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  1. So what's the answer? Take Easy of the route and prices will go up. It's not a case of wanting cheap flights over a regular service. We all want both, but for most people, price takes priority, hence the reason Easyjet are here.
  2. No I’m not happy with one flight a day. It’s great having choice and convenient times to fly at. But if I can’t afford it, what use is it. Not considering the needs of others? I think most others would prefer fewer cheaper flights over multiple expensive flights.
  3. We can go round in circles on this subject all day long. The truth is, as many have said, there is no perfect solution. We need cheap air travel, and if we impose regulations on routes, we will will endanger that. Since Easyjets arrival (2008?) we have generally had both cheap and regular travel. Operators have come and gone, but that is mostly down the uncertainty in the airline industry rather than local issues.
  4. If that is the only way I can afford to travel by air, then yes. Air travel is no longer a luxury that only a few can afford. And we should have access to that which is what Easyjet has given us. it’s not perfect, but it suits most.
  5. Probably. i don’t think there will ever be a perfect situation which is why we have had so many operators come and go over the years. One thing we certainly need, and it’s what most people want, is cheap air travel.
  6. Over capacity equals cheap seats. That's good news for those of us on a low budget.
  7. Flybe closed the IOM base in 2014 but continued flying to/from IOM until they went bust in early 2020, albeit often using wet leased aircraft. Minister of Infrastructure David Cretney MHK has expressed his sadness and concern regarding today’s news that Flybe are to close their aircraft base at Ronaldsway at the end of March 2014. Flybe announced earlier in the week that it has carried out a strategic review and that this review would lead to rationalising their UK network and reducing the number of regional airport bases. Part of the announcement highlighted the making of around 500 redundancies across the British Isles. Today, Flybe has confirmed that it will be closing the base on the Isle of Man and several other regional airports. Currently 3 aircraft are based at Ronaldsway. One aircraft was going to leave at the end of the March when Flybe stops operating the Gatwick route. However, Flybe has informed their local staff today that they face redundancy in the New Year. About 50 people could be affected.
  8. Heartbreaking to read. I raised a online DOI Health and Safety Reporting Form when I nearly hit a a jogger who ran straight out onto this "crossing" through the open gate one evening. I still shudder when thinking about it. Never heard anything back.
  9. Yeah, but in the meantime, it looks shit. The whole promenade walkway opposite the villa looks shit. The sunken garden walls look shit. The children’s play area looks shit. The unfinished tram lines look shit. A total embarrassing mess.
  10. Add to that the grass corridor in between pavement and sunken gardens. Looking like a badly ploughed field left to go to weed. Could it not at least be properly laid to turf or wild flowers until they decide what to do with it?
  11. I'm really not sure how responsibility lies with airport management. Operators contract a handling agent to carry this out. It is up to the operator to ensure the handler is capable of doing so and also good practice to ensure, on hearing of forecast bad weather, that they are aware of the situation and have planned accordingly. Menzies have their faults but their de-icing equipment is the best that the airport has ever seen, and up the the start of the pandemic, they were always very reliable when it came to aircraft de-icing. My sympathy lies with their staff and the difficult last two years they have had. The airport is still no where near back to pre-pandemic levels with regards to aircraft movements and passenger numbers, and they might still have low staff numbers as a result of this. Trained staff might of left to find work elsewhere and new starters will still be training up. This all takes time and not all staff are capable or suitable to carry out aircraft de-icing. I'm well aware of how shambolic airport management are and totally agree with you on this point but they cannot be blamed for every delay.
  12. Difficult one this. Ground handling, including aircraft de-icing, is carried out by private company and nothing to do with airport management. The pandemic had a huge affect on their staff with redundancies and reduced wages. The last two years has probably been a very unpleasant time for them with constant worry about their future. They are probably still low on pre-pandemic numbers and moral low. This kind of situation is totally understandable.
  13. I’m with you IOM, I really am. But things have changed dramatically since the demise of Manx airlines and even more so over the last 2 years. And I think you’ll find that the vast majority of the Manx public want Easyjet to operate as many flights and routes as possible.
  14. But what’s the answer? Anything you put in place to favour frequency over capacity or subsidies for certain routes will upset Easyjet. Do you really expect that to happen?
  15. Spot on. None of it matches its setting. The removal of the festoon lighting replaced with stainless steel LED lighting, glass and steel balustrades, the pink corridor which not only looks tacky and shit but will cause many more ongoing technical problems, Its all wrong. And the sad thing is, it was meant to create an impressive gateway to the Isle of Man, but the jewel in the crown of the whole promenade, and indeed Douglas, the promenade walkway, has now in many places been left a complete mess.
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