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  1. I've just worked out how to save the government millions in wasted cash that they're desperate to filter through their little departments until its all nicely in the correct pockets. Tell people to drive properly, because its virtually impossibly to crash on that stretch of road unless you are incompetent OR put a cop on that stretch on a regular basis. Sorry, can't expect them to do much as they're virtually retired as soon as they take up their plum little jobs .They make heartbeat look like the sweeney. Forget the second option..lets go for sloshing a load of dosh about.
  2. When I was a youth I liked nothing more than sitting around, pimples and all, for a calm cup of coffee with my companions in a nice little cafe. It was miles better than having a decent cinema or decent recreation activities round the corner. I feel a bit sad for the young people who don't live in Douglas. There is nothing for them nearby.
  3. While I'm in a mood for moaning. Why do people on the ferry que for breakfast and then grab the nearest bag in which to vomit ? It wasn't even rough last week and I watched this whole family stuff their faces and then collect their white bags on the way back to their seats. Needless to say what they spent the rest of the voyage doing. All I could do was numb the trauma by drinking 8 cans of cheap lager bought in Liverpool from my friend Aftub(He isn't really my friend but he says "Hello my friend" as soon as I walk into his shop, leading me to believe that I'm seriously knackered after spendin
  4. I don't know who did the voice for the advert for Manx Creameries on the radio but this advert has driven me insane.My radio has more dents in it than a 10 year old Lada Riva and the plaster on my wall won't stand the radio being banged against it much longer. Will someone please tell this woman that it is wrong...very wrong to get so much pleasure from a pint of milk ! Also, if someone laid 10 pints of milk from different parts of Britain, or dare I say even Europe, in front of me I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. The only difference between Manx cows and the rest are the Manx ones l
  5. I wrote to the UK pensions agency and they informed me that I should pay voluntary NI contributions to them while I'm on the island to receive a state pension when I go home. The IOM government give a diffrent story and tell you that you have one NI number and you simply carry on using it when you leave the Island and any credits here count toward your UK state pension. So, I phoned the UK to check. They told be that I have to make voluntary contributions to them while I'm here. So, it would seem that the UK don't know their own stuff or the isle of man don't. After the loss of health rights
  6. Apologies, I am a Doctor on my day off and English was never my strong point. However, I hope people get the idea of my argument and they are presented with best intentions. Kind regards Mike
  7. Lets think about this. Nationalists would not allow major stores like HMV,Marks & Spencers,Boots etc.. to send large amounts of money off the island. They would therefor cease to operate and would be replaced by Manx stores selling a small range of very expensive goods. People who are from the UK would not be able to return home and receive their full state pension and so would be unlikely to work here. Also, the government would not be able to fund teachers pensions and health service pensions , meaning that teachers and health service workers, most of whom are trained in the UK and are f
  8. Us landlords are turning people away so why drop the price ?
  9. kersal

    Three Legs

    Are they the ones who moved to Miami ? Oh, and one has a house here for tax purposes or am I wrong ?
  10. Well done to all the graduates. Where do you sign on these days for benefits ?
  11. kersal

    Three Legs

    It's funny how 'Take That' invented their name. I believe the Island should have a band called 'Where's that ?'
  12. Well something happened when Nelson Madella was elected. It seems to attract people on the run.
  13. Oh gosh..Longtails..how could I have said something so awful ? Rats..rats rats....
  14. should help to keep the billion rat population down. At least they won't go hungry.
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