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  1. My personal opinion is that farming subsidies should only be offered to produce that stays within the local market. Why is the taxpayer paying for food to be produced and shipped offshore.
  2. Are the LHC involved in the Beach Mission that Port St Mary Commissioners seem to be fawning over ? Always struck me as rather dubious religious childminding service.
  3. Local media have to find a tenuous link to any major event. Im with you for once, just amazed we didnt have someone who once visited Trump Towers on holiday.
  4. Worth noting that the Clapometer reading for Scampi was well above any of the others, I think he picked up some solid second votes. Id have had Kemp edging Skelly. Which of Skelly / Watterson was it that has a sly dig about Gawne and the Sloc ? That was about as controversial as it got.
  5. His public Facebook profile isn't particularly encouraging...
  6. Angry people of FB suggesting Lpl flight jus boarded, went through safety drill then announced they were going nowhere as ATC had finished for the night.
  7. You seem to be a very angry man. Park in the parking spaces and you wont have a problem. If you cant see the spaces as opposed to the darker footways, I doubt you should be driving. Everyone knows bikes don't get touched during those events so its a pretty poor comparison.
  8. Your link is reaching the wrong destination. Not sure what happened there. Thanks for pointing it out.
  9. It would appear Mr Wild has now been elevated to acting Chairman of the Post Office. Who says crime doesn't pay ?
  10. Interview here although its quite annoying to watch with the bizarre "lets pretend we're in a news room" background graphics Mr Moulton has overlaid it with. Edit for link
  11. Quite a few paltry fines going through the courts of late according to the paper. I wonder how much this is costing us in court time etc. Im sure the AG's have better things to be dealing with.
  12. There seem to be an awful lot of fossils in the "granite". On the basis that I am not aware of many bivalves that thrive in plutonic rocks, I assume a lot of people have not actually seen the place and are going on man down the pub reports ? It would however be hard to argue that workmanship is anything but shoddy, as it was in Ramsey and I imagine will be in Peel.
  13. I feel like I have Deja Vu. This what everyone was saying in 2011 and life carried on regardless. Promise the world and do nothing seems to be the standard plan of attack.
  14. Is that "Dramatic Landscape" in the picture the last hole on Castletown Golf Links ? Really went to town on searching the archives...
  15. The reality is unless its owned by a charity or something, e.g. King Bills, its likely listed as any other government asset or item of plant. Consolidating the management of the wider pool makes sense. If its not a government asset they will have no right to call it in.
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