running anything, but there is now surely a case for an adult discussion about open skies and too small a market to sustain operators.
  10. If there is one thing Government does very well its overblown bureaucracy, which alienates everyone !
  11. My laughing reaction was based upon your use of the phrase "lessons actually not learned" SNAFU !
  12. He must be some use for something I guess !
  13. Anne is probably managing, the TV star is planning his next film !
  14. Forgive me if I haven't got this, but I have a strong dislike of planning who are / were petty beyond belief when trying to get permission to fence a garden ! Enough of that, but I applaud this wonderful building getting restored. How can planning grant any permissions without knowing what the end product is designed to be, and if that is the case will planning not have painted themselves into a corner if half the work has already been done ? This isn't anti Tevir, well done, this is anti the bureaucratic shithouses in planning led by the count !
  15. asitis

    Gas bill

    You would be better sending a letter to my dog !
  16. Amazing how the taxpayers aren't permitted to know what is being done with their money !
  17. I like this quote from Quayle almost perfect in its irony ... I am a firm believer in diversity of opinion and thought.
  18. I'm not sure about political parties in a parliament as small as ours, but I agree they need to have a manifesto which they base their voting intentions on, not at the whim of some extra cash or the instructions of the head boy ! Very important is the introduction of accountability across the CS and Government, so many monumental and hugely costly cock ups have taken place where no one is accountable and lessons have been learned (LOL). Accountability and responsibility should come with the territory. The cosy COMIN situation where a small group, some of who are intellectually challenged at best, make decisions affecting us all with impunity.
  19. When you are dead, you don't know you are dead, its only difficult for others ! It's the same when you are stupid !
  20. Shades of the Liverpool ferry terminal imo ! at least the last line !
  21. That the tax payers who provide the government with cash cannot afford to use the product ! is irrelevant !!
  22. Start with anything that government run that makes a loss, and is not strictly necessary for the primary role of governments ! If its needed the private sector can pick it up, if it isn't goodnight vienna !
  23. I would be very loathe to say that LOL ! but in the days before shredders !!!!!
  24. I am not a financial expert, but the phrase " this is the Isle of Man " should explain it in a nutshell !!
  25. and many documents !!!
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