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  1. Interesting that he feels the need to use the word "Laughter" in the title to give you a clue what to do! However, I hope it raises lots of money for the charity.
  2. What are you going on about? No one in this sector pays corporate tax locally but all local spend vat reciepts go into the central pot with the UK of which we take our share. This is the same whether they are a local retailer or a UK/multinational. Anyone who decides to invest in IOM retail at the moment should be appluaded!
  3. First Trailer now showing :
  4. Rocketman


    Ebis Engineering - Unit 4 Hills Meadow Industrial Estate Douglas IM1 5EB United Kingdom Phone:+44 (0)1624 660971 Kiartys - http://www.kiartys.com
  5. Looking for DJ for a wedding this year. Contemporary music and a small lighting rig. Can anyone recommend someone or themselves please !! PM for more details please.
  6. Sam Barks David Knight Mark Cavendish And Lauren Anderson http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/lauren_a_model_winner_1_2737371 apparently.
  7. I think the businesses have to upload them personally but it appears to be free. Lets see if it catches on.
  8. Been twice now. Excellent place with lovely decour and ambience. The recognisable menu description also has the element of surprise as the presentation is imaginitive and adds to the overall meal. The Burger for instance, comes on a wooden board with side salad, a tin bucket of french fries and aoli dip. The burger is hand made. You can have it cooked to your liking, chargrilled and its about an inch thick. Highly recommended and its been packed everytime i've been, even on a Monday afternoon outside peak luchtime. Love it! Congratulations to all concerned.
  9. This is a good idea isnt it ? http://www.allmenus.im/
  10. Innapropriate for this thread.
  11. Can someone please lock this thread, its become an embarassment and a disgrace.
  12. Shut up now you morons and lets pay tribute to Sir Norman and the loss of one of the worlds greatest stars and the Isle of Man's most famous residents...ever!
  13. RIP Sir Norman. At least he already has a Bar dedicated to him in Douglas with signed photos of his carreer( with Laurel and Hardy, Sammy Davis, Bob Hope to name a few)and an awning in the shape of Pitkins Cap! More of this could bring fans from all over the world. They'll be falling over themselves to get here !!! ( see what I did there?) Legend.
  14. Interestingly...they dont mention the mountain of derelect properties, in prime locations on their portfolio, none of which look like being developed anytime soon and only serve to make the Island look scruffy, tired and skint. Not a great advert for a country which has aspirations. Why are they allowed to keep the Castle Mona, Golf Links etc and do nothing with them ?
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