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  1. Hi is anyone related to or know the family of melville Ellison who was convicted at castle rushen and got 10 years but then got sent to western austraila on the edwin fox in 1858. The reason i ask is that i bought a bucket at a car boot sale and on the bottom it had the edwin fox centre picton NZ and this lead to finding melville and info would be appreciated
  2. natcha


    Hi i am looking to get a puppy small breed like a jack russell, bichon frise does anyone know of any for sale have tried manx adds and mspca
  3. Hi does any one have an isle of man flag live wallpaper for an android phone is it possible to send it to me please
  4. harbour lights do them as i have some very nice place to eat in they are based in ramsey peel port st mary
  5. natcha


    Anybody tried or on optislim. How do you get on with it!
  6. Hi does any have a sony ericsson vivaz mobile phone if you do how do you put games on to it
  7. natcha


    Hi does anybody have the telephone number for the band brown sugar please
  8. natcha


    Hi my friend is looking for a band that can play 60s 70s and 80s music for her wedding in may they will be needed to play when guests arrive for the reception and into the early evening
  9. natcha

    Car Boots

    Hi does anybody know it there are any car boots coming up in the next 3 -4 weeks need to have a clear out soon
  10. Does anybody know if there is a nordic walking group here on the island thanks
  11. natcha

    Jurby Junk

    I have visitors this weekend does anyone know if jurby junk is open thanks
  12. natcha


    Does anyone have the new blackberry kickstart 8220 mobile phone if you do do you have trouble with the battery running down quickly
  13. Hi does anyone know if this walk is on this year and if so when thanks
  14. natcha


    got one now came from belfast
  15. Hi does anybody have a copy of professor laytons the curious village for sale on ds thanks
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