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  1. From iom news ’However, the development would provide substantial improvement to sea defence which is of significant benefit to the safe public use of the promenade and horse tram service and this to the local economy.’ FFS now we use the broken winded cart horses dragging victorian shite up and down the prom as a further excuse to spend more money ! so they can continue to make a loss ! Who the ... is going to be riding the prom in open carriages when the sea is smashing against the new wall, what planet are these people on, meanwhile frontline services go to hell and are reduced to charities to try and raise funds !
  2. Actually you couldn't make it up could you LOL !!!!!
  3. Are they taking bookings for seats at the enquiry ?
  4. Same as now eff all !
  5. The film enquiry should be a giggle !
  6. I confess to being slightly baffled how our Government involvement went from, no public money required, to 40 million or thereabouts in the blink of an eye !
  7. Why does this quote from the IOM News website sound financial warning bells to me ! "Infrastructure Minister Ray Harmer revealed there had been ’unfortunate setbacks’ in the Liverpool ferry terminal project." Setbacks should be Harmers middle name !!!
  8. The most satisfying telephone conversation I ever had when asking to be disconnected, and was asked why do you wish to discontinue ... " because some moron thinks I am going to pay £450.00 per year for the privilege of buying hugely expensive gas " ! My boiler swap as people have said has paid for itself and some !
  9. Can you do that four years retrospectively ? !
  10. Run a country, they couldn't even run a friggin bath ! Wholesale wastes of public money are swept under the carpet and then we know we are going to have to stomach measures to balance the books in July ! Please please get these idiots out in 2021, we can't afford five more years of this !!!!!
  11. LL, there is no income it makes a loss ! that's the point in these new times we find ourselves !
  12. From experience shopping around for care in the dementia sector, I can tell you Abbotswood was simply outstanding on what they did for my wife's parents. I can also tell you we visited some dreadful places. I am pleased to see the relatives who have lost loved ones standing up for Abbotswood and I add my condolences for their losses ! Hindsight always was a wonderful thing !
  13. The friggin horse trams have cost millions in planning / stables/ and man hours correcting issues all to make a loss ! Businesses on the prom have been dragged down , whilst delay after delay have discouraged people from visiting Douglas, another monumental cock up in the ever growing list of monumental costly cock ups presided over in LA LA land ! Reality is maybe just beginning to bite !
  14. I wouldn't give a toss where they lived, if they were able to give the island a better service than some of the muppets we have at present !
  15. asitis

    B&Q reopen date?

    Drove past B & Q this lunchtime it looked absolutely rammed, didn't bother even trying to go in !
  16. I was actually adding a historical rhetoric to the conversation ! would be difficult to be this sure of provenance with so many things !
  17. Its always been a pretty dim spotlight on the IOM.
  18. I hope it does go ahead as planned but the cynic in me can just see apartments !
  19. Gov at the moment are enjoying largely the support of the majority of the population. However, I think that they need to realise that that support is fragile, and people need to see the reasoning behind decisions which appear to be nonsensical and politically motivated rather than medically motivated !
  20. It could have been worse it could have been Gawne !!!!
  21. Anything that doesn't breach social distancing rules, or can be arranged so it won't breach the rules should be allowed to resume ! A time will come when mental welfare will become a real issue for a captive population !
  22. If we are to borrow eye watering sums of money then Government must for goodness sake get a grip of its capital expenditure. Lots of people on here have been banging on for years about the profligacy and fiscal irresponsibility of Government. It was clear times were not as they used to be when cash was swilling around, but that didn't stop the planning and implementation of ridiculous capital projects which placed further strain on the precarious balancing act Government would have us believe is fiscal responsibility ! If ever there was a time to start swallowing a bit of pride and cancelling stuff and thinning down it's now, it should have been twenty years ago, but all were afraid of doing anything to affect their chances of rejoining the gravy train. What I believe will make people electable in the future, would be an acceptance of changed times and a proposal to do something about the situation, not rocking the boat is no longer an option !
  23. The relevant observations in respect of this sorry scenario are simply this, when the land was sold to Dandara it should have been spelled out , the permission is for a hotel boys, not apartments and never will be. The developer meanwhile takes the view, we'll leave this to be such a problem we know eventually they will cave and we'll get our permissions ! In the meantime the public will be treated to the eyesore for years and years. If government had any balls they would make them landscape it, or build a hotel should they wish to, or compulsory purchase it and restore the area ! This is the issue, whilst ever the developer sees an advantage to leaving the site in the state it is then nothing will change !
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