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  1. Tony Travers on Newsnight was superb and bang on the money. Well worth a look!
  2. I think it is perfectly acceptable to discuss what Panorama have mentioned in their programme tonight. I was disgusted by it actually, in so many ways. A few of which I have mentioned above. I agree with you saying, let's wait before episode 2 before commenting on that. Why would we comment on what we don't know what will be in the programme & future printed media. But then, you started jumping to some assumptions. "Best case scenario"... "Worst case"... Let's wait and see what comes out before jumping to conclusions like that. Talk about what has been shown, not potential losses of VAT or anything else. That's why I didn't like the programme tonight - they jump to conclusions and assumptions from data that is stolen. Many of which were wrong and not fair at all. That was not an investigation, it was a collection of agenda ridden accusations, mostly of which were false.
  3. 'Offshore Secrets of the Rich Exposed' All I saw was a programme with shoddy reporting, from a guy who actually harassed people. Stories 'cobbled' together all to feed into a political agenda. The secrets were actual private, confident information which were stolen - but they didn't happen to mention that slight detail did they. Or that the Isle of Man is highly regulated and against "dirty money" which they describe is being used. The ICIJ pretend to 'share' this for the greater good. Well I saw a witch-hunt, no objectivity, fairness or balance to the 'investigation'. Actually it was more guilty until proven innocent. When actually the ones in the wrong are the people who got access to this private data and shared it.
  4. So they want us to get Sky Broadband. Wish they just add the channel, like they usually do when they add new channels.
  5. Seems there is a new channel. Why do we have to activate it? How do we activate it? Not sure why they need a new Sky sports Channel, but would like to have it if it is there.
  6. Are there any Thai resaurants / Take Aways that deliver in Douglas? My mate was telling me of one the other day, but I can't remember the name. I know it is not King and I as they don't deliver. Can anyone help?
  7. How is that the same thing? We need the best people running the Island in these tough situations. Ones that understand the economy, know how to market the Island, have all the skills and experience required. I don't think any Tom, Dick or Harry should be an MHK just because lots of their friends vote them in. They should pass a minimum set of requirements first to show they are not inept.
  8. The Beatles aren't running the country and being scrutinised. The people in charge should have accounting, legal, marketing and all the skills we need to help the Island grow. Common sense is needed, but so should basic qualifications in my opinion, as we need the best people in charge to make the tough decisions. Not a man who owns a corner shop.
  9. It is my understanding that MHK's don't need any qualifications for their roles. Now it is clear the people are not happy with the current goverment. Are they capable of leading us in the current tough circumstances?! To get top job in the Private (and many Public roles) sector you need the right qualifications to show you are capable. I think MHK's should have qualifications to show they are the right people to lead us in testing times. Is it just me or do we need a complete overhaul with the way we govern? We need the right people to run the Island, not just the MHK's who get voted in because they have lots of mates.
  10. I don't mind the rain. I really don't like the wind though.
  11. Well I think it is judging by the weather. I don't know why I have just always preferred winter - better tv (X Factor mainly), Christmas, warm fires, dark nights, fireworks and I love being warm inside the house when it is raining outside. Don't get me wrong, summer is nice the few weeks we have over here... but I guess I am more of a winter person. Also the women will stop wearing their sun glasses on the top of their heads looking more like bugs than actaully looking cool. Will you miss summer? Or are you like me a winter person? I guess to be really accurate I like seasonality - and having the right things in the right seasons. For examples strawberries in the summer. I am not one of these people who would go to Australia for christmas... as Macaulay Culkin said in Home Alone - that is just wrong.
  12. Do you still stare blankly? Nice to see you still go back for more. My family are all obsessed with GKP over Christmas.
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