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  1. Yes indeed CC - I love the idea of buddhism and/or taoism. Not something I think I could get properly into from a practicality perspective but they make a lot of sense in many respects. That said, buddhism has the whole reincarnation thing going on, and I think in taoism they have several deities, and for me both those aspects ever so slightly spoil the otherwise sensible ideals they have.
  2. Bit harsh possibly? Meditation is great, I just wish that I would persevere to do it more often/more consistently. I can't state what actual benefits it does/doesn't have (and assume this will vary from one person to the next that does it), but I'm convinced it's a beneficial activity to your wellbeing and to your outlook on stuff in general. The mind can be a very noisy place at times, and it can feel great to hush it up from time to time.
  3. Cret

    3D printing

    Here's an example of success/failure from mine last night printing a bracket I designed in sketch up in about 5 minutes. http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c113/Cret/77A5E1F5-EECC-4E99-A7B5-F51BB96B976C_zpsigxet1wj.jpg Need to troubleshoot it later.
  4. Cret

    3D printing

    It depends what you want to make really. If you're prepared to learn design programs you can do some pretty elaborate stuff on your PC yes, I use google sketch up to design basic stuff for printing and it's great. But if you wanted to replicate something with complex shape and lots of curves etc then scanning it is an easier option to generate a print file.
  5. Cret

    3D printing

    Oh, that's a shame Owen. I VERY nearly did back them too as the resolution of Peachy looks fantastic, but in the end I got a part built reprap Prusa from a friend and finished it off, and it works pretty well for what I need. I hope you get your peachy printer before too long. It's a while before I looked but a few months back it looked like it was coming on well.
  6. Cret

    3D printing

    Peachy printer (kickstarter project) is meant to be able to scan iirc. You can make a 3D scanner using an Xbox Kinect camera though. A friend of mine made one and I've been meaning to make one for my printer. If its a basic geometric shape though it's easy to design a file with Google Sketchup.
  7. It's an utter disgrace imposing this, then stating it's going to increase each year. Just another indicator of the government inability to address their own follies and take responsibility for their positions of trust, in 'looking after the island' instead of looking after themselves. Disgusting. Yet another household cost that has to be found from somewhere, while wages aren't rising but every other fecking thing gets more and more expensive.
  8. Iphone 4S 32gb - Good used condition (no deep scratches etc), boxed, £270. Olympus XZ1 camera - for such a tiny camera this is a fantastic piece of kit that goes down to F1.8, and can output RAW files for getting the best from your images. Has a lot of manual control options or can be used as a simple point & shoot as required. Comes boxed & with a couple of spare batteries. £140 Philips Pronto TSU-3000 universal touchscreen remote with charging dock. Very versatile remote control with a large backlit touchscreen that can be customised how you want. £50 Please PM or r
  9. Ta very much for the link - will give that a go. I have made progress and got an old driver working with it now so that's a definite plus, but I think I'll use that anyway and start over again with it. Cheers Ans
  10. Hi guys I have just received a Gainward GTX670 2gb card as a nice upgrade for a windows 7 64 bit machine (my arcade machine) which was happily running an Asus EAH 6850 1gb card until now. I've had all manner of hassle getting it working properly, firstly with the OS getting corrupted due to the drivers not removing/installing properly when removing the old stuff and adding the latest 3.20 drivers from nvidia. The new card functions now in the sense that I have output from it, and the PC knows it has this card installed etc. But there are problems: I cannot refresh windows user
  11. Fantastic idea and I love the thought of taking the kids down there to use that. They would absolutely love it. Problem presumably would be from preventing idiots leaving glass in it etc I imagine. Love all these photos, especially the ones showing the southern walkway as I'd always wondered how far it went and am surprised from what I've seen on these. This 'yesteryear' stuff always fascinates me and seems a bit mysterious since it's all gone sadly. Thanks for all the photos Keristal.
  12. Thanks - that's useful to know. I'll google it obviously, but any idea offhand what sort of settings in that file I should be putting in? Might be more apparent once I look at the file. I've read in the past about the linkstation being slow but it's less important as that's a backup box. Would be nice to get the mybook working faster though. For the minute, I've allocated a chunk of my main SSD to transfer CF card content to, so that the files open and process nice and fast, then I move them later to the nas boxes.
  13. Ok - one test update is that I pulled the ethernet cable out of the Linkstation which writes at 12MB/s and put the cable into the macbook instead. Ran the test again from the Hackintosh to the Macbook, and got 73MB/s write speed. So the macbook is more or less consistent whether at the far end of the network going through all 5 switches, or connected directly to the first one. It writes 5x faster than the NAS box that it is using the same cable from. So I'm pretty sure it's these bloody NAS boxes that are the culprits, even though they are gigabit ethernet themselves.
  14. Ok all you networking gurus - riddle me this! Having actually been out a couple of times lately and taken photos, I was horrified by the speed it was taking to empty my CF cards onto my NAS box before processing the pics. So I figured a little bit of LAN testing was in order. Now recently I rebuilt my main PC as a mackintosh and it performs fine but I can't help but think this issue could relate to that perhaps, except that it mostly just seems to be files going to the NAS boxes that are chronic slow. So I used 'Helios LanTest' freebie software to test from the Hackintosh how long
  15. Dakota went right over my house earlier, nice and low. Great to see/hear. I heard the vulcan earlier and thought "I swear that sounds just like a vulcan!" (distinctive noise like the sky being torn apart!), then thought "Nah, couldn't be" since I couldn't see it. Gutted to have missed it.
  16. Would like this if it's not sold after all, cheers
  17. Would absolutely love to upgrade from my 13" early 2011 one to this but alas don't have the money to upgrade. Good luck anyway - cracking machine for someone.
  18. Legacies are fantastic. I have one too and I've had it around 13 years now as it's just such a cracking car (albeit currently needing quite a renovation). They're pretty thirsty though! Forresters are much the same albeit I think they have more ground clearance.
  19. Never heard of a Haflinger until certain people we know got one. Or 1.5 of them or something. Looks fun. Golf Country? Not what OP would need but still.
  20. If we're getting into old cheap 4wd cars then the Suzuki SJ410 & SJ413 that I had years ago were superb. The 410 was best as it was a short wb one (and because I didn't fit big tyres to it). Everything about it was rubbish. It was rusty, noisy, draughty, slow, rattly, uncomfortable, tiny, the wipers didn't work properly, and it leaked horribly when it rained, and probably loads of other bad things I've forgotten about, but it was one of the most fun vehicles I've owned. Go figure.
  21. Yeah I've had that impression and it's understandable that people are wary about it. That said, the only bits I've had to fix on mine have been like other landies mostly - rust related and mechanical drivetrain stuff etc.
  22. I'd love a unimog but they're vast! G wagons are meant to be good but they're stupid money even for old ones. Not sure why'd they'd be any better than a landy but I've not had one so won't argue it. Probably a lot more swish inside.
  23. Discovery. I've had a 200tdi one, and a TD5 one. Both very capable, but I much prefer the TD5 as it's way more refined and tons nicer to drive. Not sure how the 300tdi ergonomics compare to the 200tdi but the 200 I had was a fairly basic machine without creature comforts as such. You can get TD5s quite cheap now though, parts are cheap for them, they're great workhorses and fairly comfy for trips away etc and they're easy to fix. And on the odd rare snow occasion they're fine & dandy. I had no bother at all getting along through the snow today in it, much unlike the many p
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