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  1. This sounds like it'll be pish funny. When is it on?
  2. haha I'm just getting some made up and I did have the American Psycho scene going through my head That divorce lawyer one is good. I don't like the textured card though.
  3. Rod Nipper? Is that joke name? Jesus Christ where do we find these people? How is it a success if 75% of people didn't change their mind about the island. of course I'm assuming they all hated it previously, but come on if I got 25% on an exam I'd hardly call that a success.
  4. Well said ArronC... and Nice one on the Japanese releases Without wanting to trawl through the 17 pages of shite on here, I'd say that arrons post will be one of few that actually speaks from experience and genuine knowledge of the world Beckii is living in. Well on to her, either she'll be a 15 minutes J-Pop phenomena or she'll still be doing tha tdance and shitting on businessmen's chests by the time she's 20. Either way let her crack on. With Her, Knowlesy and Barksy it's nice to finally have people talking about the islands entertainment talents without mentioning the sodding Bee Gees.
  5. There's loads of pictures on the fb page. And the users on there are a right spread of ages, so I'm sure you'll get some interest in it. I went there from about '87 / '88 I think it was.
  6. Flinty... Flinty its Gazza!
  7. Garth from Waynes World is giving evidence !!!
  8. I missed S.3 when it was on TV so I'm looking forward to next week Got s.2 of Prison Break to keep me occupied until then woohoo.
  9. "Maybe follow the atmosphere or the crowds reaction... No smoke without fire... " Smoke machines.
  10. I wasn't a fan of Nick Cage in kick ass. he was ok playing the father role but the Batman impression was terrible. and Aye it's bang wrong to be aroused by Hit Girl. Give it ten years before you start thinking about that sort of shit yeah. Went to see Toy Story 3 on Monday. Brilliant, the Pixar guys really are masters of their work. Not sure whether I'd welcome a 4th outing, as it might start to get quite over kill but if they do go for it (Tim Allen rumoured to be signed up for another one) I'm sure it'll be great too.
  11. Isle of Man radio stations. Which mindless spastic writes your playlists? Particularly 3FM, who used to be good when they started, but have morphed into some vile hybrid of a London R&B station and an 80's megamix. Fucking awful shite that turned the Outback into the piss ridden twat fest it is these days. Also I can't understand why they play power ballads and love songs in the daytime when they have a specialist show dedicated to it every bastard evening. If the song was released in the past 5 years and relies heavily on autotune.... burn it.
  12. Maybe joking about disemboweling them but they should definatley be given a kicking. I'm a firm believer that the Battle Royale act should be I don't know I wouldn't have slapped the cheeky little bastards. If they think they're big enough to talk back to elders and pick on kids with autism then they're big enough to take my boot to their arses.
  13. victoria street. looking out prom side, it's July and the traffic have their headlights on. I'm off to kill myself.
  14. Simple solutions really. Hang one of the little cunts up in playground, bowels on the outside as a warning to the others.
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