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  1. Not true for me. My daily commute is now taking an extra 15 minutes each way, and i never normally go above 60 mph. When you are working 12 hour shifts, an extra 30 minutes driving makes quite a difference.
  2. It will only lead to people stopping at entrance roundabout to drop off, which will lead to more traffic police being employed to move people on, leading to bollards and barriers being installed to stop people stopping where their not meant to stop.......usual bollocks.
  3. They will be busy flicking through that shiny airport accessories catalogue right now. My money is on airbridges. Can't be a proper airport without some of them.
  4. Wouldn’t disagree with that, but definitely more interesting than watching a Ford drive round in the fog. And no comparison when talking about publicly generated.
  5. If they really want to generate publicity they should stop faffing about with the likes of Audi and Ford whose YouTube videos generate views in the tens of thousands only. Instead, they should pay Dan Mccaskill to come across and do one of his videos riding around our heritage sites. Tens of millions YouTube views guaranteed. Slightly tongue in cheek but they really need to try harder. The constant road closures for very little gain just piss people off.
  6. Knew it reminded me of something.
  7. It’s all about saving face. If airport management were to rearrange the layout now, without spending a penny, it would be an admission that they got it wrong in the first place. They wont do that.
  8. If he knowingly took off / landed in conditions outside his "safe" operating limits, then how is that not putting lives at risk?
  9. Richmond Hill is hardly Alpe d'Huez is it? Hills wont be a problem on an E-bike. Assuming E-bikes are included in the scheme?
  10. So you spend a fortune doing the area up turning it into one of the nicest areas in any town on the island and then you put it up for sale. It really is muppetry at the very highest level. Why not sell it to Ramsey town commisioners over a 50 yeay period, and RTC stick the rates up a bit to pay for it. It just needs a common sense approach. Glad to see Hooper has spoke out , but where is Allinson?
  11. It says on the website: "Flights Operated by VanAir Europe" when has always been there Should be on every advert, radio, newspaper or whatever.Only for the overly sensitive and annoying. It is clearly stated that it is operated by Van Air. As is Flybe and their Stobart Air and I think Eastern Airways operate the BA flight. Like it makes a jot of difference. I doubt very much you'll be refusing to fly Flybe just because Stobbart operate it.
  12. Didn't they have one tip over onto the wingtip a few years back while operating in "rather windy conditions"?
  13. The disabled spaces in ramsey are very poorly signed and very confusing. I'd imagine if you were booked for wrongly parking in one you could easily have it overturned. Shouldn't there be markings on the road?
  14. As a cyclist i am not too bothered about drivers giving me loads of room as they pass by as i know that it is not always possible. What i do appreciate is vehicles slowing down before they pass, even if only slightly. If i hear a vehicle slowing down then i know they have seen me, and that is massively reassuring. All it takes is a bit of consideration.
  15. I was camping in peel one night when I spotted one in the sky above the town. 10 mins later it came down in the campsite. I actually caught it as it came down, and it was still alight. Should they be banned, heck I don't know. But are they dangerous, yes,absolutely if they land in the wrong place.
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