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  1. Annual figures will be high this last year and probably next, followed, maybe, by a couple of years below average. I wonder if the average over a rolling 5 year period will be much different to previous 5 year periods?
  2. I guess that'll be when we decide to move from eradication to mitigation. At the moment, according to exit plan, that is September isn't it? One thing for certain, when we do allow covid back into our community, it is going to spread through the younger population very quickly. Wouldn't it be better to allow this to happen over the summer months rather than wait till kids go back to school?
  3. The promenade walkway is so much nicer in the areas where it is separated from roadway (sunken gardens and northern promenade). Cant help thinking a major mistake was made not making the tramway single lane with passing point from Broadway to Terminus and putting it at side of road next to pavement. This would allow enough room to continue gardens down from Hydro to Empress. Would have been lovely with palm trees separating roadway and walkway most of the way down. It was madness to keep trams in center of road.
  4. Yes, I thought similar. Given the fact that the ports are the weakest points we have for allowing Covid to enter the island, you would have thought the relevant gov department would have maybe audited the sea and air port to ensure relevant staff were adhering to policy. Certainly would have picked up problems like this and would have been the responsible thing to do.
  5. Totally agree with everything you say but despite being 20k vaccinations done, we still haven’t vaccinated all our vulnerable. Health workers, dentists, social workers, GP receptionists and god know who else, but haven’t got round to vaccinating vulnerable 70 year olds yet.
  6. They have been effective, and that's good and shows that the procedures they have in place were working up to now. Whatever the reason for the crew member getting covid will hopefully be found out and procedures modified to ensure it doesn't happen again. Maybe that will mean ( and certainly should mean) regular testing of all crew. Especially UK based crew. We can never reduce risk to zero. Even if crews isolate, they still have to travel to and from work which in itself carries risk.
  7. Procedures should have been in place to ensure crews are as safe as possible and risk minimal. Social distancing and mask wearing at all times etc. and keeping IOM and UK based crews as separate as possible. I suspect these may have been compromised. It will be difficult to ask crews to constantly isolate without either significant remuneration for their sacrifice, or taking on additional staff to allow more down time so that crews can isolate and then have time off. The common sense solution should be to review, and modify if necessary, the procedures they have in place and make
  8. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link
  9. Costs shouldn't come into it but money should be spent wisely. I'm sure the money could be spent more usefully elsewhere in the DHSC. The set up at Ronaldsway is over the top for what is required.
  10. What exactly are the U.K. doing wrong with their vaccination program? They seem to be getting the job done rather well.
  11. I'm guessing he definitely has. Decembers figures probably double previous months since restrictions started.
  12. Still nothing to allow someone who lives alone to form a bubble with family or friend. Loneliness and its affect on mental health not being taken into account. Being able to meet outside in the middle of January not much use for my elderly mother who is now starting to suffer. I'm mystified why she cant form a bubble with her sibling. Both live alone and desperate for company.
  13. I suspect they are in no rush as they have absolutely no intention of relaxing border restrictions until the majority of the UK has been vaccinated and covid cases there are at very low levels.
  14. I get that, but how can people from multiple households working in a confined space be limited risk. If we are going to do this (hopefully for the shortest possible time), lets at least do it properly.
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