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  1. ADS-B data is transmitted by the aircraft Mode-S transponder. Data such as aircraft ident, altitude and heading is received by ATC secondary surveillance radar to add additional info to primary radar. GNSS data is probably not considered accurate or reliable enough to be used by ATC .
  2. You have to consider what is the greater cost to the environment. A bit of weed killer, or everyone boiling kettles? Just get the weed killer out RTC. The town looks a bloody mess. And cut the hedges whilst your at it. Weeds will grow and break up pavements and curb stones leading to yet more problems.
  3. Engineer would access fault through built in maintenance computer Very much dependent on aircraft type, but yes, aircraft can transmit faults to ground stations during flight to give ground staff a heads up.
  4. Exactly like that, but with an aircraft, it would have to be investigated by an engineer before the next flight, hence the reason Easyjet wanted aircraft back at a base that have engineering coverage. The pilot, if it was a engine maintenance message, wouldn’t know the nature of the fault, only that it needs investigating before next departure.
  5. I’ve got a pretty strong stomach but the smell around the war memorial on Saturday was unbearable. Far worse than the normal strong seaweed smell. There’sa great big pile of seaweed there rotting away. The seagulls were loving it. On another note, the beech is now level with the walkway in places.
  6. Definitely not all civil servants. Some maybe. But not all.
  7. What has it got to do with Easyjet? We used to have ATC coverage from 0600 to 2200 (approximately) without breaks long before Easyjet were here. Let’s get back to that.
  8. The new ILS huts will have to go in pretty much the same location as old huts. There is a zone around the ILS huts which has to be kept clear to prevent radio interference. That would make keeping the old ILS in operation whilst installing new one impossible I would have thought.
  9. Is it possible to upgrade IOM to Cat2? Heard in the past it wasn’t possible due to location of transmitter huts not having required clearance around them. You would think it would be a definite on the “to do” list.
  10. Loganair do have engineers based in IOM.
  11. So what's the answer? Take Easy of the route and prices will go up. It's not a case of wanting cheap flights over a regular service. We all want both, but for most people, price takes priority, hence the reason Easyjet are here.
  12. No I’m not happy with one flight a day. It’s great having choice and convenient times to fly at. But if I can’t afford it, what use is it. Not considering the needs of others? I think most others would prefer fewer cheaper flights over multiple expensive flights.
  13. We can go round in circles on this subject all day long. The truth is, as many have said, there is no perfect solution. We need cheap air travel, and if we impose regulations on routes, we will will endanger that. Since Easyjets arrival (2008?) we have generally had both cheap and regular travel. Operators have come and gone, but that is mostly down the uncertainty in the airline industry rather than local issues.
  14. If that is the only way I can afford to travel by air, then yes. Air travel is no longer a luxury that only a few can afford. And we should have access to that which is what Easyjet has given us. it’s not perfect, but it suits most.
  15. Probably. i don’t think there will ever be a perfect situation which is why we have had so many operators come and go over the years. One thing we certainly need, and it’s what most people want, is cheap air travel.
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